LOCKE AND KEY Twist Ending, Demons & Keys Explained + SEASON 2 Theories

LOCKE AND KEY Twist Ending, Demons & Keys Explained + SEASON 2 Theories

Locke & Key is here to enchant us with a spooky
house filled with magical keys and a mysterious malevolent demon. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m diving deep into the secrets of Key House to explain everything you might
have missed in the first season of Locke and Key. I’ll also be revealing the truth about what’s
really behind the Black Door; the final twist;
and what to expect in Season 2. There will of course be spoilers, so take
care. To properly understand the origin of the magical
keys and where the demon Dodge comes from, we need to take a closer look at the Black
Door deep inside Matheson’s sea caves. What we know from the series so far is that
many years ago on the night of Rendell Locke and his friends’ graduation, they went to
the caves to investigate a mysterious door they’d discovered weeks earlier. After Rendell opened the door, glowing bullets
shot through from the other side and one hit Lucas. Although he seemed fine initially, later that
night Lucas became enraged and demanded the others hand over the Omega Key that opens
the Black Door. Lucas was so angry that he killed two of his
friends until Rendell killed him with a hammer. In the comic book series that the TV show’s
based on, the Black Door is a gateway to another dimension inhabited by demons that can possess
humans who come into contact with them. Similar to the whispering keys in Key House,
the Black Door calls and whispers to those who enter the cave mesmerising them. Which explains why Rendell was so obsessed
with opening the door and why Kinsey refuses to leave the door when she first discovers
it. Whenever the portal is open, demons are able
to travel across the threshold via glowing metal bullets. As they cross through the door, the demons
are vulnerable and quickly require a human host to survive otherwise they die and turn
into Whispering Iron. Which is especially interesting because Whispering
Iron is also the special metal that Key House’s magical keys are made from. Many years after Lucas’s death, his girlfriend
Ellie missed him so much she used the Echo Key to bring an Echo of him back by entering
the Wellhouse with the key and calling his name. What Ellie didn’t realise at the time was
that this resurrected the demon who’d taken over her boyfriend. Demon-Lucas, however, was trapped for the
time being inside the Wellhouse because the rules of the key prevent an Echo from leaving. In fact in the comics, if the Echo leaves
through the Wellhouse door, it will fade away and cease to exist. However, the Anywhere Key offers an Echo a
way of bypassing this rule and escaping. By the way, the magical properties of the
Wellhouse may also be connected to the portal in the sea caves. In the comics, the Black Door is located right
beneath the Wellhouse, and in the TV show each time anyone goes to the Black Door they
have to travel deep into the cave system. “Yeah, we should hurry.” “That is not what you said before.” “Yeah, it took a lot longer to get down here
than I thought.” Duncan also tells the family that the well
has been contaminated with saltwater meaning that when the sea floods the tunnels in the
caves, the water must reach all the way to the Wellhouse. While he’s stuck in the Wellhouse, Demon-Lucas
hatches a plan to find where Rendell is keeping the Anywhere Key and uses the Identity Key
to change his appearance to a female form called Dodge, which was Ellie’s nickname for
Lucas. Dodge then magically appears and communicates
to Sam Lesser, one of Rendell’s students, via a picture of Key House in Rendell’s office. This moment reminded me of Pennywise coming
to life and talking to the Losers in a book of old photos in IT. In Locke & Key, Sam’s attempts to get the
key from Rendell fail, and he ends up killing him in the process. However, when the surviving Locke family moves
into Key House, Dodge is able to restart her scheme when Bode wanders into the Wellhouse. Dodge befriends him, then tricks him into
handing over the Anywhere Key which she promptly uses to escape. Once free, Dodge begins her mission to collect
as many keys as possible. In particular, she’s after the Omega key so
that she can open the Black Door. And although Dodge’s motivation hasn’t been
stated explicitly in the TV show, it’s likely going to be similar to the comics where Dodge
wants to bring over fellow demons to conquer our world. After Bode refuses to hand over any more to
her, the very next scene introduces us to Gabe, who’s later revealed to be another of
Dodge’s alter egos that she transforms into using the Identity Key. As soon as Dodge realises Bode will no longer
cooperate, she switches to an even sneakier strategy of infiltrating the Locke family
by making friends with Kinsey. This first scene with Gabe has several clues
that already hint he may not really be who he appears to be. First of all, he wears a lobster suit as he’s
