Nest Secure Unboxing

Nest Secure Unboxing

Gabe: Hey everybody, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. Today, we’re unboxing the Nest Secure alarm
system. [music] Gabe: Boom! Open her up, Johnny. First thing I see is, let’s get started. [pause] Gabe: I’m actually pretty excited to jump
into the Nest Secure home security system. These are the essential components for the
rest of the system that you can build out from the Nest doorbell to the Nest outdoor
cam. Let’s check it out. [pause] Gabe: This is the Nest Guard. I think it’s called the Nest Guard. Put that here. It comes with your base station, an adapter,
a cord. What do we have here? We’ve got a little of literature here, set
up guide, user’s guide. I feel a bit like a pharmacist with all these
pieces they’re like test tubes, or like a chemist I guess is probably a better one about
to figure something out. Let’s jump into this. This is the Nest Guard. The Nest Guard functions as an alarm, wireless
keypad and motion detector. All that comes in this package, you’re going
to put that in an important place. Here’s your keypad, it lumens. You’ve got your panic button here. Of course your speakers so that alarm can
be nice and loud. With every Nest product, there’s a QR code
in the back, so you can set it up directly with your system. That goes here. These key fobs are called Nest Tags. They allow you to arm and disarm the system
without having to press any buttons or do anything. You can do it all right here. These here are your motion sensors. The motion sensors also come with your QR
code allowing you to check it out, see what’s going on. Your contact sensors can be placed on doors
or windows, so you know if they’re open or not. These are the pieces that go along with it,
so the other parts here, and mounting screws to facilitate setting that up. That goes out for now. You’ve got your typical Nest circular power
adapter. This goes here. You’ll plug this in with the USB directly
into the adapter. It’s not the longest cord, but for the purposes
of your Nest Guard, which serves as your alarm, motion sensor and while this keypad, it’s
probably long enough for wherever you place it, because this is going to go inside the
home. You don’t have to put anywhere crazy. You can just have it directly inside. Those are the components of the Nest Secure
alarm system. Of course, there are a lot of other pieces
to put together like the doorbell, the indoor cam, but if you’re just looking at the fundamental
parts of a home security system, that’s going to go with the Nest Secure. Let’s do a little bit of set up. Whoa. Let’s take a quick break folks. Every month at Security Baron we like to hook
our subscribers up with the little something-something. Leave us a comment below and subscribe to
our page and you’ll be entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card. Make sure to subscribe, make sure to comment. Let’s get back to the video. These are your Nest Tags. These are basically key fobs. You’re going to put them on your keychain,
for your car, or whatever. You just tap. You can have one, one for you one for your
partner, one for you one for your kid, one for you one for your dog. Who knows? You can train it up. You tap it here and you’re ready to go. The sensors, you’re going to want to set up
above a door or window in conjunction with the other pieces. Those will let you know if someone’s coming
in or out. You go, place it up against it, and boom you’re
ready to go in conjunction with these pieces. For setting up, we plug in the USB into the
adapter. This end will go here. It’s probably to give it a little bit more
of a [inaudible 5:25] . Unwrap that. Voilà. We’re ready to go. We’re going to take this to the next step,
and we’ll show you how you put it in with the QR code. I’ll take this. Now you can see, it’s lighting up. We do what we are used to doing at this point. Go into the QR code reach your Nest Guard. Automated Voice: Hi, from Nest. Use your Nest app to begin set up. Gabe: Now we’re going to the set up. It’s connecting our cameras to our Nest Guard,
so everything can work in conjunction. Automated Voice: Setting up WiFi. Gabe: It’s doing it all for me, because I’ve
already had other cameras set up with the system, so it’s just connecting the two. Automated Voice: Setting up the Nest Network. This might take a minute. Gabe: It’s doing everything for me. It’s telling you what it’s doing, really making
my job easier today. I want to point out that setting up the sensors
is just as easy. You use the same QR code on the back, and
you’ll be ready to go with the sensors. Automated Voice: Try out Nest Guard motion
sensor. Gabe: See? If you have a dog below 40 pounds, you actually
may want to reduce the motion sensitivity. You can do that as well and ready to go. Now you can set up your passcodes and the
Nest Guard is ready. That’s our first look at the Nest Secure home
security system with the quick set up. I’m actually really excited to see how well
it works with the full set up and how it works in conjunction with the rest of the Nest components. If you appreciated today’s unboxing, give
us a like, hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron,
be secure. [silence]

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  2. Really looking forward to seeing you do some follow ups showing the integration with other nest products. Would also be good to see how to manage multiple access points to the house. Thanks

  3. Just subscribed. Trying to find a system for my wife's new business. Like your reviews, didn't like the nest as much as the simply safe. I'll keep watching to see if there is a better one for us. Any recommendations.

  4. Your reviews are quite entertaining and clear. It seems like there are such great features for all — but I'm still having a hard time making a decision… Will watch all the videos! JK. But a few to finally choose.

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