Lyric Security System: Delete Key Fob

Lyric Security System: Delete Key Fob

Hi DIYers, Sterling with Alarm Grid here.
And today, we’re going to show you how to delete a key fob from your Honeywell Lyric
system. So key fobs, such as the 5834-4 or the new Lyric key fob as well, is going to
be supported by this system. So, any of the 5800 series key fobs and the new Lyric key
fob are all supported by this system, and no matter what key fob that you have, key
fobs are a great way to one touch arm or disarm the system. So, put them on your key chains,
are very handy, you can arm, disarm, to away or stay, with a touch of a button and not
need to know a code. They’re good for handing out to friends or
neighbors that may need temporary access to the house without giving away your secure
user codes. You can even set it up to set off a panic button from the fob, so that if
you’re approaching the home and someone attacks you, or have any reason to sound the alarm
in the house, because you hear things outside the house that are suspicious, you can press
a button on the fob to set off the panic. So, a whole host of reasons that you would
use the fob and a really nice security addition to your system for convenience sake. However, by making it convenient, it’s also
a potential security risk, and it’s important to understand that. If someone got hold of
your keys, okay? They now have a key to your door. They can unlock your door and come in,
and if this is on your key chain, they now have a device, without knowing your code,
they’ll be able to disarm your system, unlock your lock and have full access to your house.
So it’s very, very, important that you know where this is at all times, and if you were
to lose it, that you know that it’s very easy to delete the key fob from the system. So
that if someone did get a hold of this fob, as long as you’ve deleted it, they can’t come
and disarm the system with a touch of a button. So we hope you never lose your fob, and if
you do, we want you to know that there is a way to keep the security, and then that
way, if you’re thinking you didn’t want to use a fob, because you were worried about
that kind of risk, maybe you’d be able to use the convenience features and still account
for the security issues. So, to delete a fob, it’s very simple. We’re going into programming,
by hitting tools and 4112, which is the default installer code. We’re going to zip past this
AlarmNet 360 prompt, this is a prompt you’ll see, only if your system has not yet been
enabled for monitoring. You just say, “No,” if you’re not monitored. We hit program and
keys, and you can see we only have one key fob program so far, it is this 5834-4 that
we just programmed in a prior video. And to delete it, can’t get much easier. Highlight
it so it’s blue, click delete, and yes you’re sure. Now, no items to display. If we know
a criminal or somebody got a hold of our fob, because the fob has been deleted from the
system programming, when we come back to the home screen, this device that previously was
arming and disarming our system is not doing anything at all. It’s still in high security
mode, but because it’s been deleted from the programming, there’s no way that someone would
be able to break in, or to disarm the system and gain access to the property without you
knowing about it. And that deletion can be done locally, if you know you lost it and
you can get home and do it. Or if you’re monitored and you’re not home,
and you want to get that thing deleted as soon as you lose your key fob or as soon as
you know that you’ve lost your key fob, your monitoring provider should have the ability
to delete that remotely on a 5834-4 sensor. We hope you’ve enjoyed that video on how to
delete a key fob from your Honeywell Lyric security system. If you have any questions
on deleting your fobs from your system, please let us know, [email protected] And make
sure to subscribe to our channel, so you’re kept up to date on all of the videos that
we’ll be releasing, about all of the great features on this new Honeywell Lyric security

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