Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

Natalia this is natalia this is
Alexandra we’re two filmmakers living in Brooklyn
to live in this expensive city we’ve both had many different jobs and worn
many different hats thank you I started thinking about the
most stigmatized mysterious and hardest jobs that women do to get by what would it be like to live as these
women we decided to travel to different cities and see for ourselves yeah this is every woman we’re from New York yeah we’re staying
at this motel this side of the road, um it’s by this
trucker club called club two or three have you heard anything about that place? yeah yeah, a few things what what tell me all the gossip those are very very rough yeah yeah do you think it’s dangerous there? there has
been rumors that there’s been a lot drugs of their and prostituting up there. so, we
decided to come here and go try to work at Club 203 for a week. notice that we
know we’re going to see if we can do it have you ever done this before? worried for years if you were my daughter I’d beat your
ass, just be careful yeah hi, we want to apply for a job here ok, where are you ladies from? new york. new york, yeah. what are you
doing in pro domme, a middle of nowhere? good question. i’ll go over a contract
with you real quick it’s pretty straightforward. no drugs, no
prostitution no general bullshit. so here we see
mostly truck drivers and they spent a lot of time on the road and doing so it’s
obviously a pretty much like the conversation goes a long way
but you’ll find part of you that are interested in a little more attention. okay well you
can start yeah we’ll start tonight do you think we can do this well someone on the internet when i read
a review of this place is like this is the place where strippers go to die and
we’re sleeping in a motel it’s literally in the parking lot of the club what do you think? yeah that looks good now if i wear them do i have to take
them all yeah ready going to hold the hair yeah it’s a long
one been pretty nervous the last few days I
keep waking up in the middle of the night about dancing tonight yeah having bad dreams? bad dreams just
because I’m having anxiety about it and have to keep reminding myself why we
decided to do this. I wonder how some of these girls are going to react because we’re
taking away their business yeah I think you’re looking away this
environment brings that out like all the dark sides because there’s a lot of
competition you know like our history is being women being brought up to think
that there’s not enough to go around that were dependent on men for these
things yeah hi pretty ladies, how is it going? good, are how you? I am taking a break it’s kind of slow. I’m Georgia. Hi Georgia, Daisy nice to meet you. This is Dakota including we’re gonna
do come out of town gonna be dancing here this week welcome
to dance before never wear a little bit of his but don’t be nervous just be
yourself and have fun thank you think about the inside I as we
said the two or three welcome back to hell it’s a lot cooler than we thought it’d
be so Cheers be a big girl big girl panties are on
yes nice after the driver or your partner bank
that you lack of 203 well boys you know the routine with this
green flashing – and you’ll find the party what do you propose good sausage shaking no like no you
can’t do hiding that I just a lot of possible I don’t like fall supply while you last
while you wait was that So You mr. grouper big shirt virgin part is trying to make it work
you know really and I don’t give a fuck you got to falsify
your stuff I have no i don’t have the fucking said they’re looking for what access account types of the public
school over it you got oh yeah Yello three two one Oh Georgia George yeah the shower and realize my knees are all
beat up good it’s like a huge bruise here they look really bad awful 47 48 49 we made forty nine dollars dancing on our first night we’re paying
the clog and then hang out DJ and the doorman
like ridiculous belly making any money I just don’t know how those girls deals
like that every day you know yeah yeah how long have you been doing – my wife I’m 33 years what’s his secret being hotly last night
was our first night what really yeah you’ve never worked in
a club before now no now interesting did you guys make pretty good money
there no no we didn’t do any laughing yeah we
definitely didn’t make enough to be you know just like living out here and
paying for gas and food and stuff so you have to start doing a lap dances but
that scared me I you’re often – when did you start dancing like when
was that has a week after my 41st birthday I thought how am i gonna make money to
just jump in my car with my dogs and go I had no clue what I was even getting
myself into and honestly it’s brutal I experienced
when i call the new girl dancer drama like you wouldn’t believe got my head punched in I took my hair pull that would be by one
of the girls mmm has lots to do with insecurities girls freaking out like oh
no there’s a new girl and we wonder like the girls were
talking about us at all I assure you they were ready and I mostly have a lot
of compassion for these girls they haven’t gotten to that point where
they’ve learned to just appreciate and love themselves exactly how they are this isn’t
necessarily the environment that encourages that will have to picky so what do you think it’s about like
when you go and what’s in your mind like the way that the men are looking at you
it just makes me really uncomfortable and it’s weird when like they just like
stare at you and they hold the money like one dollar we’re talking about some fragile egos
here sometimes maybe some of these guys are trying to work out their own and
security for the thing is I actually enjoy it I want to be face-to-face with one
person and I want to get and I want to find out what’s going on so you’ll see me again for guys who
really want someone who’s going to give them their attention which someone may
