Korner Home Security Unboxing

Korner Home Security Unboxing

Hey what’s going, Daveen here. Today I will
be unboxing and setting up the Korner Home Security system. I funded this company on
indiegogo, around march or april last year, and I have finally received the product few
days ago. If you would like to get this product, you can pre-order it on their website. I’ll
leave a link below the like button. So far this is doing its job. I can arm and disarm
the system from anywhere, and it does it instantly. Lets get started with the unboxing. It doesn’t come in the most appealing box
but it gets better when you open it. This might due to the fact because they wanted
to send the product out to contributors first. Inside the box you will find a note thanking
all the contributors, and there is a quick and warranty and safety information. Theres also a sticker, which you can stick
on your door or your window. This is the tag thet will communicate with
the stick, which will send information to your phones. The tags have replace able batteries,
which they claim to last two years, and it uses CR2450, which you can find these batteries at any local shop. There is adhesive on the back of the tags, which allow you to stick the tags on the corner of your doors and windows. When the tags detect movement, it will notify you on your device. This is the stick, which will communicate
with all the tags and sending you notifications of any activity. It has a speaker, which will
send a loud pitch noise when the tags are trigered. You plug this stick at the back of
your router or wall outlet. Then plugin a micro usb to power the device. Korner will update itself, so you don’t
have to worry about updating your device. Next you’ll find a micro usb with a wallplugin,
this will be used to power the stick. That’s all you’ll find inside the box. Setting up this device, it took me around 15 minutes to setup the tags and get everything working. The app crashed several time while setting it up. The app is quite
slow, but these problems can be fixed with a software update. Again when this product
is released to the public, it would be more polished but as of right now I would consider
it to be a beta product. setting up the tags, it took some trial and
error, I had to reset the tag so it would communicate with the stick. The app will guide
you step by step, on setting up the tags. So far I like this product, the few problems
I had was mainly on the app, these can be fixed via software update. Overall it does
what it was create to do, so I’m happy with the product. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe for more videos. I’ll see you on the next video. Peace.

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  1. Hi Daveen,
    Thanks for the video review and sharing the link!

    Just so people know, we've updated our app for stability, more features and improved performance!

    If there are any questions, please let us know!

    [email protected]

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