My #BlackBerryJourney – Chapter 2 – Security & Camera

Hello everyone! I’m Roxi Rose and this
is the second chapter of my blackberry journey video series. If you don’t
know what I am talking about, then let me tell you that since the last months I
decided to group my existing and future BlackBerry written articles and videos
under one big title named My #BlackBerryJourney. On you
can find the first chapter named ”Why Balckberry?” In this video I’m going to
talk about the security that the brand new BlackBerry Key2 offers and I will also
mention some interesting facts about its camera. In the next video I am going to
make a Q&A because I got way too more questions from you and I really don’t
want to miss any. As for the fourth chapter, well, all I can say is that it’s
going to be… festive. And now let’s get back to the subject of this video. I’ve
been using my Key2 for the past three months already and after all this time
I feel authorized to objectively highlight its strengths. I’m going to start with
the DTEK app. This BalckBerry Limited pre-installed app will tell you if there’s
another app accessing sensitive information, like the camera, so you can
deny its request. This app is extremely easy: Once it says that your level of security is excellent, you can rest assured that your phone is secured. Apart from DTEK, there are other
pre-installed apps on this mobile that are working to protect you and your
business in multiple ways. These apps are: The Locker: that helps you hide
sensitive apps or files from the curious eyes, requiring your fingerprint
to reveal them. *By the way, the fingerprint is enclosed in the spacebar
and is the fastest fingerprint sensor I’ve ever seen on the market. Going
further, there is also an integrated browser inside the Locker that
immediately clears your browsing history as you close it. (Firefox Focus) What you see right now, is another layer
of security that my phone gives me. It is called Picture Password and it’s a
method of securing of my device, that allows me to use a combination of a number and
a picture to unlock my device instead of typing a password and of course this is
typical to BlackBerries. The other security-oriented app is called Privacy Shade. This one hides parts of the screen when you’re actively using it around people, so the curious ones won’t see much of what you’re doing. You can also assign this app to a Convenience Key. The Redactor
mode is part of the Privacy Shade app that helps you redact sensitive content
before sharing screenshots. In the Redactor mode you can draw lines rectangles or circles to hide the private info and share the new screenshots with redacted
content directly from the app. All this information sums up the Security that the Key2 provides to its users. As for the camera, as I said before, I just love the bokeh that the manual focus creates behind the main subject. BlackBerry Key2 is a dual camera mobile. On the main camera it has an aperture of f/1.8 while on the front one it has f/2.6. Key2 has also a portrait mode and a
brilliant video stabilizer. Oh, and one more thing: There is something that only a
BlackBerry has: After recording a video you have the option to stabilize it
digitally and the result is simply perfect! Whether I take a video with my
Canon camera or by this phone, I’m always using this function to make sure that my
videos are flawless. I always was a BlackBerry Fan and… I will always be. You see, I think that… The BlackBerry Key2 looks like me. It’s simple, yet, elegant. And I think that it makes me who I am. That’s for today. See you at the Chapter 3. Roxi Rose.

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