Keyless Door Lock Reviews | Gate lock ideas | Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Installation

Keyless Door Lock Reviews | Gate lock ideas | Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Installation

Elemake Keyless Entry Mechanical
Keypad Deadbolt. in today’s video I will Review, talk about and also show you guys
How to install this lock the right way and also stick till the end of the video
because I’m also giveaway not 1, not 2, 3, 4, but 5 those locks to
you guys… so stay tuned. okay so the Elemake Keyless Entry Mechanical
Keypad Deadbolt Now guys as I mentioned in the beginning
of the video, I do give away 5 of Those locks so “make sure to stick to the
end of the video” and I will share how you Can hopefully get one. okay let’s move
those locks out of the way and let’s move on to the actual lock. so what makes
the Elemake Keyless Entry Mechanical Keypad Deadbolt different than the other
keypad deadbolts out there? the first Thing this lock is only mechanical
keyless Entry Deadbolt, so there is no Battery required whatsoever, it doesn’t
connect to your Wi-Fi or your network, so Basically it’s just a mechanical entry
lock. you will have to use your actual Code to get in or the high security
provided keys that the manufacturer include, actually include 3 copies of
this high security key which is just Great! because it will increase the
security when it’s come to lock picking and lock bumping.
so basically you can use the code or use The key to get in. another thing you
should know this lock it doesn’t have the actual Auto lock feature, so if you
want to lock it, you will actually have to twist the knob to lock it. to unlock
it like I said you can use the 4 to 8 digit code that you choose and
unlocking the door. now when you choose a passcode to get in
it doesn’t matter the sequence that You’re gonna put the numbers, it will
still unlock in your door. so for example if you choose 1234 you can
also use 4213 and it will Still unlocking your door, so the
sequence it doesn’t matter but still you Can use only 4 to 8 digit I do
recommend to use only 4 because 8 will be much easier to figure it out and
unlocking your door. all right guys I Think we talked about all the features
about this Keyless Entry Mechanical Deadbolt, now let’s move on to the
installation and I will show you guys How to install it the right way and
another thing that you also need to know About the installation so you won’t get
stuck along the way, coming up next… okay guys something very important to
talk about and actual, I think it’s the Most important in the installation it’s going
to be the actual deadbolt so the deadbolt that provided with this lock is
adjustable, so you can adjust it to be 2-3/8″ or if your door
installation just like in my case is 2-3/4″ backset you have to
twist it, so it will be 2-3/4″ Now when you put the deadbolt
inside as you see in my case and I Think in most wooden door cases it’s
gonna be the same thing. it doesn’t sit flat with the actual door, so you see
right here even if I try to push it Doesn’t go all the way in and that’s not
the proper way to install it, so what you Will need to do is basically to cut the
the wood a little bit inside so the Deadbolt will go further in and for that
what I use is this actual hole saw. So 1 inch hole saw that I use for door
installations and combining with my Power drill I’m just gonna make it a
little bit deeper and then I’m gonna Chisel the wood a little bit and I will
show you the result right now and guys Also don’t forget when using one of
those tools or any power tools as well, Cutting tools always use
safety goggles, safety glasses and that’s Pretty much it.
alright let’s move on guys and I will Show you how it should look like so the
deadbolt Would sit flat and we’ll move on
to the installation. after you done with The drilling of the actual hole inside
this is how it’s gonna look like, now you Can use the actual hole saw that I use
and there is other tools as well that I Recommend like the Carbide Burr. I also share a link guys where you can purchase it as well and it’s a great tool
but you will need a power drill Regardless so when its done this is how
it’s gonna look like and you can see When you’re putting the deadbolt it sit
flat and this is really how it should be. Now if your door is a Right handed door
so you are good to go, keep moving on With the installation and also with
setup your (new) combination code, but if Your door is going to be an actual
Left handed door so what you will Need to do is basically twist it upside
down, so this is how it should look like When you put it in. as you can see the
manufacturer include the plastic guard Here so if your door is the left handed
door you’re gonna have to twist it Upside down and put it just like this
because otherwise it won’t let you to put the actual lock and continue
with the installation, so this is something very important to mention here
guys. so in my case it’s gonna be a Right handed door and of course putting
the screws. okay. okay so to setup your Own combination what you will need to do
is to actually remove this screw on the back panel and keep holding the actual
plate with your finger so it won’t fall off, that’s basically releasing that
plate. just be careful okay now carefully Remove the plate and what you will see
basically is from 1 to 6 it’s gonna be the brass wafers and then
all the way from 3 to B that’s our the Silver wafers, so the brass this
is gonna be your combination setup now like I said it doesn’t matter the
sequence, but the brass ones gonna be Your combination now the manufacturer
also include 2 (extra) silver wafers and another 2 brass wafers so basically
you can choose the length of the code that you want, so what are we gonna do
right now is we gonna remove all the brass ones with the actual provided
tweezers and let’s say our combination is gonna be 1B90 so B is one
of the actual digit that you can choose So 1B90 that’s gonna be our
combination, so number 2 we’re gonna put one of the silver and also on number
6 you’re gonna remove the B and we’re gonna put it on 5. okay so basically
what happened now is that you only have Left with 1B90 (digits) left and those
ones you’re gonna put the brass wafers Just like that on the slot,
but anyway when you’re done you all need To do is just twist it counterclockwise
and that’s it your combination is set up You can see right now it’s locked it
won’t let me open if I’m going to press 1B09 it will let me to unlock it.
now again to lock it you have to twist it because it’s not Auto Locking, that
way it’s locked again, and again you can Use any sequence so 910B allow you to open it
again. ok let’s move on Put our back plate back and finish the
installation Screw, ok after we finish with the actual
setting combination. alright so here we are and we gonna put the plastic cover
on the thumb turn just like this and Your sticker “lock and unlock” is gonna be
on the top of course. they also provided Those small pieces of straw that you can
put right there. alright that’s just helping you out with the installation of
the side screws and let’s put it in Putting the two side screws all right before final tightening the
screws make sure that your keypad is sitting straight on the door so it won’t
need to untighten and again fix that issue. okay so we are done with the
installation and this is how it looks When it’s done so putting your
combination code I choose one 1B09 it will unlock the door and just by turning into the
lock, well it’s basically counterclockwise will lock it back, so
that’s pretty much it now if you do want to use the high security provided Keys
just insert the key, it doesn’t matter and which side because they’re
telescopic pin key so you just twist it and you can lock it back using the key.
so the key pretty much override the lock and that’s it guys.
also you can open and lock it using the provided thumb turn (from the inside) works really good I’m very happy with
this lock and it’s very easy to change the combination as well remember just
use 4 digits, you don’t need more than that and it will definitely increase
security as well. okay so now you know How to install this mechanical keypad Deadbolt the professional way and if You do want to win and get one of those
locks for FREE, as I mentioned I got 5 of them all you need to do, just write
the best comment down below in the Description of this video, like and share
that’s it, that’s all you need to do to Enter and in my next video
I will announce who is the winners. okay also i share a link down below in the
description where you can read reviews and also purchase this lock, so make sure
to check that out as well. if you’re new to my channel, consider subscribing and
also make sure to take the bell so you don’t miss any new videos when I release
them. also check out my previous videos about some awesome smart locks and I
will see you in my next one thank you so much.

