Kid Dhruv starting Bajaj Avenger bike

H: Yeh lo chaabi.
E: Here, take the keys. H: Lagao chabi.
E: Key it in. [Plugging in the key; forgot to switch on the ignition.] [Does not work as ignition is off.] H: Red button on karo.
E: Switch on the red button. [Tries horn to check ignition. I then switch it on.] [Ah! The joys of revving.] [I tried to rev as it was winters then but he wouldn’t let me touch the race.] H: Ho gayi na chalu. Ab dubara nahi karte.
E: It started. Now, don’t repeat it.
[Dhruv disagreeing about not repeating.] H: Upar se chalu kar.
E: Start from above (the kill-engine safety switch) [Me switching off the choke.]

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