Locksmith Training Basics : How to Theft Proof Windows

Locksmith Training Basics : How to Theft Proof Windows

On behalf of expertvillage.com, I’m Jim Koch
and today we are talking about how a locksmith would gain access to your house when you have
locked your keys in or lost your keys. If you don’t lock the doors, lock your windows.
The best locks in the world don’t make a difference. In this case, we’ve found this window cracked
open. All it takes pop the screen out of the window, slide the window open and you are
in the house. So the best locks in the world are no good if you don’t lock them. Doing
a walk around this house, now we are back by the storage shed and you will see here
he’s got a nice little latch set up. This is a good one because once it is closed, it
hides all of the retaining screws but as with any lock if it doesn’t have a padlock on it,
it is not much good. Now we’ve come to the backside of the house where the sliding door
is and you can see on this one, it doesn’t have a lock and it’s not very secure. A small
crowbar could just pop this right open. They do make a bar that goes on the backside and
inside of the sliding glass and that is what I recommend and if nothing else, you can go
down to your hardware store and have them cut you a piece of dowel rod that will lay
in the bottom of the track behind this door and will keep it from sliding open no matter
what you do.

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12 Replies to “Locksmith Training Basics : How to Theft Proof Windows”

  1. hahaha buy a bar to lock the sliding window just use a broomstick and if you are really wanting to protect your home get 2 inch plexiglass for windows and a security system

  2. My grandma uses a broken broom handle to lock her sliding glass door… beats me with it too actually… 🙁

  3. "This is a good latch because it hides the screws"

    Pfft, if the perp's gonna use a crowbar on the door, what's to stop him from using it on that "good latch" too

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