Installing Myfox Home Alarm

Installing Myfox Home Alarm

welcome to my Fox this video will show you how to install the my Fox home alarm first unpack your products without removing the battery tabs the myfox home alarm includes a 110 decibel wireless siren a key fob that arms and disarms the alarm an Intel attic door and window sensor the link a wireless internet connection hub before starting download the my Fox security app on your smartphone connect your smartphone to the wireless network you will use for your alarm system during the installation you’ll be guided by the app and there are no tools needed first open the my Fox security app and select install home alarm next create your account then name your system for example home and enter the related information you can now start installing the products assemble the link with the correct local adapter use the orange dots for guidance plug it in and wait until the Fox blinks select your wireless network and continue following the app instructions your link should be placed within a range of your wireless network and preferably close to the main entrance of your home with the head of the Fox pointing upwards the next step is the siren installation when prompted open the base by twisting it counterclockwise then remove the battery tab when the siren is paired you will hear replace the base using the two orange dots for guidance and turn clockwise to lock the siren can be set on a table or mounted to a wall to promote deterrence place the siren near your main entrance and in the open and preferably high enough so that it is difficult to access next follow the app instructions to install the intellij take the Intel ATAG and place it on the window or door you wish to make secure remove the protective film tape and position the intellij following the app suggestions for positioning when prompted by the app take off the cover and remove the tab when the intellij is paired you will hear replace the intellij cover follow the calibration instructions as explained by the app give your aunt Ella taga name so that you can identify it later your Intel it take is now operational the next step is to install the key fob open the battery case by twisting the back with two fingers counterclockwise and remove the tab then close the case then push the disarm button the open padlock to finalize the pairing when the key fob is paired you will hear your my Fox home alarm is now fully installed and operational you can control your alarm and monitor your house using your smartphone to learn more about installing your my Fox home alarm please visit get my Fox comm slash support

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