Infrared Security Camera Day and Night CCTV Video Surveillance

This video will demonstrate the BIPRO-9007
infrared security camera capturing surveillance video in normal light, low light, and zero
light conditions. I entered that door that’s located straight
across from where the camera is mounted. That door is 36 feet away from the camera, and
the camera’s mounted about nine feet high. This room is 29 feet wide by 28 feet deep.
Here I have all the lights on the room, so this is normal lighting conditions. I’m going
to turn this lamp on to create a low light environment. There’s a 15 watt light bulb
in that lamp, so when I turn the lights off this room will be dimly lit. It looks bright
because of the infrareds built into the camera, but there’s actually very little light in
this room. Again, that’s just a 15 watt light bulb. I’ll turn the light off in a second,
and you’ll see there’s barely any difference between the low light and the zero light performance.
You can see the infrared illumination got a little bit more intense. This is pretty
much zero light right here. There’s a little bit of light coming from the exit sign in
the background, and just a little bit of light creeping in through the door cracks.
I’ll turn the light back on just so I can make my way back to the lights. When I turn
those back on the infrareds disengage, and the camera turns back into color daytime mode.
The BIPRO-9007 is a CCTV camera which means that it is connected to a surveillance DVR
or display monitor using coax cable. The 3.6 millimeter lens of the camera provides a wide
angle of view that is approximately 86 degrees. This built in infrared LEDs allow this camera
to capture video surveillance footage in low light and zero light environments. The weather
proof housing allows this security camera to be used for indoor or outdoor surveillance
applications. The Tri-Axis mount lets installers mount this camera to a ceiling or wall and
adjust the angle of view in any direction. for more information and pricing, please visit Thank you for watching.

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