No Money For Cops Means Private Security Firms Cash In

No Money For Cops Means Private Security Firms Cash In

much like and a new jersey more and more
people are starting to rely on private security in Oakland Calif because it turns out that the police
department there is overwhelmed and underfunded this is an ongoing problem
throughout the country and it’s really really sad when people
have to pay out of pocket to make sure they have their own private security now just to give you a sense of how bad
crime is in Oakland right now since 2011 robberies have gone up 54
percent burglaries have gone up forty percent
and auto thefts have gone up 33 percent so in tyre neighborhoods in
Oakland have no choice but to hire private security and a lot of times they’re used as a
deterrent because it’s really really difficult for private
security to do the same job that law enforcement would do in fact out one person who owns a
private security companies name is Nick cook says the following: i’m talking to people all the time in
Oakland to see what we can do they call me all the time he basically
says that they started off with having about a 100
to 200 households that private security would
patrol now that has gone up to 500 homes okay so it’s it’s just big business for him he says it’s been
very very successful but it’s very problematic not get to
that in a sec so okay so what were the scope is ok to right
yeah a so 0 look ok when is our Pakistan and up I love a good folks in Oakland
obelisk you for real okay when its when I read stories about
packs and I think there’s some cases the country this could destabilize the world okay when I was in Oakland I know the
says this may be the city that the state was the coach okay corinne just for second you went to Oakland
during Occupy protests and Occupy protests in Oakland where
particularly militant K so so yes there was definitely that
sense I love I diners know I know I know I get it
okay but trust me okay ok as for real it’s
very very serious and I gotta says have like I was just in
Oakland okay it’s its definitely no filly it’s a good spot
it alright I look and they look yeah North Philly
West Philly to some degree Baltimore they’re very serious cities I get right I there’s like because you know
why in oakland is a sensitive like we don’t have a day with a loss rate at
by some folks obviously the know the people like this will drive to their
communities and look all that is obvious anything is
a generalization so on but there’s a much larger issue here
that is it does that mean new we have broken down the government so
bad we’ve nearly created anarchy by
defunding Indy for me nd forming the government is a chord chart above the government to
give us cops it’s a number one job is security it’s
our most important job in here in Oakland cops don’t show up it
in this store they explain one case for example where they call cuz somebody a hoe
somebody’s the house alarms going off the dogs are barking Cup social for 20 minutes 20 minutes in the middle of a major city was born
with old people in it okay so if he if you can trust the government to show what you do
is use are creating a new government privatize government so they’re doing is
they’re hiring these security private security guys like in
one neighborhood they’re chipping in 20 bucks a person the smaller neighborhood
another community chip in like 50 cents or some fifty cents a day fifty cents a day okay and they’re trying to get together their
own private security and it was interesting as we’ve done stories about
rich folks living in their castles with the private
security we know that this is middle class people no there’s
something called security for middle-class people it’s
called the cops yeah okay but look at how little closer there now
615 officers we show the city roughly 40,000 people
down from a peak 830 officers back in January of 2009 that is insane 615 officers for 400 house in people of course they can’t
keep up they can keep up there are no help in another thing that happens is that
when cops get overwhelmed they overreact and then you start a vicious cycle where
the community doesn’t trust the cops anymore there’s a lot of people in Oakland we
don’t trust the cops are all right and partly because the cops like
that I K keep up into them everybody starts looking like
bad guys right so let’s talk about the consulate
because there are many concert this some people might argue any when you really think about this is like
a libertarian stream I get rid of all the social services these public
services and put in private companies to do the
job but if you get my drift regulations and you have private
companies take over these very very critical roles in
society then all the sudden they might not do
such a great job okay so I read into this little more to
see what kinda training happens a private security is it similar to law
enforcement and of course it’s not okay so first of
all private security training may be subpar and I’m not saying that all private
security is subpar but there isn’t a regulation in place where there are
certain set standards for these Private Securities it’s a private company they
get to set the standards for themselves as a result they don’t have the same
training that you see with law enforcement how often do you stories
were cops are trained right right now you
take it to another level we get these private security guards who
God knows how they were trade let’s see a situation they gonna respond
to they do have weapons let other guys have weapons you’re
inviting disaster

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55 Replies to “No Money For Cops Means Private Security Firms Cash In”

  1. What is going on with these guys' heads? They complain about Oakland PD then criticize them being replaced? Choose your poison already!

  2. Private companies are accountable to each other and the customers. It's arguably a better situation because the competition drives down prices, and they are directly responsible to the customers, not the "government," who is just a monopoly security organization.

  3. Just a reminder that I replied earlier. I am doing this in case you missed the response or it didn't reach your inbox. Anyways, this is just a friendly reminder 🙂

    If you want to end the conversation that's also fine, just give me a heads up so I know that you got my messages.