not have done that for years but all i know some of these are guys that
probably have never actually had a real intimate experience with a woman and so and that firefighters i’m glad i am
compassionate yeah that maybe somehow maybe help them deal girl no yeah yeah was it was your longest relationship my
high school sweetheart how many years not even two years just in between I mean I’ve never been married no kids
it’s just I’ve had a boyfriend after boyfriend after boyfriend and to get
lonely out here a little bit i do miss having people just to get together and
hang over yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hi I’m Georgia help me on my hands feel
so dirty after having them all over the stage and ask people it feels like maybe no one ever quick
and let us know when you talk to you about my dad’s a little bit I don’t want
to hear your opinion yeah you get the morning really i’m
going to move you move your five take you five like you going to go in
official they don’t you move it up vegetable would let feel a little bit yeah you know like all the guys the creepy
guys came to talk to me last night nothing creepy ones that a few key ones
one guy was just like just pulls up next to the bar what did he look like he looked that he
had no teeth do you want to fuck like no nobody asked
me if i wanted to fuck for me to do this gonna work i find it to be really hard because like
you never know which person is gonna like try like stick their hand in your
underwear you know that’s why he’s left a as when
they try to and you’re making braised and makes your goddamn money have you stopped people in the face girl
yes yeah plenty of times do they drink and
they face so that shit yes you got to nothing because they already
know they not supposed to do that you know so when you do something you gotta
accept the consequences that come with it so do you like think about doing other
things to you yeah kinda want to own my own business hair
some type of Cosmetology daycare that works with know what I mean you only see
yourself working with I’m not forever you can do that if I over so where do we buy some shoes here and
there’s a little store out here cause dump some threads kinda like I don’t like at all clear I
think you can edit those are two talking to you want something like this yeah I mean I’m just like afraid of the
moment it’s right let’s try can I try one of these last night like I think we
made like what 20 bucks a piece or something yeah that’s more than one that made oh really laughs really bad for you too
ok no one was tipping on stage at all you know I’ll do this thank you now why don’t you just get get like
something sure you are the best seller they’re low in the front and in the back
there these are low to show some crack those are the times that I way as well
you wear how much of their these are several trips ok it’s not going to be all for you
ladies ooh yes okay let’s see if this brings in the big
box thank you ok I get you girls to take the top of shot
for my truck so I said to myself that game one to take our top how old is your son 16 oh my god it was out of from out new mexico pretty girls and some movies that thank you save my son please make me
smile so we’ve got now carry a season they get to me yeah you gotta get some you should already
had some any of the guard Gary Dunn created a
door you show me pocket protection a lot of places we going on first yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m flying at my ride out how did that
have been at 18 years of age I got drunk I woke up with the marine corps recruit
depot in san diego Wow enlisted next thing I know I wake up
in Vietnam I’m a pacifist and I come back with a
hundred and twelve confirmed kills I can’t and I sit down monday with a bottle of Wild
Turkey and the 357 setting on the table I drink three things I put one bullet in
the pistol I spin the cylinder and it goes clink I drink three fingers have
for the second bullet in the cylinder extended it and click and for three
fingers a drink three fingers and put a bullet in it it ok of sound seven hours and 39 minutes it’s after I shot it was stolen woke up six months later yeah your tresses me and up on that females don’t realize that a man can
make a slave out of them just to pressure on itself this pressure . speed now i have captivated if i were to go in
semi circles grease your uterus yeah all we contact our boards I were to catch the shoulder of your
life it’s a way of having intimate contact where you for my years about having a sexual act I was born a 17 and treatment I have not been allowed to touch myself
or be touched by someone else in the phallic situation and a virgin down here yeah not a virgin here I enjoy the beauty of
other women do I enjoy pardon my touch her touch yes what enjoy the smell yes do I enjoy their souls star shape and what the helicopter that it’s not to get the rhythm going yeah yeah that yeah yeah Alexander what we I don’t want to film this yeah this is really fucking grossed out some
guy just try to lick my boot my first lap dance some guy tried to
look . it and the middle of the dance yeah I want to be done with this ok hey what do you like doing over there nothing leave us alone guys trying to
the porno but off asshole when the fuck you just a
little bit get the fuck a little under your talk to
their dad come on yeah yeah I wonder how the girls do it and then
they go home alone click whip because all i want to do is just so one I love you you know I guess you just get sensitized
probably it’s not something I’m used to so I
don’t really know how to cope with it tomorrow a guy home I’m ready yeah mr. place in a weird way I think I realized that a big part of
this job is being a counselor and how hard this job can really be I mean I think people should really let
go of the judgments around it so what should we do next become nuns yeah yeah we do get good girls ok

