Intelligent Video with Vivint Smart Home

Intelligent Video with Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home makes it easy to keep
an eye on your home with a connected system of intelligent video cameras. Hey, buddy! On my way! It makes it easy to check in on loved ones and see and speak with visitors whenever
they drop by. *Phone buzzes with doorbell camera notification* MOM: Hey, girls! GIRL: Oh, hi. Is Tommy here? MOM: Yeah, he’s right here. Tommy, look who it is… TOMMY: Mom! I’ll text you later. Day or night, it even helps you spot uninvited guests— the kind you don’t want hanging around. You’ll be able to easily keep an eye on
your home and all your important deliveries. Can I help you? Uh, sorry. Wrong house. And know what’s been going on at home while you were away. It even helps the people at home stay
connected to you. MOM: Hey, bud! BOY: Hi, Mom! Dad got pizza. MOM: Awesome. Save me a piece. With a clear view in and around the house and control from anywhere you’ll never feel far from your Vivint Smart Home.

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