Is your LCD monitor designed for CCTV use?

Is your LCD monitor designed for CCTV use?

This consumer grade LCD monitor was
bought a box store for a CCTV application. This commercial grade LCD monitor was
bought from Clinton Electronics for a CCTV application. It’s no secret that most LCD monitors will work just fine for your DVR… for a little while. But is that monitor
designed for constant 24/7/365 use? Think about it, if there is a problem
with the monitor who are you going to call? (phone ringing) Hi, I have a problem with my monitor. Please hold… ♫ [Upbeat Soothing Saxaphone Solo] ♫ (slurping coffee loudly) ahhh Yeah, how long did you purchase the
monitor? Ehhh, like four months ago. Mhhh.. Yeah… You’re gonna have to call the manufacture. REALLY?! Yup. Uh-huh. Bye. (click) Oh. Wait, Wait, Wait… NOOOO!!! All kidding aside, we know you have a
choice when it comes to buying an LCD monitor. Box store pricing can be a pretty
attractive option, but is it really the right choice
for you? Your warranty really does matter. Clinton Electronics offers a three year
warranty with first-year advance replacement. Call your local box store and find out what their warranty is. Chances are your consumer grade monitor
comes as the very limited warranty, and is void when used in commercial
applications. We use commercial-grade components and all of our LCD’s are specifically
designed for CCTV use. Take a look at Clinton’s
vast line of LCD monitors that include various features and options such as: BNC Composite Inputs, DC 24 Volt Power, 4:3 Aspect Ratios, VESA Mounting Patterns, UL Listed Displays, and the list goes on… Need an expert? We offer free technical support and are only a phone call away to help walk you through any
difficulties you may have with your installation or application. We can troubleshoot, repair, and recommend a solution faster than
anyone else in the industry. So who is Clinton Electronics? We have been in the video display business for over 50 years. In 1963 Clinton Electronics began
building black and white picture tubes for the television CRT industry. Since that time we have evolved into the world’s largest public view and LCD monitor manufacturer for the CCTV industry. We know what goes into a quality monitor, and how to design and manufacture one to last. So the next time you need an LCD monitor put your trust in our 50-plus years of monitor expertise.

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  1. by a samsung series 4 led not any series below or above 34 inch or 55 inch im running mine now 7 years 24 hours no problems at all

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