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38 Replies to “Moto G4 and G4 Plus FRP or Google Account Security Bypass Android 7.0 with Latest Security Patch”

  1. When I try to do this, my phone doesn't say "idle," it stays as "reading data," so it doesn't let me "power test." Why is this?

  2. vikas – Moto batch file does open and blink but nothing happens after that. I did exactly as u did but same issue in the end. Moto batch file is the issue

  3. Yo man, thanks very much…. at first didnt think it would work but ….. man it does. Thanks again… wish you the best

  4. The Moto Service cant reading data from the phone and there are not syncronizing… But its connected…

  5. my device is showing in device manager but in moto services it not showing connected device
    so what to do
    Is there a software to install usb driver

  6. if I drag moto batch files to cmd them I found
    moto 7.0_7.1 <G4_&_G5>FPR_BYPASSplatform toolsMOTO.bat"
    what shell I do next

  7. Sir ji Power Test installing or collecting test results Aborted . Power Test Failed Error aa raha hain
    please sir help me urgent

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