Infiniti G35 Replacement Remote Programming 2003 2005

Infiniti G35 Replacement Remote Programming 2003 2005

Hello. Welcome to videos.
Today we’re going to show you how to program a remote for an Infiniti.
You need your remote, new remote, or a used one if you get one, your ignition key. And
you can get those remotes at our website at for less than fifty
dollars and program it by yourself. Again, you need the key, the remote, actually
the remote and the key and start with the following conditions.
You have to sit in the driver’s seat of your car with all the windows and doors closed
and you have to press the lock button on the door. You simply grab your key and into the
ignition and remote from the ignition about 8 times or more until you see both of the
hazard lights flash, so all the turn signals will flash.
So, let’s do that, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… 11, then you turn the key
to ACC position, you press the button on the remote, the lights flash again, you remove
the key from the ignition. Let’s just open the door and see if it works.
(Click, Click, Click) We just programmed the remote.
It’s that easy. So again, you do not have to buy the remote
from a dealer. You can get it from our website, You will receive
the programming instructions on how to do it or you can simply watch the video on YouTube
or on our website. Again, thank you for watching
video and visit our website at if you have any more questions.
Thank you. You have a great day.

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