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100 Replies to “Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper”

  1. I wanna know if they did the topless shot for that dudes son ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  2. Is this a documentary or a vlogging episode? Bad move Vice ๐Ÿ™ And if you send girls like these in please let them have a vocabulary instead of "like, like, like, like, like"

  3. Most disappointing clickbait ever.

    I was expecting a seasoned documentary that highlighted the actual hardships that strippers, in general, have to confront – highlighted in an attempt to sensitise people towards their plight and break the social taboo around their profession.

    Instead, I got two thots performing mating dances to some techno music

  4. 24:50 fake. If your going to make a "real documentary" you shouldn't have to do reinactments of situations that never happened to you.

  5. Those girls are gorgeous, idk why they feel the need to put themselves in this situation. Surely there is a good man right around the corner for them .

  6. Would have been better if they got real women who already worked there and not two filmmakers playing dress up

  7. This was a cool little doc. A lot of people in the comments seem to have gone into watching this expecting something other than what was advertised. This was little more than a short about 2 very young and very pretty girls working at their first strip joint. They set out to try something different and I feel they've succeeded there. They lived and worked completely out of their comfort zone for an entire week. The only thing I really question is the ending. No spoilers but it seemed contrived.

  8. Okay i learned something today: going to walmart and throwing shit everywhere in slowmo is art apparently…. Stupid af

  9. P.s. going to a hell hole truck stop posing as strippers sounds like the plot of a b rated horror flick and you are essentially inviting trouble amd tje possibility of worse things into your life… This is so stupid

  10. male truckers are sad. Im glad i never became one, and decided to work instead. sitting on your ass and getting heart disease is not a way of life.


  12. tl;dr:
    The adventures of two narcissistic girls trying to show the world how brave and empowered they are. Here you will watch how two girls think they're documenting something meaningful but in reality it doesn't provides a true insight at all because there's a damn camera crew following them around everywhere and therefore everyone is acting for TV/YouTube. Also, this is clearly just about them. You can see in the camera angles. Clever instagram poses like the Wal-Mart jumping around and posing inside the cart…

  13. 21:01 Bruh if you're going to make up your war stories, shoot for a realistic kill count like ZERO rather than "112 confirmed kills" lmaooo pathetic.

  14. Buh bye Vice lol – this is a whole new low. Scripted, phony, too many unoriginal Lana Del Ray slow motion shots ,pretty patronizing in nature all together -this isnโ€™t why I subscribed to Vice.

  15. Let me make a documentary about anything I have never done and act like Iโ€™ve done it….now give me views

  16. I like the fact they lived in someone else's shoes. Even if for a week. Most would not have done it or quit after 1st night. You girls are beautiful!

  17. I think they did a great job finding stories and getting footage of conversations and I think showing two city girls reactions instead of just the people who are more conditioned to the environment, showed just how far apart our lives are from people who feel forced to work in these conditions

  18. the ending seemed to me like what a middle schooler would make a "bad guy" say if they were trying to write that same scene. this is literally the worst but the actual strippers seem like sweethearts and i hope they are doing well.

  19. This is FAKE AF! "Were from NYC…..and were both pretty oh and we have a big budget and a production crew". Shane West your a shithead, its hard to support this crap dude!

  20. Fat or old or strange ugly dudes come on girls these are all red signs work in a cafe fast food anything cleaning toilets this is a murder scene waiting to happen to some poor soul

  21. I want to apologize on behalf of all REAL male truck drivers. I would NEVER do this. This made me very uncomfortable.

  22. And there's not on moment the director thinks…maybe time to say to the womens when they start crying….time to move and do something else

  23. Hahahaha I've been a trucker and had the honor to somewhat step into that lifestyle spent a lot of time with truckers and they are some dirty mother fuckers hahaha I liked it though I can't wait to get back into it

  24. Itโ€™s a little frustrating to see them play around with this because many women have very few choices outside of this lifestyle but these women can quit at ease and make money just pretending to be a stripper

  25. I'm just a artist tryna make it…..I dont give a fuck!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€

  26. The point was to see how a woman beginning in that life changes from normal to stripper. It was not about the girls who already work there because let's face it we all have seen and met stripper's. The emotional roller coaster we got from them was real. All the other girls are numb to what they do. It's really unsettling to see how some of the guys acted even when a camera was in there face. I liked it. It was real and that's what vice does.

  27. I love the drama ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Iโ€™m a dancer. Not in a place like this. Itโ€™s an actual nice gentlemenโ€™s club and I can tell you that after tip out you shouldnโ€™t be leaving with less than $500. Thatโ€™s on a bad shift. I can make $1500 easy during the day. It all depends on the clientele and the type of person you are. No one on the outside would ever guess thatโ€™s what I do by the way I carry myself. Iโ€™m not ashamaned anyway, but unfortunately people will always find reasons to judge.

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