Introducing Zmodo Snap PT Smart Home Security Camera

Introducing Zmodo Snap PT Smart Home Security Camera

– Today is an exciting day because I have the most
technologically advanced home security camera. This is a Snap PT, one of the
best cameras on the market that can revolutionize
anyone’s home out there So, let’s check it out. Hey guys, this is Ehsan and welcome back to yet another video where
I’m gonna show you guys the best equipment, the best technology to make your life just
a little bit easier. So couple of weeks ago I did the review of the Zmodo’s doorbell
and it was just awesome. I installed it in my house and it’s working absolutely flawless. I have the link to that
video right up here so check ’em out if you
haven’t checked that video out. But, today, after getting that product, I contacted them and I told them, “Hey guys, the Snap PT
is a fantastic device “and I would love to have
the honor of reviewing it “and sharing it with you guys out there.” And they were generous enough
that they sent it to me and I received it in the
mail couple of days later. This is truly a awesome device. This unit comes in this package like this. Very simplistic, very… Clean, chic packaging. I love the cardboard use
and the name on the middle and the sides are pretty
clean as well as the top. But on the back of the unit,
we have couple of information. I love it. This, to me, this is
the best home security that anyone could have. It monitors your house, it lets you know if the doors are being open or close and on top of that, it rotates so you could aim it to any direction. You don’t have a fix point
that you could only watch. So, this has pan and tilt,
it has 1080p recording, two-way audio, night
vision, motion detection, and remote access. Now some may say okay,
then what’s the difference between this and Nest? I have to tell you this. I have Nest camera and it
lacks so many functionality. Their price is really high but they don’t have the
functionality versus Zmoto. You can buy this product
and you’re all set. But, we won’t know what it’s like until we get our hands into it. So, without further
ado, let’s open this up and let’s see what we have inside. It has a recyclable cardboard
packaging which I love and there is nothing interfering
with the package itself except a logo on the front. However, for the information
on the back of this unit, we have sort of information
regarding this product. And let’s open the first
plastic wrap off it it first and see what is hidden behind it. Again, very nicely packaged. Very easy to access. And I like it, personally. This is the way I feel
all packaging should be. On the back of it we have
the name of the company which is Zmoto. This is awesome company. The name of the device which is Snap PT. 1080p true wireless pan and tilt camera that is also compatible
with your Amazon Echo. Now this camera can do,
can capture 1080p video, it has pan and tilt, two-way audio, night vision, motion
detection and remote access. There’s other companies like Nest that they offer similar packaging but there’s one thing different with them is that this company’s
camera actually pans, tilts and is controllable. So without further ado,
let’s open this packaging and see what we get inside. Again, the unboxing is very easy because of the packaging they have. I’m gonna open it up, let aside, and this is it. Right off the bat we are
greeted with the user manual. This is, I think for the
first time if you’re using it, if you’re not used to
setting up remote cameras, I think it’s good to go
over the manual itself. Other than that, if you have
been done couple of these it’s no need. Again, we have the security
tape, just like the doorbell, to put inside or behind your windshield to let people know that
you are monitoring. And we have the actual unit itself. This thing looks amazing. You got couple, you get
a nice weight to it. I love it. We’re gonna take a look at that later. We put that aside. We have the power brick. It’s not as big as I anticipated it. It’s nice, the power brick is really small and can be tucked away
because of it’s shape. And right underneath we have something, that again, stands this product
apart from everything else, and that’s the motion sensor
that you can add to your door which I’m gonna go over in a little bit but this also goes to the side. Next thing, oh, we get two of them. This is so cool. So basically, we get two of this. Usually, if you want to buy this, these are, first of all, really expensive if you wanna get from other companies but if you wanna buy this
you have to pay separately but if you purchase this product, it already comes equipped
with two of this. This is awesome. What else do we have and that’s it. So, let’s go over the cable itself. Pretty standard power brick unit. Take the wrapping off of it and this is what we have. So how many volt is it? This is, again, works with
100 and 240 volt power outlet and it only takes two amps. That’s it? Two amp? So this thing does not
