moms in horror movies

moms in horror movies

Well, I just don’t like that.. Mom! Mom. Hey, mom. *Snapping Fingers* What?! Mom, straight up, there’s like a demon girl in my room right now. No there isn’t. What..? You’re lying. Hmmm.. Nope not lyin, she is in there. You’re crazy. Why are you lying to me? What? Why would I lie about that? Like seriously, just come look. You’re just a stupid kid who doesn’t know any better. All right, kind of rude. Again, I am telling the truth. Why are you doing this to our family, you little liar?! Mom, I have literally not lied to you a single time in my 11 years on this earth What is wrong with you?! *spooky box* Mom? Why did YOU throw that box at the wall? What? Mom, I’ve literally been standing in this same exact spot for like, three minutes. That was not me. i hATE yOU. Why..? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mom, I don- Mom! She’s here. Oh my goodness. That’s a little demon girl.. Dude, thank you. AHHHHHhhhhHHH! Oh. Stay away from my baby boy who I love and respect! Alright.. ಠ_ಠ

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61 Replies to “moms in horror movies”

  1. ok good video subscribe to gus subscribe to jamie subscribe to sabrina subscribe to a more positive way of thinking

  2. Gus, I think your mom was on her period and judging on when I watched this video, she should be in her period anyway now

  3. demon girls internal monologue: "I just really want a friend"
    Gus's internal monologue: "oh gods just kill me already"

  4. I guess my life is a horror movie because my mom is literally like that all the time… especially when she doesn't have her meth sigh.

  5. the reason i hate these characters is that they are super unrelatable, it gets to a boring point, because no one reacts or talks like that and people go thru the whole movie rolling their eyes when characters like this appear

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