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21 Replies to “Keyless Door Lock Reviews | Gate lock ideas | Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Installation”

  1. This Is Awesome!
    Low Tech That Can't Be hacked!
    Not having to worry about using a key rocks.
    No batteries needed to worry about relieves the stress of not getting in one day!

  2. I wonder how easy it is to lift off the keypad? Hard to tell without seeing it in the flesh but it looks pretty solid and Key-less without batteries is a big plus for me!

  3. Awesome review I was looking for a keyless lock and are making me currently like this one the best, even more so that it doesn't take batteries! Thanks

  4. I have three questions, is it pick-resistant and secure enough for residential use like someone couldn't break it in 5 minutes? Is it weather resistant? And would you recommend this over the Schlage connect/sense? Oh and can't you just set it to the smaller setting so you don't have to cut the door?

  5. This looks like a terrific lock. What I like is that you take it slow showing how to install without blasting through the video. I feel I could now do it. One question – can the "lock / open" label be reversed on a left handed door?

  6. did you say 4 digit code is hard to guess and 8 digits easy to figure out? I think its other way around. i think 4 digits is easier to figure out. Better to use 6 to 8 code.

  7. thank you for making it easier for me to install it, i was dreading my decision to purchase it and was very confused on putting this on….thanks again!!

  8. sorry to bother you again, i keep resetting the number lets say 2350A and when i put the plate back on by screwing in the rear screw, it does not work, any idea?

  9. And people make fun of my Texas accent. Fulgettaaboutit !!! Purchased this lock earlier and this video was a perfect step by step installation !!

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