Motorized Zoom Lens Security Camera with AHD HD-TVI CVI CCTV Video Modes

Motorized Zoom Lens Security Camera with AHD HD-TVI CVI CCTV Video Modes

This video demonstrates the HD-BX12 which
is an HD security camera with motorized zoom controls and 1080p video resolution. The HD-BX12 supports up the coax zoom functions
which means that the zoom commands are transmitted from the DVR to the camera over the same RG59
coax cable that is to transmit the video signal. This diagram shows how the camera is wired
at CCTV Camera Pros office for this demo. RG59 Siamese cable runs the video and data
signal to our iDVR-PRO DVR. And the 18/2 power cable is connected to a
power supply box. This is the live camera view on the DVR. I switch to the full screen view of our zoom
camera. The zoom level of the camera is controlled
using the PTZ controls on the DVR. The Mike Myers character and license plate
are located 19 feet away from where the camera is installed. I am going to zoom the lens all the way in
so that you can the close-up angle that the 4x zoom provides. I close the PTZ controls to get a full screen
close-up view. I re-enable the zoom controls and zoom the
lens back out to the widest angle again. Please note that I am using the license plate
in this video to demonstrate the zoom level of the camera. The HD-BX12 is not a specialized license plate
capture camera. CCTV Camera Pros does supply LPR cameras also
if you need one. The HD-BX12 supports 4 video modes that are
selectable with the buttons on the back of the camera. 1080p AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI video modes as
well as 960H resolution analog CCTV modes are supported. The 2.8 to 12mm zoom lens is motorized and
can be controlled with an up the coax compatible DVR such as iDVR-PRO. This camera can be installed to a ceiling
or wall with the optional bracket. This camera can also be installed outdoors
with the optional weatherproof housing enclosure. In addition to direct controls on the DVR,
the zoom of this camera can also be controlled with Android and iPhone apps, as well as Windows
and Macintosh software when it is connected to an iDVR-PRO DVR. To learn more, please visit Thank you for watching!

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