In The Lab: How to keep your home safe with a simple app.

In The Lab: How to keep your home safe with a simple app.

[light music] – I’m Kristi from Store 608
in Sanford, Florida. Welcome to The Lab. I’m gonna tell you how to keep
your home safe no matter where you are,
all with the Ring app. This here is the Ring Alarm
home security kit. This kit comes with everything you need
to protect your home. The Ring Alarm system
is really customizable, so even if you start out in an apartment and then suddenly win the lottery
and you get this huge home, you can add as many different things
as you would like. You can even add professional monitoring
for next to nothing. You can control and monitor
the whole system right from your phone. Next, let’s check out
the Ring floodlight cam, a motion-activated floodlight camera. It’ll instantly alert you
if there’s any motion. There’s two-way audio as well. Quit digging over there. [dog barks]
It’s my dog again. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro
with the Chime Pro lets you answer your door from anywhere. Not only can you see someone at your door,
you can speak to them. Oh, got a notification. Hey, look, there’s my package. Jamil is getting it for me. Thanks, girl.
– No problem. – The Chime Pro is an excellent addition because not only will it ring
if someone is at the door, it also extends your Wi-Fi
so you’re always connected. [chiming]
Someone go get that? Thanks for joining me here in The Lab.

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