McGard Tuner Wheel Lock Nut Installation How-To

McGard Tuner Wheel Lock Nut Installation How-To

Hi, I’m Jeff with McGard, and today I’m going
to demonstrate for you a basic tuner wheel lock installation. The most important thing to remember when
installing a wheel lock is that it should always be the last piece applied to the wheel,
and the first piece removed from the wheel. We’re going to start by removing the factory
lug nut. If you happen to notice that the wheel stud
is rusted, you might want to just take a steel brush to it and clean it off a little bit. Next thing we’re going to do is take the tuner
wheel lock and just apply it by hand. And when installing a wheel lock, you want
a minimum thread engagement of at least the diameter of the wheel stud. In this case, the diameter of the wheel stud
is 12 millimeters, so we want to have at least that amount of engagement between the lock
and the stud. Next thing we’ll do is apply the key. We’ll torque it down the rest of the way. You may want to use a torque wrench to install
the wheel lock. In this case, the torque should be 90 foot-pounds. If you’re installing an aftermarket wheel,
please refer to the paperwork supplied with the wheel for the recommended torque specification. Torque down, remove the key. And that’s it.

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