Oliver Stone Slams Government Surveillance Machine

Oliver Stone Slams Government Surveillance Machine

now look i i i read over stone i would
agree to be a shade out onto experience and so i don’t know what a bit now uh…
we’ve had a problem for you know social exchanges assent or so on korva biased because of that and i also
wanna watching his whole ten part series on showtime amount will distribute mrs that’s where my begin corp bias comes in here ’cause i
thought it was terrific an eye-opening so now im predisposed to like you’ve got
the resto and us but boy did he mean expectations here
but their video here for a c l_ u_ to talk about civil liberties last line the twist that he uses there i absolutely love so watch this does it concern you that the government
is going on thirty years ago to even ask this
question would have been a scandal if you live through watergate if you
read the church committee reports you know costs of a unchecked governments
rights government is exploiting our amnesia we do not passing fourth amendment in
order to protect those something to hide we passed an amendment which prohibits general warrants or
limitless surveillance as we know all too well almost a month ago question is not do you have something to hide question is whether we control go or the government trolls loss all along that line at the end question is do we control are own
government were to closely our government or representatives or does the government control loss
that’s the essence of the american question anti-american answer is we are suppose
to control our government not the reverse that’s exactly the right framing in
that’s exactly what sent him here with the n_s_a_ spying issues and the
gross violation of civil liberties across the board but what’s interesting is as much as a
liberal i gallery stone saying this is not just me saying a going greenwald a va ser
rhoda jeremy schedule etcetera it’s now some congressmen and senators slowly slowly with cacheris jerry l is
uh… congressman from your he says the national security state has grown so that any administration is
now not up fraught with congress it’s an imbalance is growing our
government and one that we have to clients now look at how carefully saying that
this is a democrat he doesn’t listen to obama administration is the one that support here but he is saying was no matter what the administration
bush administration or obama administration the national security state has gotten totally out of hand and by the way he represents the
district in new york city that got hit on my left anne saying this is gone true for uh… several online as well the few
senators who’s been fighting bravely on this
issue from day one he says these statements give the public a false
impression of how these authorities were actually
being interpreted referring to with the n_s_a_ set about
their spine the disclosures of the last few weeks
have made it clear this secret body of wall authorizing
secret surveillance overseen by a largely secret court as
inference that american civil liberties and privacy rights without offering the public the ability the judge for themselves whether these
broad powers or appropriate or necessary it’s just the beginning here we still have largely bipartisan support in the national security state and the
police state in the surveillance tape they’ve got prominent democrats like dan
feinstein and prominent republicans you name ’em that with a federal grant
bought a couple of others who say it all absolutely the american people must be
spied upon they must all be assumed to be guilty no specific work is necessary which is unclear and obvious violation
of the fourth amendment but there are few brave soul saying look
they made his decision seated and never really told u other interpreting the law and now they say well we’ve been doing
it all up well that’s no answer at all for the fact you’ve been doing it wrong along
illegally unconstitutionally all along and the brave voices mothers all restore ron wyden
nurturing outlived are now being to speak out we hope does which is build
and build on both sides of the aisle and so we finally get a consensus say enough is enough america’s not supposed to be a police
state as stone pointed out there it would have been unthinkable thirty
years ago even in the midst of nixon’s abuses the state of the police say we have now
would have been on and magid oval and unacceptable and we’ve come way too far and accepting it as america
it will certainly our politicians and certainly our media we have to fight back and make sure he
does not become the new america we like america the way it was when he
stood for free

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