Light Blocking Privacy Curtain – Prius Stealth Camper Car Van Vanlife Security Urban

Light Blocking Privacy Curtain – Prius Stealth Camper Car Van Vanlife Security Urban

so today’s project is making a really cool divider turned out pretty well and it’s a track that runs across here and the curtain on the other side so this is what it looks like when it’s in place I’ve got the edges tucked in you can see it runs across there and I made it so there’s a lot of room in the back so it doesn’t feel claustrophobic one of the fun things about this design is when you’re ready to go in a hurry drop drop and you’re good to go so here we are at the start of the project and if everything went well you just saw a video for this of the finished product and it turned out well you have the advantage of time travel to know how this turns out so here we are at the beginning so I wanted to do a different kind of divider right here going this way what I started off with what I have right now which works fine is I’ve got this this goes in the front windshield and I spray it with Plasti Dip and it edges and it makes a really custom light proof and it goes up on the dash and covers that up and then what I’ve done on the door here is I have this material that I have here that I put over the windows and it comes all the way down there’s just a little gap here to kind of let some air through and crack the window but this material is on or velcro strips and it’s got a soft side here and then a final side here and that works fine but in order to set it up when I pull in I have to open the door and put it on so that’s kind of time-consuming I also have another option though that was really cool since I had the velcro on the door I also made screens which is the same thing and I’ll crow the screens on here and so you have a nice green window and the reason I like having blacked out like that is because it adds a lot of extra room and extra volume inside and doesn’t it makes it feel less claustrophobic but it takes time when you pull in this setup because it takes time to put in the windshield shade and put up these side curtain so I want something that I can just pull across real quick and I’ve done this project before on my Land Rover and it was just a nightmare cuz you can just stick a dowel rod across it hang some curtains on it and be done with it but you’re gonna have the gap at the top which looked like lights in there’s nothing really do attached to it so I’m gonna work on a project using these aluminum rods I use it successfully right here cuz this kept falling now when it would get hot and cold it would insert would change size and would fall out so I use this because you can bend this aluminum in the shape it’s easy to work with easy to cut easy to drill and I’ve been real happy with that it holds everything nice and tight so I bought these rods here plus from Lowe’s I think they’re about eight dollars each and the size is 1/8 by half by 6 feet so it’s still got there’s 1/16 of an inch but it’s just too flimsy so I’m going to try this I got two of them so I can use maybe one of the template if I screw one up and do another one and the material I picked out this time is they have just a standard material but it wasn’t a hundred percent like proof the stuff that I have used over there is light proof but it’s got a vinyl side I found the glue doesn’t stick with the vinyl so I’m trying this this has a material side and a vinyl side but they’ve silkscreen on this fuzzy stuff so this should be light proof it’s a little more lightweight should bunch up well store a lot of room and the glue should stick to this fuzzy stuff too so this side will be what you see through the windshield if you look in should be hopefully fairly met and then this will be what you see when you’re inside everything closed up ok so the simplest thing would be to tuck it in here and over here and that’s fine that would be easy and then what I would do is mold it to the ceiling here and then maybe tilt it forward to pull the curtain across and it’s not gonna back up this way but that’s gonna leave a lot of curtain and take up space so what I’m thinking is I’m going to try and move it forward and somehow attach it to these hands grips right here and that should get me right about where I want to be and then I’ll have to curve it back to get back to this pillar pretty well where I wanted now I did have to commit house in here I couldn’t get this clip to stay in here with just friction so I did have to put one screw into the plastic which I hate to do but I think it’s gonna be worth it in the end because I’ve got a solid base to build off of so I’ve got it zipped I’d kill the whole zip tied it go the hole in the middle and clip it but found it the way I have it set up I really don’t think I’m gonna need it cuz it’s able to hold some weight here the same thing here so I think before I go any further I want to go ahead and start making the curtain and see cuz I’m a little concerned about what’s gonna happen here but now that I don’t have the metal divider I can just do one solid piece and maybe just have it bunch up over here all right so I got my glue gun heating up and so what’s great about this fabric is it’s got this design on here so it’s easy to make a straight line so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna put a line of glue and leave a pocket big enough where I know that rod can get through plus some spare and you can see alright so I got it up on the rod now we’re looking pretty darn good around here I’ve got to cut the extra off think I miscalculated by about Elector okay so I’m gonna cut this down and then I’ve got a cut to take the rods down and cut off this extra you want to make sure you leave enough so that you can tack the edge the rubber strip here then I give you a nice a nice edge right there but black down real nice okay lots of room this is the back of the headrest okay here it is from the other side kind of like how it rounds out it’s pretty neat so here we are outside shooting through the glass there’s any kind of glare you can’t see anything at all I was able to put some zip ties here and fasten in the back which limits the travel of this arm which gets this up much tighter so completely flush from here to here and then just one finger on each side and per story solution I kind of like what we got here so I pulled it all the way back strapped it in and now I have those windows cracked got some great ventilation at the fan going this just works great okay so here’s the final test of the blackout curtain so I turned out all the lights inside lots of LEDs blazing all over what I did is I turned on the parking lights you can come to an idea where you’re at okay so there’s the back window here’s the front window and the lights on inside for the dome light and that’s gonna fade out nothing there nothing back up go around to the front of the car looking up and it’s a reflection off that’s reflection from the sky they weigh nothing there we’re out on this side not that house light on so there’s the house light I would call this and success all right thanks for watching