playing the part of a legendary local monster that’s half lobster half human. Of course, Gabe is pretty monstrous himself
as in reality he’s basically wearing a human suit as he’s a demon playing the part of a
human. Scot also mentions that Gabe is new to Matheson
and the Invisible Man poster on the wall is another hint there’s a villain hiding in plain
sight. Gabe’s suspect nature is also foreshadowed
when he encourages Kinsey to go down to the sea caves when the rest of the Savini Squad
are reluctant to do so. And after she finds the Black Door for the
first time, he begins to burrow into Kinsey’s affections, becoming a romantic rival to Scot. Gabe’s sneaking around appears to pay off
big time because when Kinsey suggests dating both Scot and Gabe, Scot turns her down, leaving
Gabe in a prime trusted position as Kinsey’s boyfriend, meaning he’ll be able to keep track
of everything the Locke family do in season 2. After Dodge escapes from the Wellhouse, she
also uses the Identity Key to transform back into Lucas and stay at Ellie’s house. When Ellie eventually turns on him, Lucas
decides to get rid of her. To do that he uses the identity Key first
on himself to transform into Dodge and next on Ellie to turn her into a Dodge lookalike. The Real Dodge then takes the unconscious
fake Dodge to Key House. And during the attack with the Crown of Shadows,
she plants fake Dodge’s body there so the Lockes think they’ve caught the real Dodge. Tyler, Kinsey and their friends then throw
fake Dodge through the Black Door into the alternate dimension, without ever realising
the person they’ve tossed behind the door is actually Ellie. It’s unclear whether a human being can survive
on the other side of the Black Door, but it feels like there’s a possible parallel between
the Upside Down in Stranger Things and the alternate dimension in Locke & Key which in
the comics is known by the Lovecraftian name “The Plains of Leng”. OK, spoilers for Stranger Things now. In that show, some characters have been able
to survive their time in the Upside Down. Nancy Wheeler, for example, crossed over for
just a short moment and was unaffected. However, Will Byers was trapped there for
a much longer period of time and survived, though he suffered from PTSD and became infected
by the Shadow Monster. In the Locke & Key comics, the demon Dodge
describes its world as extremely unforgiving and it seems unlikely a human could survive
in such a place. However, the TV show has already made numerous
changes to the source material, so we’ll have to wait and see. For Season 2, we’ll also be getting a new
second villain in the form of mean girl Eden, who was infected by a demon when one of the
glowing bullets hit her as it came through the Black Door. As also happened years previously with Ellie’s
boyfriend Lucas, Eden suffered no immediately obvious ill effects and none of the other
characters noticed what happened at the time, so thus far the event has gone unnoticed. However, in the very final scene of season
1, we see Eden working her way through an enormous spread, just like Dodge did after
she emerged from the Wellhouse. The one character who is aware what Eden is
hiding is Dodge who we see meet up with her in the form of Gabe. Speaking of Eden and Gabe, it’s intriguing
that both their names have Biblical connections; Eden being the paradise Adam and Eve were
expelled from after they were corrupted by the serpent;
and Gabe being a short form of Gabriel, an angel who was usually a divine messenger who
brought good news. Although Eden and Gabe’s demonic natures may
seem to be at odds with their heavenly names, it’s actually strangely fitting as the idea
of their characters is that they’re not what they appear to be on the surface as they’re
really demons hiding out as humans. The secondary villain from season 1 that Eden
will be replacing is Sam Lesser whose physical body died when the Ghost Key separated his
spirit from his body and the door was then closed. In the comics, Sam’s ghost continues to play
a part in the story and I expect he will return nex t season in his spirit form and may work
against Dodge now that she’s revealed she never thought he was special at all. With his mother Ellie missing, Rufus has been
taken in by his uncle in Nebraska, but we do see Bode writing to him at the end and
promising to use the Anywhere Key to come find him. In the comics, Rufus plays a crucial role
in eventually defeating Dodge and I think his close friendship with Bode means we’ll
hopefully see him return. So what did you think of the first season
of Locke & Key? And do you have any theories for Season 2? Comment with your thoughts below. And if you enjoyed this, then be sure to subscribe
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100 Replies to “LOCKE AND KEY Twist Ending, Demons & Keys Explained + SEASON 2 Theories”

  1. So, if they can’t kill Dodge in the present – how did their father killed Lucas with a hammer in the past? Did I miss something? Or is it a plot hole ?

