Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 9th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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100 Replies to “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 9th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News”

  1. All Boeing cares about is protecting profitability rather than morality…SAD/corruption/greed
    More countries Have walked away from Boeing and rightfully so ..

  2. I got a Great idea. Let's go visit a Volcano!!! It's about as an Intelligent as believing that this broadcast has Any ounce of Integrity. This is Propaganda.

  3. "IT"S ALL A HOAX" the new cover excuse for what seems to be everything. "It was a hoax, a witchhunt, and the FBI is spying on me!" remember him saying this. He cried so much for an investigation into this hoax that he got his investigation. Now the investigation is over and found no spying or anything else Trump claimed. Right on cue! His wanted investigation is now a hoax also. Watch out Trump family members you maybe on the hoax list

  4. You have inexplicably abdicated your duty as the press to not voice objection to Adam Schiff subpoenaing phone records of journalists and other citizens for partisanship.

  5. Where is the connection to the Boeing whistleblower and the Max 737 crashes? I did not hear it in the interview….Maybe NBC would serve its viewers better by investigating the 737max training programs of various domestic and foreign airlines….

  6. 4 times the FBI goes to FISA Court, being told that The Steele Dossier has no facts, but only hearsay, innuendos and even talk over beers in Jest, created by a known liar, with no merit, yet four times they go to FISA and claim in writing that that their information was reliable. Four times they lied and hid evidence to get what they wanted. Four times they neglect to tell FISA Court that Hilary C. paid for the Dossier for one reason, to find any kind of dirt on Trump.

  7. Warning! Trump derangement syndrome in this comment section from butthurt fuckwits! Cant wait to see ur tears when he's reelected! Trump 2020!

  8. It's not a hoax, Donnie. They're coming for you and your criminal coharts.

    And the only real embarrassment is, you don't recognize the criminality of your behavior! You are Fired!

  9. The retired Navy captain working at Boeing is the Real American. He learned the right thing which the military expects that is why no one should be president if they have not served in the armed forces.

  10. If the President is going to say climate change is a hoax, who's gonna believe him when he says the impeachment is a hoax too!

  11. Really, NBC? The impeachment and the IG report–and this volcano is your headline news? No wonder half the country is falling for Trump's Russian propaganda.

  12. all aboard the impeachment express. was surprised to see N.Z making international news. I'm in new zealand and that's the first I heard of a dam volcano . too dusty

  13. I always think how cool it would be to see a volcano erupt.

    I live in Colorado… I just may change my mind about that, someday…

  14. That whistleblower from Boeing is why we need more of them. He did what was right before and after the situation. Whether they are private company or government whistleblowers, they should be seen as true defenders of what is right and exposers of what is corrupt.

  15. Porch Pirates… this white kids joke going to turn bad when someone with a gun and little patience do something.

  16. Sometimes I just don't understand WHY people ignore obvious warning signs as in this active volcano.

    The volcano has been active. The warning was just RECENTLY raised and yet you STILL visit?

    Meanwhile, we worry enough to check the expiration date on our milk before we purchase… Isn't that a warning?

    I just don't get people anymore… Anything for the "experience".

  17. Notice how the initial IG report authored by Barr, found that the FBI was warranted. And note, the FISA procedures/issues were put into place by REPUBLICAN GEORGE W BUSH and his Administration. So now Barr has a lackey (Durham) writing a BS counter report. Trump is guilty of everything that he has been accused of doing. There have been a multitude of investigations, run by republicans (Mueller/IG report, etc.) that have found he is GUILTY.

  18. This President and the Republican's are Traitors to this Country . Remember the Republican's say 63 mil but not the popular vote the Electoral college . which is the law of the land . But STOP saying by popular vote. Also remember all members of Congress and Senate and President SWORE to uphold the Constitution not their Party POLITICS .

  19. i Always told my neighbors if you have a package coming send it to my house if your not going to be home and I WILL do the same.

  20. Come on Trump's devil child tells a reporter they get their money from Russia , no that one influence me just like money in politics

  21. The Republicans sound like ten-year-olds. There has been a monumental amount of evidence given by the president's own staff and the IG report was damning. This FISA issues of the process are longstanding complaints. Guilty, guilty and even more guilty.

  22. A president should always be able to be investigated, and impeached. Trump saying it should never happen happen again……your a reason our founding father did this trump. People like you, think they can do whatever they want.

