IP Security Systems

IP Security Systems

Here at SenSys Technology, we offer trusted
security solutions such as IP High Definition CCTV, Networked
Access Control and Networked Intruder Alarms. IP Security comes as a couple of different
areas – it’s IP Access Control IP Cameras, it’s basically security products
that have and IP address on them they sit on your network and protect your
company. The IPsecurity systems that we offer typically
offer more than just security and improve business efficiency, health and safety and
obviously providing the very best security for your buildiing.
So, in the past, you had a camera and you had a dvr
and it was all plug and play. If an incident happened
there was no notification whereas it has advanced to the stage now there is video
analytics built into the camera, notifications straight
to your phone to a monitoring station and notify the Gardaí.
Other SMART technology such as appearance search – you can search for a person, vehicle
or registration plate in a large crowd, in a stadium, campus or
shopping for example. Shopping centres can pull data to see who
is coming into their shopping centre so any marketing department will be able to
put that information to good use. We are always happy to carry out surveys for
our customers and we manage end to end security solutions from design, installation and ongoing
maintenance and support. So don’t be afraid to call our sales team
and we will be happy to help.

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