Kryptonite Keeper 12 Bike U-Lock

Kryptonite Keeper 12 Bike U-Lock

Hi this is Lucy from Kryptonite Locks.
I’m here to show you the Keeper 12 Standard U-lock. This lock is part of a moderate security
line it has a rating of 5 out of 10 on our security scale. That means it’s great for quick lock-ups
in the suburbs and longer lock-ups in rural areas. This lock comes with a
lifetime warranty and a snap-in bracket for easy transport
on your bike. The Keeper 12 has a bent foot design for ease of use when locking up
your bike. It comes with two stainless steel keys, register online with the Key Safe
Program so that we can replace your keys if you lose them. This lock comes with a 12 millimeter
hardened steel shackle, interior locking dimensions are four
inches by eight inches. The Keeper 12 Standard
U-lock, a moderate security lock, great for
lower-risk areas. Also available in the Keeper 12 Long
Shackle. For more information check out Hi my name is Pete from Kryptonite I’m here to talk to you about the KryptoLok Series 2 Standard U-Lock.

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