Nuki Smart Lock – smart bluetooth door lock for Europe

Nuki Smart Lock – smart bluetooth door lock for Europe

This is my door key. That’s right, my smartphone is now my key. With this, I can control my front door, no
matter where I am. How, you ask? I had a Nuki delivered, I mounted it onto my door lock and that’s it. So now I can stay at work and still open up for the handyman. Hello? Yeah, I’ll open the door for you. Nuki can even detect when authorized smartphones are near and automatically unlocks the door.
They call this “Auto Unlock“. And her smartphone It is authorized too, of course Hi Honey! With my Nuki App, I also always know whether or not my kids are home yet. Yep – looks like they got home safe and sound. But now I bet you’re wondering what the Nuki Smart Lock looks like. Cool device, right? and super sophisticated. The Nuki Bridge connects the Smart Lock to the internet, so I always have my keys with me. And these, … they can stay at home now, cause with Nuki, I’m able to see and decide for whom when and for how long my door will be open. Oh, looks like my friend Dennis is here. Shall I let him in as well?

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16 Replies to “Nuki Smart Lock – smart bluetooth door lock for Europe”

  1. I wonder what would be potential vulnerabilities besides unprotected smartphone. I hope designers considered software and hardware faliure and possibility of attacks on lock system.

  2. Yesterday I thought it's a nice Idea to Remove the normal metal Keys from our life. Got an idea something like what you did but a little different with ARM Microcontroller. then I find you and what you did. I find amazing what you guy did. I think adding Call-Option can be also an option which can help to expend the user domain.

  3. from what I understand this lock is suitable only for people that carry a smartphone all the time. Also it seems not possible to give temporary codes to guests

  4. 1 you know allot of people that the lock their phones?
    2 by the time you realise that your phone is stolen it may be to late to find web interface.
    3 as for knowing where is the auto unlock they may be watching you for a day or two and they find out. thiefs are not stupid and they learn fast. (sorry for my english)

  5. Absolute crap!! Have been tinkering with this device for 3 weeks now, even support doesn't answer my emails anymore. This lock is very! unreliable. It works okay 4-5 times, then I lock the door and the app beeps very loud 3 times. Doorlock is partially closed, just enough to keep it from opening by wind. A fierce kick will however knock out the keyway and door is open. Calibration works okay, but normal operation is a mess. If it works (if) then it is very slow. I get a message on coming home which tells me the lock is unlocking and when I get in Bluetooth range the door will be opened. This works sometimes, but even when it works i have to wait for 30 seconds in front of the door before it opens. I bought this to overcome the issue of forgotten keys and cleaners needing to get into my house. But this device looks as if it didn't make it from alpha or beta stage. Rubbish, don't buy. Going to return my device quickly. €300 pain in the ass

    EDIT: Most likely the lock I received was defective. After swapping the lock, this comment on the video will be edited to the final situation. That will take a while as I'm on holiday until beginning of July. So the negative experience so far is probably related to a defective item.

    Edit 2: I was offered a choice between swap and full return, so I chose full return. First start was not very promising, bad function which could a defective lock. However, I have some doubt about it being defective as it worked fine on some occasions. Overall, slow performance and auto unlocking not working well (due to my residential area). Think a V2 or V3 would be the moment to buy this lock

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