Now my work is done, I will rob the people who will come here to withdraw money. Then John will become the don!! Give me all your money right now otherwise I will shoot you. Now close your eyes and count till three. One, two, three. He took away all my pension. What happened uncle? Why are you crying? I’ll will just tell you. You both are chatting here and inside the robber ran away with all my money. Motu, there is nobody inside. You all are a gang. He might have come out in front of you. And he might have also come inside in your presence. Tell me who was he? Tell me fast. I will go and complain this to Chingam sir right now. Now turn your face that side and close your eyes. You both are standing here like pillars and watching the scene. There the thief took away all my hard earned money. You both are useless. I will complain this to Chingam sir right now. Patlu, my brain doesn’t works on empty stomach, please think, how is all this happening? Idea!! Let me call Dr. Jhatka. Now if there is any danger, The person who is withdrawing money, as soon as he will feel any danger. He has to shout “Danger”, the ATM machine will leave the person withdrawing the money. And catch the thief and beat him. Hand over the money to me. Oh my lord!! Danger!! Close the lid of your mouth and quietly surrender the cash to me otherwise. This half-inch bullet will make a nine-inch hole in your head. Dr. Jhatka, you have done a great job, you have showed stars to John in a broad day light. Thank you very much. I will destroy it, I will destroy its existence. I won’t leave him. He has ruined my dreams. Who boss? Whom do you want to destroy? Who else, other then that machine, which had blocked my way. And on top of it, he even hit me and threw me in the air. Give one hundred, take two hundred!! You will get double money, insert 100 inside and take away 200, insert 200 and take back 400. And if you want to double a big amount, above 1 lakh, then you will get 2 lakhs after a month. This scheme is for a limited period only, do it fast. Motu, there is something strange going on there. We need to check out. Wow!! If my scheme works even for a week I will turn into a billionaire. And when the time will come to return the money I will disappear from here. Catch him!! He is a thief, he is giving artificial notes. Big brother, I have a doubt that there is someone in the ATM machine. And I don’t have any doubt, in fact I am sure that this is John’s work. It is possible that John might be sitting inside the ATM machine and the men outside might be his goons. Oh my lord!! We need to do something to collect evidence and expose the truth. Yes Dr. Jhatka, John is fooling people and as soon as he collects huge amount. He will run away. We need to do something. Idea!! Tit for Tat. Dr. Jhatka, we need your help. We will also prepare the same ATM. Insert one lakh in this ATM and take away two lakhs right now. There is no need to wait. He is a liar. He is doing fraud with you all, he will run away with your cash. Insert your money and check it by yourself. We will get to know who is a liar and who is trustworthy right now. Oh my lord!! I will insert and see, I have a twenty years experience of this work. Oh my lord! I gave one lakh and received two lakhs. Now I will insert two lakhs and get four lakhs. Hey! How can you insert now? It’s my turn. Oh wow! This was fun. Even I received two lakhs Impossible!! Get aside, let me also try. Oh my god!! This is a miracle!! Boss, they have shut down our business, they are seriously giving double money on the spot. There are doing some sort of a fraud, nobody can double the money on the spot. Why can’t we? The ATM which is beside us is also doing the same. But they are giving double money after a month and we are giving it right now. This is impossible, I am sure there is someone sitting inside this ATM machine. Are you joking around? How can someone sit inside an ATM machine. One can, one can sit just as I was sitting inside that ATM. Oops! What am I saying? The truth! Friends, we made this plan to bring his devil deed in front of you all. John has done a fraud. Give us our money back. Give us. Number 1, number 2, run away with the money bag. Sorry, come take this bag. John, it is impossible to escape from us. Motu Patlu, you both have became serious. Chingam sir, help!! Nobody doubles the money like that. Please don’t get fooled by anyone. Yes big brothers, now you all come and take your money back which you inserted in John’s ATM. Thank you Motu Patlu, thank you.

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