Locksmith Training Basics : How to Secure a Door to Prevent Theft

Locksmith Training Basics : How to Secure a Door to Prevent Theft

On behalf of expertvillage.com, I am Jim Koch
and today we are talking about a locksmith would access to your house when you’ve locked
your keys in or lost your keys. We are going to talk a little bit about security and some
of the things you can do to make it a little tougher for a thief to get in your house.
In this case, this is the door that leads from the garage to the house. You’ll see there’s
no deadbolt. The nice thing is that the door frame is built properly. The drawback is as
with any lock if you don’t lock it, it doesn’t do you much good. That is one of the things
I can stress the most. When I come to a house that somebody has locked their keys in the
house, I can almost find a window that is a cracked, a door that is open or some way
of entry without even picking a lock. One of the common things I find in houses when
I come to unlock them is the garage. This garage door has an opener and it will hold
the door to a certain extent but if you don’t use this latch or don’t have one of these
latches, nothing else is going to help and this is just a quick easy way for someone
to get in. What you need to do is just step your foot on the bottom of the door, push
that latch closed and if you are going to be gone for long periods of time like you
are going on vacatoin, most latches have a hole and you can actually put a padlock through
it too. Here’s an example of a door that is nearly perfectly set up. You’ve got a door
handle with a key, you’ve got a deadbolt and the door frame itself is actually recessed
in so that you can’t get a credit card in behind here. A couple of things that I did
notice about this door. One, this lock set up properly, installed properly but the deadbolt
you will see is actually upside down. This causes a problem with the springs. Eventually
taht will cause a weakness in the springs and the lock will fail because it is hanging
upside down and you don’t have gravity in your favor. Another security issue that I
see with this door is this window. This is a really quick easy way for a thief to get
in and actually a thief loves to see these because he walks up, throws a rock through
this window and reaches in and unlocks the door and away you go.

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17 Replies to “Locksmith Training Basics : How to Secure a Door to Prevent Theft”

  1. its dumb because its only 2 min long, he should have pointed out that the correct type of lock for that last door should require a key on both sides.

  2. My mate has a shop and the back door was solid steel with a great big bar across it. It didn't stop the theiving bar stuards though, they went through the wall instead with a still saw. They didn't have the last laugh however, they got caught. Ha! Serves them right.

  3. Well, security systems may do some good but the robber could disarm or disconnect them if they are literally desparate to pinch some doggone thing! You could also say the same about having a warning sticker or sign that informs others of having an alarm fitted as a detterant!

  4. I had deadbolts that required a key to open from the inside but replaced them with the traditional throw lever after I became concerned about it being more difficult to get out of the house in a fire. Since a burglar can easily get in through any window or by kicking a door with a wooden frame I decided the locks keyed on both sides were just a feel good measure that put my family at additional risk and replaced them.

  5. @huless They used a Stihl saw, kind of petrol driven circular saw with diamond cutting blade. Just cut straight through the brick and gave it a push. Open sesame.

  6. Problems I see! 1 your teaching the bad guy good ways to access the home.
    2 the garage door opener will tear the door up on 99% of the doors if you forget to unlock the slide lock. Solutions If you use the slide lock with opener kill the power by unplugging the opener too. if you have glass next to door have a keyed on both sides deadbolt, also known as dbl. cylinder. Important have a key inside 5 feet from door hidden from window view. in case of fire! No Deadbolt? Get one! Locksmith sic 96-03

  7. this guy jim cook is obviously one of those with a few years of experience and couldn't resist this chance to be a show off like so many other beginners. jim, you're a hodad, not a locksmith.
    the videos you've made are a few years old so just maybe you've figured it out but since this gar is still up i'm guessing you are still a pontificating ahole.

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