Mount A Bike’s Front Wheel With Quick-Release Skewer

Mount A Bike’s Front Wheel With Quick-Release Skewer

Lower the bike onto the front wheel. The convention
is to put the lever on the left side of the bike so it matches the one on the rear which
is on the non-drive side. Facing the bike from the front with your head
on the bike’s centre line check the front wheel is centred in the frame. Close the lever.
If this action is too easy tighten the nut on the opposite side. If it won’t close
fully loosen the nut. Repeat until locking the lever gives satisfactory resistance. The
pressure involved should leave a mark on your hand. The closed lever must point up and back where
it’s safe from being flipped open accidentally in a tangle with another bike or by bumping
against something like a door frame. If the bike has rim brakes close the brake.

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