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25 Replies to “KKD, Ewuraffe captured romancing on CCTV cameras at the hotel”


  2. KKD u 2 kraaa woz up ?(pls don't get me wrong here, i am not siding with KKD but the fact and reality on this issue is smtin else) Hmmmmmm, it isn't only KKD who has disgraced his family and love ones, the Lady in question to has. Why should u pull all this rape issue up knowing very well u wanted and enjoyed it? Or my lens is weak so i can't see well, if so, then, i need to visit my eye specialist. CCTV cams don't lie, from what i've seen it was agreed by the two , Mr. "Rapist" and Miss "Victim". Ewuraffe define RAPE.

  3. If KKD lived in Ghana this would have been deemed a 'foolish case' by the police and the prosecution and would never had gone to court. Because he lives abroad, they had to 'teach him a lesson'. (He came from 'Aburokyire' so he thinks he is better than us).  Another evidence that Ghanaians don't really care about it's citizens who live abroad.  

  4. Don't write a man off just because they are 50, they still have testosterones and sexual needs like any other males. KKD is the James Bond of Ghana. 

  5. @Sena Espinoso please kissing doesn't mean she consented to have sex.if you look carefully kkd pulled her aside for the kiss.

  6. This means…..they both agreed and had sex and came out together after the act….the girl is digging her own grave whiles KKD is loosing his respect.

  7. Whether consensual or rape, the name KKD has being damaged beyond repairs.

    His fame has now become shame.

    I commiserate with this man a lot.
    Buh to everybody, it's jux a lesson.

  8. The lady might have initially consented to.have sex with him but maybe she later on change d her mind when they entered the room. This case is a dicey one.Forensics must be also be considered cos if it is rape,then she should have defensive marks all over her body,DNA etc will also come into play here.

  9. This chick a'int serious at all,after sleepin wid him,,u wanna blame him 4 what????,,u r comfortable kissing him,romancing each other n da next minute it rape,.#Itcrazy..wt i'm quite surprise abt is KKD,i mean this dude he's the finest n very respected at least he can afford or get any of these so called GH female celebs to chop free…y 19 yr old…leave those ones for da young dudes…#lol.

  10. The first rape report was made by 2 guys, the girl went there to deny the rape but later went to affirm the first report. The guys, one must have something to do with the girl…..

  11. OPANYIN BƆNE meets ABOFRA BƆNE!. Left to me alone, what is unseen counts for nothing. Please upload the "rape session" tape…. 🙂 Sɛ wu tu ɛduro bɔni' aa, ɛbi ka wu'a nu… God bless our homeland Ghana, a land of beautiful nonsense.

  12. Sex in law is considered a continuous act until its over… so even if one is at the height of orgasm, consent can be a revoked and this means the act must stop. Failure to do so, the law says sex after that is not consensual. The videos speaks volumes for consent before the actual act, but the courts will admit evidence of what happened away from the camera "Crux of the Case" as well. In fact you and I were not there so we wait …

  13. I can't believe I wasted 6mb to watch this crap. Why is starrfm bent on defending KKD? I hear there is a new poem in town, "KKD go away, little children want to play".

  14. KKd is an outcast wherther CCCtv footage or not because of their age differences,we are talking about reputation here,Nextime he will learn some manners if his out from the cooler,A tyga will never hunt for a RAT when the Jungle is full of buffalos

  15. KKD should just learn his lesson,u shouldn't go about having sex anywhere….for his gentlemanly sake he could have gotten a room and this issue wouldn't have even come up in the first place

    And the girl, I shock sef!!:-)
    If you didn't want it why follow him in and left together after the now acclaimed rape?
    My side of view….the girl is sick damn!!!!

  16. the girl probably lied and the sex was actually consensual of both parties, but my question is, What is a 49 years old grown man doing with a teenager (19), and what is the teenager doing in a 49 years old hotel suite? Both have moral issues to deal with because this is unacceptable. To me both deserves the bashing they currently receiving from the public

  17. Nonsense,these girls of today will do anything for money,fame and attention.How the fuck do u rate this to be rape.Did y`ll not see them kissing and greasing themselves with one accord.Masa,she did agreed to him.Make she get out for there.
      This girl fucked my day up,I thought she is going to give me chance to Bash KKD guy not knowing she did agreed.

  18. ah so starfm ,trying to defend KKD? Then u gotta let his lawyer  know kos this isn't a clear evidence to defend himself. mtcheww kraa

  19. KKD is a rapist .simple. How can u do that to a girl of your daughter's age .highly immoral shameless old man.a disgrace to KKD's generations unborn and his entire family. A stigma to his children 4 it shall still remain a rape case

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