LiveWatch Security Announces Plug & Protect™ – TV Commercial 2013 – Wireless Home Security

LiveWatch Security Announces Plug & Protect™ – TV Commercial 2013 – Wireless Home Security

Some things never change…
Love for our families … …and wanting to protect our homes.
Yes, some things never change, but home security has! Introducing, LiveWatch — the revolutionary
wireless home security system. Wired systems are expensive and require messy
professional installations. With LiveWatch Plug&Protect™, your home
will be customized just for your needs, with a wireless security system — utilizing the state-of-the-art technology. And most systems can be self-installed in
less than 30 minutes. With 3 central command centers, LiveWatch
will help you through an emergency — 24/7. And with Plug&Protect™, you never have to
worry about phone cords being disabled. If a sensor is disrupted, (this is LiveWatch
Security, what is your emergency?) a live operator can even call on the built-in cellular
speaker-phone. “I heard something break, I think someone’s in the house!” so you can talk without ever fumbling for a phone. I hear you loud and clear and we are dispatching
police right now. Plus, Home Automation offers total control
of your home wherever you are… when you’re traveling, adjust the lighting to make the
house look occupied. Lock or unlock the doors. Scan the house from remote cameras. Even adjust
the temperature before you get home! These advanced apps allow the option to conveniently
set or disarm the system from your smartphone or computer. The system can also send texts
or emails if a door has been opened or a window broken while you’re away. Utilizing wireless technology, we’re able
to offer more benefits to our customers at a lower price and we don’t tie them into long-term
contracts. They stay with us because they’re delighted, not because they have to. I feel so much better knowing that I have
an alarm system in place. I feel really safe and secure when I’m home with my children,
when I’m home by myself, and then when I’m on the road traveling. Call now or go to for a customized quote and FREE Information Kit. With LiveWatch, you get the Plug & Protect™
Wireless Alarm, with Built-In Cell Phone, Easy Installation, Live Call Center, and Home
Automation System – all for 30-50% less than traditional services. Some things never change, but home security
has… CALL NOW or go online to

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