Lyric Security System: Adjust Volume

Lyric Security System: Adjust Volume

Sterling: Hi DIYers. Sterling with Alarm Grid
here and today we’re going to show you how to adjust the volume on your Honeywell Lyric
System. So, just like with a Honeywell Lynx Touch
System, you have the ability to edit the volume of the button presses. If you can hear, any
time I tap anything it’s giving a beep, all right? Same idea if I were to arm the system. System: Armed away. Sterling: It’s going to speak and it’s going
to beep. System: Disarmed, ready to arm. Sterling: If we had a sensor programed and
we opened a door, it would chime, all right? All of that stuff is manipulated with the
volume selection. So to change the volume from the home screen, so if we tap this home
button, sometimes when you tap it twice you’ll get this keypad screen. So just tap it again,
it will go back to the home screen. From the home screen, if we hit “settings,” the volume
for the system is a slider bar. And you can hear
that it actually gives you the audible noise
of the selection you’re choosing. Getting quieter and quieter towards the minus and
getting louder and louder towards to the positive plus symbol. And this is a slider, all right?
You can tap and jump to a spot or you can slide up or down. So with it all the way up
and saved you can hear now the taps and the beeps are much louder. Arming it. System: Armed away, exit now. Sterling: Both the audible exit beeps and
the actual voice enunciations are louder. System: Disarmed, ready to arm. Check system. Sterling: So again, from the home screen it’s
“settings” and it’s just a manipulation of this slider bar. We’re going to put it back
to middle so we have some feedback, but not too loud, and we’re going to save it. This feature does not affect the siren volume,
okay? So it affects the beeps, the button press beeps, the chime beeps, the exit warning
beeps, but it does not affect the actual alarm sounder volume. So just keep that in mind.
So very simple to change the volume on your system. Depending on where this system is installed,
you may want it to be louder or quieter. In the bedroom perhaps you don’t want the loud
beeps. Down in the living room maybe you do want the loud beeps so you can hear the chimes
as the doors and windows open and close. No matter what, even if it’s something where
during the day you want it down and at night you want it up, very easy for you to manipulate
and change that as you need to. So we hope you’ve enjoyed this video on changing
your Honeywell Lyric system’s volume. If you have any questions on changing your system’s
volume or anything at all about the Lyric, please email us, [email protected] and
make sure to subscribe to our channel so you’re kept up to date on all of the new videos that
we’ll be releasing in regards to this brand new Honeywell Lyric System.

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