Master Lock #2 Travel Luggage Security LOCK TSA Approved

Master Lock #2 Travel Luggage Security LOCK TSA Approved

Hello, this is Gary and I’m back here with
the Master Lock that I picked up to go with my Osprey Porter 46 liter travel backpack
carry-on. This particular lock is TSA accepted/approved
and it has a special area for their key to unlock it on this side. Fortunately, you can change your combination
as frequently as you desire. Well, I didn’t pick up a pen to do that with. But anyway it says: It’s tough under fire. Set and reset your own combination, flexible
shackle protects zipper. TSA accepted travel sentry approved. Their number two lock I don’t know what the
difference is between the number two and number one. It goes all the way up to number ten. This is number two and measures one and a
half inches or thirty-eight mm by one and one eight inches or twenty-nine mm (it was
a little difficult to read the small text). You can get a better look at the front of
the package, you can pause to examine, and reverse of package. Blister pack. Pull out scissors to release it from its plastic
prison. That’s probably enough but I’ll do it this
way. There is the lock itself. Front, the rear the bottom, the side. Here is the little instructions, product warranty
documentation. It comes preset to 000, slide over cable and
left outward, then with a pen depress this button here, turn each tumbler individually
to your desired combination. Then reinsert cable to lock, spin the tumblers
to set. Test lock by entering your new combination. I will demonstrate now. Set combination to factor default 000 should
tumblers not be in that sequence. Release cable by pressing downward and sliding
to side and lifting upward. NOW to reset with your desired combination. Depress recessed button with ballpoint pen
and turn each tumbler to respective number of your own combination. Reinsert the cable in reverse action. Pressing in and sliding into lock position. Spin tumblers to set your new combination. TEST out your new combination. It’s that simple. You can easily change your combination on
the fly at any time. HERE: I am repeating exact same process but
resetting combination to original factor default until I decide upon a combination easy for
me to remember. Reiterating reverse procedure to reset factor default combination. I’m not setting my combination today. See how many zipper pulls we can slide in
here? There it is, all five zippers secured by a
single lock. With Osprey Porter 46L travel backpack you
could hide zipper pulls and lock by nesting them behind the side panel. No one is getting into top compartment, no
one is entering front compartment nor is anyone accessing the main compartment. Reiterating. Having key opening here should TSA need access
inside your luggage for whatever reason they will not be snipping cable. They can use their key right here. Instead of user side releasing, they can slide
other side and pop it out. This has a nice plastic sleeve or coating
so it does damage or wear against zipper pulls. It looks nice, it’s convenient, TSA approved,
easy to open, close and easy to program. This was a simple box opening of Master Lock. Do comment, like, share, subscribe to the
channel. Thank you for watching!

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