  23. We the people don't Believe you lying Democrats anymore, Time to vote you all out for causing our country to just do nothing in the House of Representatives wasting time with stupid Investigations on the President WE Elected.

  24. You can not buy a hand gun with a hunting license. You can not buy a gun with a hunting license. There are no loopholes in the gun laws. Fake news! And you must show United states citizens ship.

  25. It has been reported that 10% of the aid money to Ukraine for security against trump's best buddy Putin still has not been released??? Trump is lying again and his corrupt sociopathic base accepts lies as a norm and they too are sociopaths that you need to keep children away for their own safety and health!

  26. None of these Republicans were interested in explaining where the missing $35.2 million of Ukraine aide money went. Trump claimed that it was all released, but that turned out to be just one more lie. The President of Ukraine is keeping his mouth shut because his country still only has received 86% of what Congress authorized.

  27. The problem with the Boeing aircraft is software 'taking over' flight- control mechanisms…that issue has NOTHING to dowith airframe construction

  28. This officer sounds like he’s never worked 12hrs a day 7 days a week maintaining aircraft. It’s a lot of work, but it’s not chaotic. There’s check and balances like a quality assurance system and check flights after certain maintenance.

  29. Democrats are imploding on their corruption. Business as usual for the vile, corrupt Democrats are over. The corrupt impeachment effort led by pill popper Pelosi and Schitt head Schiff will be the key factor to yank the power of business as usual straight out of their corrupt hands!! TRUMP WILL BE YOUR PRESIDENT AGAIN!!

  30. We're Kurdish very happy thanks too all people's helping impeachment trumps destroying Kurdish country too make USA great shameful for USA people's

  31. Crime is a crime. Involving another country in the elections is against the constitution and against the law. Trump did it , admitted to it. So why the republicans are dancing around the situation. He broke the law, impeach him period.

  32. That reporter in Auckland, NZ… if they'd panned the camera around just a bit, you would have seen the volcanic cone that dominates NZ's biggest city, Rangitoto, a massive island of scoria sitting there where there was nothing just 600 years ago when it rose out of the Gulf.

  33. Whether or not you believe Trump is guilty – whether or not you believe the Bidens did anything wrong – IT IS TIME for our lawmakers to set forth more, detailed language so that this does not happen again. Of course, we cannot predict all circumstances in the future but better guidelines need to be put in place to protect the American people from any future confusion or disgrace that this circus has created. There is too much vague language that must be clarified and corrected so that future leaders are aware of what and what is not acceptable in their positions.

  34. I’ve been watching NBC Nightly news on YouTube for one year now, and noticed that they have increased the number of ads. No ads before compared to now about 4-5 ads. The reason why I chose to watch your news on YouTube versus TV is the fact that you didn’t used to have any ads, and I can watch it in peace. I’m very disappointed.

  35. "Bone-marrow doners" have to endure a lot of physical pain in order to save somebody else's life. "They're angels on Earth." 😇

  36. President Trump is getting "all this negative publicity", which will "ironically" cause him to be "re-elected" in 2020. 🤗

  37. I love the segment with the young girl who got her life saving transplant. It is really easy to send in to be a donor to Be The Match ( a simple mouth swab). It can save lives!

  38. I live west of St Helen and Mt Rainier (Friggen' Paradise 🙂 If they were puffing smoke you would Not see me hiking by the rim! or anywhere close..

  39. oh ffs of course he did, ALL politicians do this type of thing, he was unlucky got caught and now gives his enemies a tool to use against him

  40. The sheriff right they're being interviewed is a tyrant that could be your principal allowing kids to pick on other kids people never seem to grow up we've got to start holding each other accountable but certainly doesn't give anybody an excuse to go killing everybody but this is like High School you cannot sit here and insult people and expect no consequences it seems like but it doesn't give him an excuse but this is what happens

  41. Navy shooter a terrorist, NO chance, just another fruit loop with access to a gun and a serious mustache inferiority complex

  42. Trump Had Chosen the Republican Committee to help him hide his finances..And give back on his own LIED Promises To The American Public..The Ones Trusted TRUMP.

  43. People are stupid if they can't reason it out for themselves and visit a smouldering, active volcano, even if the tourism company says it's safe. If you abandon common sense, then you get burnt, literally.

  44. Democrats will go down. Disgraceful party. I will never vote for a Democrat again out of principle. They are ruining my country.

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