  4. I did NOT get your message in my inbox. I'll read through and reply soon! Thanks for keeping on top of it! 🙂

  5. KKK4
    4 cont. Be offended by me calling anti-abortion folk crazy all you want. I stand by the statement. The larger point is neither my stance nor your offense but the quality of Healthcare itself. Do you want 1 State using the latest in integrative medicine where your chiropractic and massage visits are paid for along with your heart transplant and another where priests poor Holy Water on gay kids to chase away the demons?
    Voter Satisfaction is LESS important than outcomes or is it to you?

  6. 4ReNU2

    2. You do understand that a republic is just a representative based democracy correct, and that the US system is officially known as a democratic republic? As such I would state that we do live in a democracy, or at the very least a form of one.

    Representation, as I stressed before, is done simply because expecting voters to vote on every issue is incredibly impractical. We would not be a productive society if we spent all our time doing so.

  7. 3ReNu4
    4. Premises 1. Their is no "optimal view"
    As much as I believe and support my view points, I do not delude myself into thinking they are perfect or absolute (this is why it is possible for peoples views to change).
    Secondly I propose the point that forcing things on individuals who do not want them is inherently bad. Now obviously some is required (since it is impossible to get everyone to agree on everything but it should be as minimal as possible.

  8. The next string of comments are finished. Looking through them I noticed that I accidentally switched from 4ReNU2 to a 3ReNu3,4,5 ect

    It is all part of the same string of comments, I just accidentally changed the first number.

  9. ReK3-2
    … in order to learn it. Instead, if a mistake can be avoided, it should be. Efficiency is my highest priority. That includes an efficiency of creativity and leisure as well. Efficiency must be balanced by holistic thinking. One thing cannot overwhelm another. That isn't sustainable.
    I like regulation because it avoids mistakes. You don't want it because it prevents people from trial and error.
    I want the Net IQ of the governors to be the highest possible. You want society to learn…

  10. ReK3-4
    Our society is struggling with the idea of "Is national debt default a good thing or a bad thing?" People who can't answer that question on it's face have no business people represented in a Republic, a Democracy or anything else!
    Society is made up of incredibly stupid, angry, authoritarian people. Think of a graph where the dumber someone is, the more authoritarian a regime must be while the smarter someone is, the more creative control a regime must impart. …

  11. No private companies can not set standards for themselves. The states have to license security guards, and the licensing is pretty strict in California too.

  12. ReK4-1

    I very much appreciate you for doing so, just be careful with the acronyms.

    1. I agree, one does not have to make a mistake to learn from it. For this reason if the individual knows that they will be punished for an action they won't do it and thus not be punished for it.

    My argument is on efficiency and the penaltive system is more efficient because it does not involve stuffing people, companies, ect, into shoebox standards which often become outdated. It is more direct to the issue.

  13. ReK4-2
    2. Democracy Focus vs Republic Focus

    "I want the Net IQ of the governors to be the highest possible. You want society to learn"

    If society does not "learn" how do you expect them to elect intelligent governors rather than Sarah Palans. If you do not start from the grass-routes up you are creating a system that is destined for failure. If the base of a tree is not strong, it will fall.

  14. ReK4-3

    "I see forcing people who don't understand to do things they're uncomfortable with as an EXTREMELY good thing"

    And here is where we differ, I see force as inherently bad. Sometimes it is necessary, (obviously people disagree with the way government spends our tax payers money) but in that it should be minimized (we should choose the system which most people agree upon).
    It is always better to convince people to try new things then force them upon them.

  15. ReK4-4

    3. Individuals views and how they relate to government

    First off let me start with there being two types of views. Subjective views (abortion) and objective views that can be measurably demonstrated as wrong (Climate change, evolution).

    Secondly what is built into a person is their ability to reasoning or cognitive skills, raw knowledge can be obtained by all. (EXP: someone with a low IQ can be taught 2+2 = 4 but may not understand why).

  16. Quick note: Your response chain is after Re3K-5 instead of Re3K-6, so the final thought will get cut off from the main conversation.

  17. well, my bad. I will make a note of that in my last comment. Unfortunately it is too late now for me to correct it.

  18. ReK4-6
    Now (since I do have conservative friends) let me try to open you perspectives and understand (hopefully) where they are coming from. If for other reason then "Know thy self, know thy enemy"~ Sun Tzu

    The argument I got back on this was that a debt default would not result in the US not paying back our debt, only from taking new debt. Since part of our constitution states "The validity of the public debt of the United States…Shall not be questioned".

  19. ReK4-7

    Now realistically if this were to happen the only alternative would have to be massive spending cuts, about 30% of the government wise. Doing this instantly would have massive ramifications to our economy and massively increase unemployment. (which is why I disagree with the position).

    As you can see though there stance is not one taken because they can't reason 2+2=4.

  20. ReK4-8
    Now also duly note having creative and intelligent leaders has no correlation to authoritarianism of a regime. I would argue Hitler was both creative and intelligent in both his manipulation of individuals and his war tactics. However he was about as authoritarian as could be. (I dislike validating Godwin's law, but it is too good of an example).

  21. ReK4-9
    4. The article
    I will prove to you why it is based on variable expense not including fixed. Profit Margin = expenses – revenue. In the case of Non for profit hospitals this extra profit can only be spent on expansion (more hospitals). If a hospital was growing at 90% of it's based cost it would have to create 9 additional hospitals each year.

