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100 Replies to “Katy Perry – Harleys In Hawaii (Official)”

  1. Yes, Katy Perry. Bisexual activity does include procreation in its capability. That is a fact of nature.

  2. I wish them best luck with unreflected procreation. Maybe if with lots of luck they need a new baby bedroom, I might get my baby back. Is it a deal?

  3. The first interesting song in the American pop music industry in 10 years, which turned into a rotten swamp, from which monotonous disgusting sounds made by insolvent musicians and cowardly, greedy producers only come

  4. She chose India for her first ever "Harleys in Hawaii " live performance…. sung beautifully… totally mind blowing performance!!! 😵😍😍 KatyCats Forever .😎😍😎

  5. It's been 1 month and only 15 million views and 30k comments!! What's happening? This song is sooo underated. You're doing great Katy, don't judge that!

  6. Some bad people have reported my comment here. They want to hide the truth.
    I just told the truth, and I repeat what I said a few months ago here when a user said about this video clip with about 500 million views (I don't remember right)…
    Katy Perry will never have the pinnacle she deserves. A singer destroyed Katy Perry's career.
    I'm not lying, you know that.
    Don't let anyone shut up the truth.
    Fight too.
    People feel rancid about Katy Perry
    Fans of the other, are so brazen that they say on their face that they "love KP ". they're loving the fact that she's a loser.
    They lied to her face and stood by their idol when she released her albums on spotify thinking of harming the "rival" at that time when KP released Witness.
    They're always going to lie to you.
    But life is so transparent that it shows us the whole truth. Look at the previews of old KP singles, reached 600, 700, 800 million views, isn't it?! These days they don't exceed 50 million.
    Life is transparent, she makes a point of showing in her face who speaks the truth.

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