  2. The Bad Thing Is That they have not show the death of gab.. and also most stupid thing there is that elly take key and crowm with her back to home.. how.dumb was that.. and the crown..? Power..?? is only shadows..??😒 is that all.. crown do..???

  3. There are so many mistakes in the series.. and one more thing.. if elly make the dead allive then why they can't get back renald back..??? 😑 this is also a mystery.. 😑..but i enjoy this series.. its the best of 2020 but so many mistakes.. they think people are dumb..

  4. I really like the concept of this show, but it needs new writers. Writers that know how to write believable, non-braindead characters.

  5. When they decided to throw Dodge in the blue door I found really stupid. Why they don't use the mirror key in order to captivate her in the mirror like she did in their mother? I am the only one that came up with this idea?

  6. I think nina will get involve in season 2 because she's helping the cop to find where ellie is,Therefore, Her children will have no choice but to explain it to her; I knew that there was something wrong when they decided to throw dodge out the black door because I know somethings gonna happen since they cut scene when dodge wore the crown and rufus got injured while ellie was sittting beside him.

  7. I love the show but some of the writing was so stupid. First of all, Elle should have left all the keys with the Lockes since for some reason, Dodge can't take keys from a Locke. She's old and experienced enough to have known that. Besides, what makes the Lockes any different from her? She was one of the original keepers of the keys. Why doesn't the same rule apply to her? You can't take keys away from the Lockes but you can take them from any of the other keepers? Idk, maybe that's in regard to some backstory they haven't explained yet. I didn't reads the books. Second of all, when Sam broke into the house, why didn't they just use the music box key to get Sam to drop the gun? Like, they just forgot about the music box key? They didn't even try to use it on Dodge either?! Nevermind the possibility that it might not work . . . they didn't even try?! Third of all, the fake Dogde lying on the ground wasn't wearing the crown. They didn't question that? Did they completly forget about the crown?! Could Elle not have yelled something other than "nooooo" when getting thrown into the black door? Ugghhh. Very good show. STUPID ASS, LAZY WRITING. It's an outright insult to our intelligence.

  8. Yeah could say everyone guess gave was the demon when they showed him and when the black chick went missing yall knew she was in the put in the omega door, kinda disappointed Ngl way too many deaths for me and I hope the black girls can get out

  9. most of the decisions made in this series were so dumb it pissed me off.. basically the only smart person in this series is Dutch

  10. when Gabe was walking Kinsie home after asking all those questions I knew he wasn't good…. the show was very predictable but I thought it was really good it focused on real life drama, mysteries, horror, and in a way mental illness overall i'd give it 8/10

  11. i thought it was very original and held my interest. i finished all 9 episodes in 2 days. i have started so many series on netflix and got bored with them. plus sometimes i do little shart sharts when i toot toots.

  12. Bode was my favorite character the whole time, since the show started. He’s so strong and deserves the world. No one that young, no one at all, should have to go through what he went through. I wanted to hug him so much.

  13. Remember when Gabe saw Kinsey using the music box key at school and he was intrigued? I knew something was sketchy with him since that moment.

  14. I find this series nice, I manage to finish this because its good but there is some parts that I don't understand, I don't know if its right to say this series somehow stupid grrrrrr… And wait, I don't understand what is the most purpose of their mom?

  15. Wait so what happened to the real gabe. Not doge. Because he must have existed before because he was filming splatter so where did he go?