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31 Replies to “Light Blocking Privacy Curtain – Prius Stealth Camper Car Van Vanlife Security Urban”

  1. I wouldn't do it this way at all….. What you want is a pure black cloth …. if a cop shines a flashlight into the car and hits that fabric, it will send a shine and a glow back to him. Not good. Black velvet is the way to go…. it eats light….no reflections…. he's sees nothing but black. Secondly there is no reason to need that strip to be that close to the ceiling. Take your fabric to a tailor and have him double up the fabric at the top leaving enough room for a 1/2" dowel to go through. Have him leave about 3" of fabric above that area and that 3" will fill the gap between the rod and the ceiling.

  2. Hi Friend,

    I’m a homeless college student who carries a 4.0 GPA. I’m living out of my Prius due to a domestic violence situation, and money/time is very tight. How much would you charge to make these window covers for someone like myself? Especially in the dead of winter, something like this is invaluable. Please lmk if it’s something you’d consider.

  3. Would the implementation of one of those dry cleaning rods that usually stretch across the back seat handles been an option? My prius will be a lease, so holes will be a no-go.


  5. Instead of velcro I plan on using magnets and want to be able to do it without getting out of the car.

  6. Excellent. I also wonder if a slit pool noodle with a loose layer of fabric glued on, slid over the top would give a good light seal?

  7. I'm thinking about conveting my 4runner. But I'm worried about heat from blackout curtains and window covers and not suffocating. Will I get too hot with your window covers on your other video?

  8. Awesome videos, thanks for sharing all your research, trial and error. I'm tackling the curtain project simultaneously with trying to master the window covers. I inadvertently chose a polyester that the hot gun glue will not adhere to at all. I'm trying other glues and duct tape…frustrating. One question I have about the rod install is how do you anchor the screw you need through the plastic? I've tried other curtain methods with no success and have come to accept your solution as the best I've seen. I'm discouraged by my failures so far and really doubting my abilities but I'm not giving up. With your method, I'm especially concerned that the screw it won't stay once I commit to it and find the best placement. What kind of screw is best and any specs on the bracket you used?

  9. +PriusStealthCamper Adventures For extra security, have you thought about untinted security window film? It's sold in rolls or you can have it fitted to your vehicle by pro tinters, it's 98% light transmission, kills 99% of UVS and avoid anyone to break in.


  11. I've seen this before, I have my window covers done as u know, and getting ready to do my privacy panel. I had to watch a couple times to get an idea for the van on how to attach the metal rod. Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas. I'm also going to do those lights inside as well. I can get them from Harbor Freight in Durham less than ten dollars.

  12. Did you think about having someone sew the curtain top instead of glueing it? Seems that would last longer in the heat. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Quick question (and thank you, as always!) I noticed the car lights (parking lights?) in the front stayed on. Do they turn off, or stay on like that? Sorry if it's a silly question!

  14. I love rewatching your videos and making sure I like those that I haven't already. Thanks, as always. So many great ideas. I'll make sure to share my progress when I get my Prius.

  15. @PSC Camper Conversions, what LED lights are you using, buddy? Thanks in advance! Another commenter had the same question.

  16. Hey man, have you had rodent problems? I'm converting now and I guess Prius are much more prone to it than other cars. There is a DIY guide to put galvanised mesh over entry points. If you're interested I can link the guide. A video of you installing it would get you lots of new subs it's in high demand on the prius forums

  17. I built a wall and cabinets in my Prius! Hidden storage for my clothes and other stuff. I have yet to see anyone do this. I know these are old videos, not sure if you are still in your Prius. It if you wanna see something cool, check out my Prius build. We did a van build and decided to start on the car build so it doesn’t look like a car inside.

  18. I know you posted this a couple years ago, but how did the curtain work out? Also, I would think the sound of the engine cycling on would be a bigger problem. You can paint all your windows black but how do you keep the car quire?

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