Introducing Google Tulip

Introducing Google Tulip

Hello, nice to meet you. The Netherlands produce about 50% of all flowers in the world.
The most famous one of all? The tulip of course. Flowers are really remarkable organisms. We’ve know for decades that they can actually
communicate to each other through their root system.
For the past 2 years, Wageningen University has been working very closely with Google
to use cutting edge technology to look deeper into communication with plants.
Hello. We collected an incredible amount of information.
Using automated machine learning we turned this information into a new rudimentary language
which is becoming more and more sophisticated over time.
The more we listen to nature, the more we discover the amazing things it has to say. OK Google. Talk to my tulip. What do you want? Water, please. We’ve applied all this research into our latest
product. Google Tulip. Two granddaughters. Francis. Who just had
a second baby. That is so interesting. And… Finished. Nothing left. More. You promised more water. At Keukenhof we are very excited about tulip technology. We like to know what tulips need. And what better way than to ask them?
I need water. More light. Please improve humidity. What is a sun? Please come here. More space.
No more compost. Thank you. Who are you? Why are there so many
like me? More light. Of course this is only the beginning.
We’re rolling out the tulip language in the beginning of April but we’re already well
under way with several updates. Hello? No. Cactus? Leave me alone. It’s so great not to have a one-way relationship
with the tulips anymore. What is the meaning of my existence? Ssssh. Tulip is a breakthrough in human-plant-communication. Letting users around the world communicate
with any tulip. OK Google. Play my favorite music. Uh, yeah. That’s right. Uh. Yeah. Drop that beat.

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100 Replies to “Introducing Google Tulip”

  1. When Google's April Fools' becomes reality in May 😉

    #FYTABeam #connectwithplants

  2. Apple needs to get on a higher level.. Because right now Google is crushing them

    Just found out this was a prank ;-;

  3. We as a human don't communicate to humans . Ego is there .Kills people at Syria . Than there is ISIS.Dropped bomb on Hiroshima . There are animals they have feeling we eat them and they even have voice ( more intelligent than plants ) (agree??) . You Leave your beloved parents at old age homes .don't communicate with them .And you say you can communicate to a plant . The truth is that you lie to yourself .
    If you can think you can talk to it do a humble thing STOP DEFORESTATION.

  4. Oh you bastards, it's May 10th, and you're still capitalizing on april fools… right in the feels…

  5. You can see that it isa joke, because on 0:31,
    the screen shows the waveforms of a Commodore 64.
    For comparison, I put a link in here:

  6. ഇനി മേലാൽ ഇമ്മാതിരി ഉടയിപ്പായി വന്നാൽ പൂശി കളയും പന്നി

  7. This a highful optimized version of a prototype that i'm working in with arduino. But Either mine or google's project have the same meaning: Doing the plant interact with people.

    congrat for the amazing project, google Nederland!

  8. this is epic. It reminds me of my biological engineering botany course at UF! I just spawned a spin-off idea from this to present to @googledevelopers

  9. That's funny!! I just saw a video about the Flower Festival held the Netherlands. I heard they were very chatty🌷🌷 😉

  10. precisely it is not 110% accurate to fully understand plant since those roots only generate necessary needs frequency

  11. Can’t wait for the class action lawsuits against Google. May this company, along with Facebook and their ilk, be broken up into billions of pieces for their totalitarian behavior censoring certain content creators

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