  16. honestly the writing was overall pretty damn stupid… Let me explain why:
    1. why bring the key when getting the crown. and thats not mentioning that they had a whole 2/3 minutes to fking run or even put the key on the crown and use it themself. Because of that Ellie died… (Dumb B*tch)
    2. what was the use of showing the Cabinet Key/Mirror Key/Posession Key like they were used once and thats about it… Even the Tree Key had more use.
    3. The way that Sam died was straightup stupid. Like why would somebody on the brink of death just walk through a door? If I was about to die I would lie down and try to do something about it, but no this guy literally walks into his own grave… its a shame cuz I actually liked the guy
    4. Duncan… Just Duncan… what was his purpose? Exactly nothing though I gotta say he had this one moment in one of the first episodes: when he said sayonare key house.. He shouldve just stayed away he added nothing anyway.
    5. Bode: the only actually decently written character. But he is just ignored by the ones said to be more responsible
    6. the last thing I swear so Kinsey. She decides to throw out her fear which seems like a stupid Idea in the first place, but then she just lets that creature gone loose… On top of that it is stupid. She says herself that she doesnt fear it anymore, but even so later on she says that she is scared of that one populair girl… LIKE WHAT?!? Weren't you supposed to be "fearless"?!?!?

    So yeah thats just some things I needed to say… I really did try to enjoy it, I mean the basic plot actually seemed really interesting, but this writing was just lacklusterly bad… Might make a review myself about this piece of trash just to go into detail about how actually bad this show was.

  17. Bruh the ending was so predictable plus some of the characters didn't think this was to easy even i knew it was a trick can't wait for season 2

  18. I liked the idea of Key house but i fucking hated the people. Each and every single character (except for Rufus) were so fucking dumb it was ridiculous.

  19. The real question is how did netflix afford billie eilish music. Even tv networks don’t buy popular music for tv shows.

  20. This never would have happened if Ellie, the girl that lost her boyfriend to a demon, wasn't left with the responsibility of the Echo key when they divvied up the keys years ago.

  21. Dodge couldnt have been Gabe the whole time. Dodge has powers but infiltrating a school as a student within a day is wierd. Im pretty sure Dodge took over gabe a couple of episodes in.

  22. Bode was the real MVP , literally he didn't make one bad decision , he was the only one to handle all this shit in a really smart , calculated , selfless and courageous way , while his stupid siblings always found a way to fuck up everything , Sad for Ellie but let's be honest she fucking deserved it.
    Hope next season we get to see Bode and Dodge team up , i don't why and how , i just like them together , their interactions were the best scenes

  23. The trailer showed the shot of Kinsey and Bode hiding under the table, and at the time, I thought they were hiding from a demon. Once I saw the real reason she was hiding, that hit much harder, because that shit is real.

  24. I loved it sooo much I watched it still one a clock in the morning didn’t see gabe being dodge and there was soo many twists making it enjoyable to watch really wants season 2 100000000 out of 10

  25. Okay guys. I. HATE. THE. F******. MOTHER. In Germany we have a word for people like this. It's "Taugenichts". And she is one. God damn irresponsible b****!!!! UARGGGHHH. Right now on episode 8. But man she is seriously triggering me!!!!!

  26. when Tyler and Kinsey threw “the echo lady”, she said “no Tyler noo!!”. At first I thought nothing of it but she sounded so desperate. I knew something wasn’t right when they threw her in

  27. All this mess could have been avoided if they use the magic box key and control sam lesser. Anything can be avoided but yeah.. shows are dumb and it needs to be dumb to get a season 2

  28. Im disappointed when they didn’t ask their grandpa the connection of the key to their bloodline and the demon. Why demon cant take the key from Locke families but only to others.

  29. Really thought dad’s ‘sea monster’ story was going to be more helpful with the endgame the way they played that up. The kids did NOT seem to draw a parallel.

  30. Am I the only one who knew there's something up with Gabe the whole time? Cz he's way too supportive of Kinsey's actions even when they're clearly wrong. He even had that suspicious grin when he met her for the first time. The same kind of grin Dodge had.