    Note Although this reply is on ReK3-5 there is also a ReK3-6

    I simply disagree that the least exceptional should be "controlled".

  22. 2ReK4-2
    To ignore these human tendency to be complacent, selfish and destructive is utterly foolish. Let's not forget that some folks are pig-headed, like the subjective views you were discussing. Government acts as an arbitrator. 2 parties have a disagreement but we don't want them to harm one another. Government steps in, having the power of enforcement to settle the dispute. Government IS power by its definition. However, it's the power to settle disputes. There are other powers but that's…

  23. Doesn't California have a problem with taxation being decided by referendum, yet where you need only 50% in favour to lower taxes yet 66% to raise taxes?!?? Or something like that? Yeah, California's State government seems to have a fundamental constitutional dysfunction.
    I mean that and things like Proposition 8? Hell no most Californians are against gay marriage, but a rabidly hateful minority are much more likely to vote for a ban on it. This is the problem with direct democracy.

  24. No cops, No problem, that is what he second amendment is for. I don't understand how Cenk is anti-gun but pro-cop, that is very hypocritical because you are more likely to be shot by a cop then your own gun.

  25. A libertarian's dream? Are you kidding me? Not true at all, libertarians simply stand for individual liberties and fully uphold the constitution and declaration of independence. These documents clearly state that it is the best interest of the government to provide for the common welfare(ie- Armed forces, police, emergency services, ect) but just not go to far beyond that to keep the poeple from becoming dependent. That is what libertarians stand for, the American way, envisioned by our founding fathers.

  26. Bullshit I live in Oakland and the reason there is a volume of private security is because the federal CORPORATION OF DISTRICT COLUMBIA has plans to cease the port of Oakland under martial law .. this is the California Republic of North America, see Articles of Confederations, Article 2. This foreigner mayor Jean Quan went to Obama administration and beg for federal funding (military Scripts) to get these freaks patrolman to run these streets…crime here is no outta hand then anywhere else …the real crime is the Birth Certificates traded on the stock exchange and CAFR Funds.

  27. This is all bullshit I had Five cops surrounding me the other day due to them falsely identifying me…400,000 PEOPLE but they 5 COPS to come and harass me, do the math? Bullshit

  28. Contact your state Secretary of State office and see if they are even recorded to operate in your state because most of these firms are foreign powers invading our local cities to abuse the people. Yeah now I'm a make a list of all these security guards working for the Vatican …Jesuit pukes.

  29. How is having your money stolen from you to purchase security which will enforce laws that you did not agree to better then paying for your own voluntarily that will only protect peoples property and not enforce laws?

  30. I've never seen police protect anything as they have printed on the side of their vehicles.  By the time police arrive 8-10 minutes later if lucky the crime is committed and police are canvassing witnessing and investigating.  The majority of private security companies are people trying to make money being rent a cops, but some companies are military trained and have been trained to protect for 4,8,15 20 years.  Let trained security protect and let the police collect revenue with ticket writing.

  31. Cops job is to find out who committed crimes. You both know little about patriots or Liberitians. Unless you both are propagandists for a political view point. I have no political party backing view point. The reason for that is because I know how dangerous political factions can be and I am not as naïve as some people. I know how corruptible I am. Therefore I understand how corruptible man can be. this is why America was founded on distrust of government.

  32. how much is your life worth snob's?? If you want to live like a snobb you gotta pay trendy prices.. should be happy security is out there risking there lives for you trendies..

  33. underfunded? maybe if these government in employees didnt have such inflated salaries and pension plans there would be more money

  34. Dumbasses I'd rather have private security over inefficient, centralized police any day. Oh and just for reference if people weren't being taxed out the ass by the government EVERYONE could afford private security even the poor. I love how naysayer idiots bring up the standards of how society is now to things like this where in a low/no tax society everyone could have this and other private services that the government provides poorly but that the private sector can do without even blinking.

  35. That is why I dislike your channel because you always are lying. You talk about the libertarian ideas about not having police? No, libertarians believe that police are needed and should be funded. You never miss a moment to put your liberal spin on it.

  36. Interesting, considering that a city police force is rather a new thing in human history. From ancient times people have been contracted out to protect people and property.

  37. Certified cops obviously went to the academy, but the best training is gotten after the academy and they get it with private training companies. Some of these training facilities have security forces and some are just to train others. Its just stupid to sit there and compare the training of cops to the training of private security as if you know the difference or could tell the difference. I have seen over the years, several times when a certified cop had to be redirected and his weapon taken away from him during training. Some of these guys have no business holding a gun much less being a cop. While others from a private training facility with no police training have dominated the training grounds with tactics they learnt and mastered from the private training system. BTW many military personnel have attended this camp for advanced supplemental training prior to overseas deployment. Don't be confused by private companies. Many private companies train and consult our military and law enforcement. All of our military and law enforcement capabilities came from private companies, not government.

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