Just Add Watson: Episode 2 – proactive identity protection with AI

Just Add Watson: Episode 2 – proactive identity protection with AI

20 years ago your identity was your
social security number your address your name nowadays our identity is this
really vast interconnected web of little digital pieces of information that we
leave behind people are these days willing to put their personal
information out there without even thinking about it we’re in a state where
the majority of Americans have had some portion of their what would be private
information compromised identity theft is more than just financial fraud there
are other things like health information there’s things like cyber stalking this
cyber bullying our goal is to be able to provide as much data monitoring for an
individual everybody is different what you do day to day is different from the
person who’s sitting next to you so we need a solution that is customized to
individuals and the individual threat vectors our solution was just add Watson
Watson is highly intelligent knows exactly what we want to look for and
it’s tireless so it’s constantly scrubbing constantly looking it’s the
perfect scaleable solution that is sophisticated enough to battle the
sophistication and the proliferation of identity thieves our focus is the
broader scope of information that we can provide to protect your identity the
more value we’re going to add to our customers its millions of articles a day
that we are processing using these Watson tools data breaches new phishing
scams new malware campaigns even new software vulnerabilities I don’t know
what things are gonna look like in five years we’re gonna stay on top of it I
mean that’s our job identity cards gonna be there I know that IBM Watson’s going
to be there you

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