  31. The death key (sry I don't know what the name is) is so underrated 🙁
    If I would own this key I would always fly around the world
    I mean- that's amazingggg

  32. Too many illogical things that happen in the plot and character reactions. I'll just list a few.
    1) When Bode is threatened the 1st time by the "Well Lady," knowing she's evil AND magical he somehow thinks he can outwit her and catch her? Some kids tell their parents about their bullies, MOST kids tell their parents if their teacher bullies them, & likely ALL kids will tell SOMEBODY if they get threatened by a cop or gangster or mob guy. How much more a magical evil lady? Kids are dependent & NEED to rely on someone older when push comes to shove.
    2) Bode doesn't tell his brother and sister about the "Well Lady" aka Dodge after they find out about the keys (I get it, he feels guilty he let her out but at this level of secrecy, any kid that age would cave). As a kid, I hid my dad's car keys so we could stay in Hawaii longer but when my mom told me I'd have to sell my toys to pay for the stay, I caved in. In Bode's case, this is magic, this Well Lady is evil, has magic, & is threatening him & his family.
    3) They do the typical cliche "White people in scary movies" move: To investigate/act alone. As kids, this is far worse since most kids are afraid of the dark.
    4) Kinsey & Tyler are mostly unphased about the keys being magical & make it priority #2 while making relationships priority #1. At that age, relationships & videogames were priority #1 for me and many of my friends BUT had I stumbled across MAGIC … THAT WOULD CONSUME ME. Had the magic been a threat to any of my family …. THAT WOULD CONSUME ME.
    5) I saw too many incidents where the kids were in a bad situation & did NOT use the keys to their advantage even though they CLEARLY knew how to use them. Like the mind control key (the music box one with the treble clef symbol) – they didn't try using it on Sam or Dodge … Kinsey's plan was to reveal herself actually give it to Sam & hide the mind key … WTF. The mind key – Tyler knew he learned info when placing books into his mind. I would have placed a bunch of martial arts books & videos in there along with the history of the town. The ghost key – Bode, Kinsey, & Tyler all knew that their great grandfather is available to talk to … why not ask him what he knows & everything there is to know about the keys and the origins of the Locke family. The echo key – it actually worked but Lucas came out evil coz he was possessed by the demon … so why not try bringing dad back? The flower key – contained hidden memories of their uncle & possibly their mom yet the kids assume it's because they're adults. They have the mind key – why not try putting those memories back into their minds? They can see what's wrong with mom.
    6) No one ever bothered to ask the most obvious questions: Who made the keys? Who are the Locke's & what are their origins? How many keys are there?
    7) The kids assume the mom can't remember or process certain things so they give up trying to teach her … they have the friggin MIND key.

  33. Ok so Im curious does anyone else have a problem with how this tv show is not bright enough to watch? Its super dark on my screen!!!

  34. The ghost key was still in the door when Sam died and nobody from key house remembered to take the key later and when they threw "disguised" Dodge they didn't cared about the crown key and the crown

  35. I'm tryna figure out what Dodge had on Sam to make him go after and want the head key so much. I guess Dodge threaten to kill Sam if he didnt obey.
    ….also I'd like a Season 2 but I'd be ok if it just stay with one. If they do go on with a season 2 they may introduce more keys. That would be fun, but confusing tryna remember what key does what. I think in the book or whatever there were like 30 keys in total.

  36. Netflix believes in the Cavemen-Logic 'Sex Sells' so hard, it's basically a Religion. Netflix is a fucking Cult.
    There's so many disgusting things. Minor Sex isnt just included in their Shows, it''s the main Subject in many of them. It's the Focus.
    They produces shows where the Protagonist literally Runs Prostutition-Clubs on a Highschool. So many fucked up Shows about Highscools, i can't even list it, and it's nothing less than Disgusting what Netflix produces sometimes.
    They come up with Show Ideas, with Stories, that normal people wouldnt come up with.

  37. Netflix believes in the Cavemen-Logic 'Sex Sells' so hard, it's basically a Religion. Netflix is a fucking Cult.
    There's so many disgusting things. Minor Sex isnt just included in their Shows, it''s the main Subject in many of them. It's the Focus.
    They produces shows where the Protagonist literally Runs Prostutition-Clubs on a Highschool. So many fucked up Shows about Highscools, i can't even list it, and it's nothing less than Disgusting what Netflix produces sometimes.
    They come up with Show Ideas, with Stories, that normal people wouldnt come up with.

  38. so, dodge was at the black door, with the omega key close by and presumably still in possession of the crown of shadows, yet didnt think that to be a prime opportunity in that dark cave to get what she had been after the entire time. smh at the dumbshit writers

  39. When ellie's body was taken to the sea caves I thought kinsey was actually lucas who changed his identity.

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