Lyric Security System: Clean the Screen

Lyric Security System: Clean the Screen

Hi DIY-ers, Sterling with Alarm Grid here,
and today we’re going to show you how to clean the screen on your Honeywell Lyric Security
System. So, this Honeywell Lyric screen is actually
a capacitive screen, as opposed to a resistive screen. All touch screens are either resistive
or capacitive for the the most part. And capacitive is actually the older technology, but resistive
was the way that the older smartphones and tablets worked. And it actually looked for,
you know, an actual pressure point on the screen, and that’s why styluses work, or pen
caps and different things will work on a resistive screen. Okay, on a capacitive screen it’s actually
using the conductive nature of a human body to detect the point of interaction to the
screen, and it works for multi-touch points. It’s a more advanced technology, but the one
drawback is you can’t press with a stylus any more. You need human touch, all right.
So that’s a big difference in this screen compared to the Lynx touch panel, and all
new iPads and iPhones are capacitive so this is the better technology, and makes for a
better user interface so… Because you’ll be touching this screen with
your fingers over time you may get smudges or fingerprints that you want to clean off,
and you know you can gently wipe it, but you’ll be hitting buttons potentially. So the real
way to clean it is to hit from the home screen… I’m sorry, from the home screen it’s hitting
settings, and you have the button right here, the magic clean button. And all it really
does is tell you use a damp soft cloth, and the touch screen is completely disabled for
15 seconds. So if you got the right kind of cloth, you want to make sure you don’t scratch
your screen with a paper towel, or a shirt which has rougher fibers. But if you have
a nice clean damp cloth you would just wipe it in that clean mode. And when you’re done,
you just exit out and you’d have a brand new clean screen. So it’s a nice way to easily clean it, and
depending on how nice you need your screen to look, you may do that frequently or you
know, maybe that’s just a weekly thing, but… Even show your cleaning lady how they can
do that. They’ve got the right products, the right nice, you know, soft cloth, so that’s
something you can have them do when they’re there to clean the house. So that’s how you
clean your Lyric touch screen on your Honeywell Lyric security system. We hope you’ve enjoyed
that brief easy video, and if you have any questions on cleaning your Honeywell Lyric,
please email [email protected] and also make sure to subscribe to our channel, as
we’ll be releasing a lot more videos about this new revolutionary Honeywell Lyric security

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