iPhone Bike Mount Case | v3 Bike Mount Unboxing | Rokform

iPhone Bike Mount Case | v3 Bike Mount Unboxing | Rokform

Hey guys, it’s Megan over at Rokform. Today I want to introduce you to our bike mount. Our bike mount is compatible with all of our v3 phone cases, and it fits most standard 1 1/8 inch threadless steer tubes. It’s also made in the USA as most of our products are, so right here in Orange County, California. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what comes inside the bike mount. And is available in the bike mount itself or in a kit, which comes with our v3 phone case, like this. So, as we unpackage the bike mount, you’ll see some instructions when you initially open it. The bike mount is on the left and then on the right there’s a plastic bag with a few items. Have the lanyard, which is going to give you some added protection, with the bike mount if you choose to use it. Then we have a magnet kit, which is going a be installed on your phone case. And then we have the components of the
bike mount itself. And then there’s also a small plastic clip, that can be used with your v3 phone case right here, to clip the two pieces together and give you some extra
security as well if you choose to use that. Okay. So, to install the bike mount, you want to start by removing the steering cap off your steering tube, and that requires a 5 millimeter allen wrench. So, we’ll go ahead and loosen that and remove it. Next, you want to assemble your bike mount. So, using the bike mount components, you want to fit them into the bike mount just like this. And then once you have those together, then you want to position it onto the steer tube of your bicycle. And, again using that five millimeter allen wrench, we’re going to begin tightening, the bike mount into place. Once you have it almost all the way tightened, since it is fully adjustable, you want to go ahead and position it exactly where it’s going to be comfortable for your viewing. And then go ahead and give it those final few twists to make sure it’s nice and secure. Now that we have the bike mount in place, we want to go ahead and install your case onto your phone. Again, our bike mount kit, does come with a case included, or you can purchase just the bike mount, Which will include all the other pieces aside from the case. So, once you have the case, go ahead and install the magnet kit into the back, which fits into this space here. That’s going to give you the, that magnetic security against the bike mount. And, at this point if you wanted to use the
lanyard you would go ahead and install it, into these openings here before you insert your phone into the case. But for now we’re going to use the clip which is going to give us some added protection, and we’re going to put the kit, the phone in first. So, go ahead and slide the phone in. And then we just position the clip into those two holes and it’s locked into place. And the final step, now that you have your case installed on the phone, is to get your phone on a bike mount. So, go ahead and match up the back of the case with the bike mount itself. Give it a twist, lock it in place. You might feel a little bit of pull from the magnet. It’s just letting you know you have that extra protection. Okay guys, now that your bike mount’s in place you can easily use GPS, listen to music, answer your calls, all while you’re enjoying your ride. So, that sums up our bike mount from Rokform. Feel free to check out more at www.Rokform.com, and thanks for watching.

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15 Replies to “iPhone Bike Mount Case | v3 Bike Mount Unboxing | Rokform”

  1. One of the best items I have purchased from Rokform. Use it on my mountain bike and not lost my phone off of it yet

  2. @tritan1 There sure is! Our remote mounting system with 3M tape lets you mount your phone onto the dashboard of your car.

  3. We can assure you that the magnet, the clip, and the locking technology, and the case provide lots of security for your phone.

  4. The only disadvantage of it is it couldn't use on landscape mode with the bike mount on portrait for Samsung S4. It will turn clock or standby mode if it was landscape position. Unless there is an adapter that can landscape together with mount and phone then it will work. Hope there is a new add ons to the bike mount kit to make it landscape for video recording mode. Cheers!

  5. Just an FYI, not a huge deal, but you should loosen your stem bolts before you remove your top cap.   Then you install the mount (which is now your top cap) and you tighten that down first, then retighten your stem bolts.    It's technically how it's supposed to be done.  

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