Inilah aplikasi anti maling tercanggih untuk Android

Inilah aplikasi anti maling tercanggih untuk Android

Hi, friends meet me again on the Android Newbie ID channel this time I will share tricks on how to sound an Android alarm when held by someone else like an anti-theft trick because the Android alarm will not be turned off, before you yourself open the password and turn off the alarm if you want to know how, watch until this video is finished but before I continue, if you haven’t subscribed to this channel, please click the Subscribe button also activate the bell, so you don’t miss the latest video from me and help share to your social media, as a form of support for me making the latest video I continue the first to install the Don’t Touch My Phone application You can download this application on the Play Store or through the link in the description column of this video if the Don’t Touch My Phone application is installed, please open it click the settings icon in the upper right corner click CUSTOMIZATION to activate the lights when the alarm sounds, choose a ringtone, change wallpaper, and turn on vibrate when the alarm sounds in the SECURITY menu there is the Intruder Selfie feature The function of the Intruder Selfie feature is to capture the face of the person holding your Android if you want to activate this feature, slide the Deactived button to Active click next allow all application requests click next check I understand click next click next enter email to receive pictures of people holding your Android click allow tick to send location activate GPS click next click I understand this open settings again the most important thing is activating a 4 digit pin … or fingerprint its function is to turn off the alarm when it rings back to the main menu then click START I will try this trick using another Android and the settings are the same as this Android click START first put Android then lift this Android I will hold an Android that has been set up with an anti-theft application Android automatically sounds insert the pin to deactivate the alarm I will try again I will lift Android which has been installed an anti-theft application the alarm that sounds won’t be able to be turned off before you open the password using a pin or fingerprint Thus the tips and tricks from me this time, hopefully useful if you like this video, give it your likes if anyone doesn’t understand, please write in the comments column Thank you for watching and see you in the next video

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