run electricity at all. This thing basically works on two amp. This is awesome. So, we’ll have that to this side. Actually, I’m gonna plug this in. And now, to the main unit. Oh my God, this thing looks awesome. It feels very rugged and
it feels very stable. We have the charging dock. Oh my God, more surprises as we go and wow. Let’s take the wrapping off of it. This thing is absolutely stunning. This looks like it’s
out of a sci-fi movie. Wow. Look at this. Okay, so, on the back it’s plain. On the right and on the left
side we have two speakers. That’s again, so you could use it as an intercom
if you want to use it. We have the microphone in the front. We have sensors and again, night vision. This is equipped with night vision so it’s equipped with infrared. We have, I believe, the
controlling mechanism right here. This is infrared mechanism, I’m not sure. And then we have the actual lens itself. Again, this thing rotates up and down. I don’t want to put any pressure to it because I don’t want it,
I don’t want to break it. And this thing tilts and
pans to all directions. Now, you may ask what this is. This is the docking station. So basically, you put this… Plug it to the power and you
put it inside of a charger and it’s just as easy as
placing it in the charger and that’s it. And when you place it in the charger, this thing starts charging but the good thing about this unit, and charging it, the
green LED is gonna flash. So first thing first,
we need to set it up. And wow, we are greeted
with the app itself and the app is actually really nice. So we will sign up. All right, new homepage design. I mean, one thing that I like
is the application itself. I mean, look at this app. This is so nice. Cool. Okay, so after we have this set up, another thing that we need to do, so we have these door
connector and what these are, you place ’em onto your door and they simply secure to your door and every time the door gets open, these connection get lost
and when the connection is interrupted, a camera
senses the door has been open and it would turn towards the door that these are set up with. So looking at the device itself, this thing is a monster
and it looks so beautiful that it actually… I know it’s made out of plastic but it feels like it is metal and it is really rugged. The quality that they
put inside of this unit is outstanding. I can’t compare it to anything else. The quality is actually really good. We have the rotating pan on the bottom. Again, this is motorized so
this can turn any direction and the top can tilt as well. And if you look at the detail, let me bring it up closer, hopefully we can get this on focus. And you guys can see the
quality of this unit. You will understand why I
was emphasizing on this unit. I mean, don’t you want to have
this inside of your house? Personally, I think not
only this will add security and value to my house
because I know everything that I have is protected, this on the other hand,
just adds another dimension of just coolness to my house. This is a must have accessory that I think everybody should have. Not only does the job but it’s cool too. It’s cool to have. And the size of it, if you look at here, it is not that big. It almost a sizes my hand. But it got a nice weight to it so it’s not gonna be small and flimsy. Another benefit of this item is that as you see right now, it is working and it is recording without
it being plugged in. So do I recommend this
to you guys out there? I think, absolutely. This makes a great addition
to anybody’s house. For me, personally, I know
that I feel much securer having something like this in my house, not only feel secure but I think this is something really cool. Compared to other companies, this, with the accessories
that they already include and with the accessories that you can buy and how you can connect these together I think this stands out among every other competitor out there. Highly recommend it. Great company. They also have a cloud feature that you can sign up just like any other companies out there. They can store your footage
for a long period of time depending on what plan you go for. But if you don’t want to
pay that extra a month, you could use it without a plan and you could also save your
video recording material so you’re not bound to
having the cloud version. But if you have the cloud version, it just adds another
layer to your protection. Highly recommend it. Hope you guys liked it. I’m gonna link ’em down below. Go check ’em out. If you like them and enjoyed it, let me know in the comments section below what you like about this item the most and I’ll be sure to respond to you guys. As always, thank you for watching. Stay happy, stay classy and beautiful. I’ll check you guys on the next one. ♪ Follow us on Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram. ♪ ♪ Click, listen, enjoy. ♪

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  1. Zmodo Snap PT is a 360° Pan & Tilt True Wireless Security Camera with 1080p HD Quality plus Night Vision with the advantage of Two-Way Audio and Cloud Recording.

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