Meet remo+ DoorCam – World’s First Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera

Meet remo+ DoorCam – World’s First Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera

– [Narrator] Doors have
protected our homes, businesses and loved ones, and it’s time we fortify
them even further. Meet DoorCam, the world’s first and only over-the-door camera with
inside wi-fi connection. Motion detection, two-way talk, video recording, and night vision. This is Sarah, and she
lives in an apartment. DoorCam is a great fit for Sarah because all she has to do
is hang it over the door. No wires, no holes. It also gives her the peace of mind, knowing who’s on the
other side of the door. – Can I help you? – Hi, do you have a minute
to take a quick survey? – Sorry, not interested. Have a nice day. – [Narrator] And while she’s at work, she can see what’s happening at home. – Hi, I’m Jim with the Hamilton Company, I’m here to fix your window. – Great. The key’s under the mat. – Got it. – [Narrator] And if she needs to move, she can take DoorCam with her. DoorCam is also a great fit
for people who own homes. Meet Sam. Sam runs an ice cream shop, and uses DoorCam to keep
an eye on things at home while he’s away at work. And it allows him to see this, this, and this. – Dad, Dad! Look what I can do! – Oh, wow, that is so cool! Okay, I’ll see you soon, buddy! – [Narrator] And for those times that Sam can’t be in two places at once, he has extra help to
keep an eye on things. – Hey, what are you doing? – [Narrator] DoorCam, the easiest way to secure your home, business, or anywhere with a door.

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20 Replies to “Meet remo+ DoorCam – World’s First Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera”

  1. All of the business doors around here open outward not inward, thus as a designer myself, I would say that this product could be improved by changing the metal part from an L-configuration to a U configuration. Folks who are handy or experienced with hacking could hopefully bend the metal bracket to accommodate an outward-swinging door, but certainly most people will not have those skills or tools to do such bending..

  2. Okay, now make it in black so that it can a lot more discreet and fix it where you can get notifications in real time and not these damn 5+ minute delays!

  3. 0:44 – Impressive how she gets a notification and opens the app on her phone before the guy even reaches her door…

  4. I found that these work really well for businesses as well as homes. However, most businesses have doors that swing outward, and the way this is configured presently, it won't work without modification. I came up with a modification of how it can be done here: Perhaps Remo can make a new device that works like this in the future?


  6. I already have an Arlo mounted on my front door but now I just want to buy this because it looks so fucking cool

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