Omi In A Hellcat | Before They Were Famous | Loses Everything After FBI Raid

Omi In A Hellcat | Before They Were Famous | Loses Everything After FBI Raid

Before Omi In A Hellcat would pull in millions
of views with his videos I just got a 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo, Omi In A Hell Cat
Shows Off His Insane Car Collection and more… Before Omi would clock in over 1/2 a million
subscribers on YouTube a quarter million on Instagram and a modest
2K on Twitter at the time of this recording. But who cares cause he’s got a whole lot of
cars right? Before Omi In A Hellcat would get raided by
the FBI and they would seize possession of his fleet of expensive cars… Okay! I’m Reloaded!!! Omi The Hell Cat, damn a little over 5 years
ago this man was a pizza delivery dude making $5 bucks an hour. In the time since he started up a streaming
App known as Gears TV and bumped his net worth to an estimated $50 Million dollars. I actually decided to reach out to Omi via
IG and found that he actually hit me up about 3 months ago saying. “U need to do a video on me… I might not have all the subs close to 400k
in 4 month but I’m pretty wealthy coming from nothing”. In the time since we have spoken over the
phone and he was kind enough to answer a bunch of my questions to help me sort out this video. His story is actually a ridiculous one – he’s
overcome a whole lot and accomplished so much more. I’m sure the FEDs will be watching this video. Cut your boy some slack and give him back
his hell cat. Okay! I’m Reloaded!!! What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden back at it
again with another episode of Before They Were Famous. You guys requested this video and we talked
about him in our recent YouTuber chains Part 3 video. In there I referred to him as Omni…. my
bad. He was quick to correct me in the comment
section. Even the Fact God makes mistakes once and
a while…. As always be sure to let us know who is next
in the comments down below and I’ll see you guys after the intro. Today we got a trivia questions: Which YouTuber
inspired Omi to become a vlogger. Place your guesses down below, the answer
will be a little later in this video. Omi In A Hell Cat was born Bill Omar Carrasquillo
on September 6th,1986 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to parents Julio Carrasquillo and Soledad
Diaz. First off, let’s get to know his dad, in a
THE MIDDLE OF SURGERY BECAUSE HE ALMOST DIED. I LOVE YOU DAD #reloaded His dad was actually 55 when he had Omi and
he didn’t stop there. The man had 38 kids in total. His mom also had 10 kids, 4 with Julio so
in total Omi has as many as 44 brothers and sisters. That’s like an entire Philly gang right there… With so many siblings of course there have
been a few who have sad stories. Omi posted to instagram about 1 sister named
Maria. She was sentenced to 25 to life, for a drug
case she was already sentence to 3 years for. She went on the run and they caught her 10
years later. He’s also lost two brothers within the time
pan of a year, one named Alexis and another named Christian who he shows respect to via
a chain: Omi had a crazy childhood with both his parents
in and out of prison. His dad who was a well know property dealer
in Philly, he went to Federal when he was 5 and he last saw his biological mother when
he was 7. He had told her that he wanted a jump suit
for Christmas mas and she was later arrested trying to steal him one. She had gotten mixed up in drugs and hanging
around street people, she eventually died of an infection in 2010. I actually was able to find an old Court report
of his mother fighting for custody of young Omi. A paragraph reads:
It was the Defendant’s contention that her mother had given the child to the natural
father because of her use of drugs. She then claimed that the drug problem had
been rectified and this turn of events entitled her to possession of her son by way of the
grant of her petition for custody. In the end it seems he stayed in possession
of his step mom Eva Rosado. Eva is actually the one responsible for giving
him the nickname of Omi, short for Omar. He grew up in North Philly at 7th and Indiana
and attended Potter Thomas and Moffet elementary school. For middle school he went to Julia de Burgos
and he did one year of high school at Thomas Edison, whe I asked him what were his favorite
classes he told me “I loved history and science till this day I do.” He also told me “I use to be bullied a lot
during middle school it’s the reason i don’t compromise with disrespect as an adult.” When his dad wasn’t behind bars he took his
son under his wing and taught him both the good and bad sides of his various businesses. Omi enjoyed working under his father at construction
sites but then he was taught how to sell drugs by the age of 9 and he even learned how to
cook crack by 13. Having learned a few skills on the wrong side
of the law, Omi found himself in jail at 16 and then sent off to Saint Micheal’s all boys
school in the Poconos. Outside of school and when he was staying
outta trouble, he loved to play video games and he even started up a YouTube channel early
on but since he was short on cash he decided this would be a venture he would return to
in the future when he had more to show for himself. In the meantime he found work at a place called
plastic pack making plastic bottles and then he started out at the bottom as a pizza delivery
driver making $5 bucks an hour. He also had some other crazy shops including
buying and selling online including video games and something to do with goodwill. While he
was working these bottom end jobs he developed a secret love for YouTube extraordinaire Casey
Neistat. “I was watching Casey Neistat and i feel
i love with the art form of Daily Vloging.” Eventually he gravitated towards work that
would pay him a little more money. He became a freelance app developer which
changed his life forever. He became the creator of an IPTV app called
Gears TV Reloaded that allowed users to watch an array of premium cable content for a low
fee on devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick. This provided users with unlimited access
to premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz. The site has since been taken down, but this
is what it looked like. Once Omi had set this bad boy up in action
there was no looking back. In a few short years he was able to bump his
net worth to more than 50 Million dollars. Besides buying every car under the sun and
buy a mansion that once was owned by former Phillies Shortstop Jimmy Rollens. He also opted to diversify his streams of
revenue setting up a construction business and becoming the owner of two night clubs. One known as Unicas and the other Philly 21. Place looks like a video game. He also got married in 2013 but divorced in
2018. He’s got 5 kids with 3 different women, so
it ain’t just cars he likes in abundance. The man clearly has it all, with a staff of
30 working under him and a dream home on the outskirts of Philly living next to another
popular YouTube by the name of Lance 210. Aright, let’s get into his recent headline
making FBI raid. Just last week FBI agents wearing bulletproof
vests a with their guns drawn raided his home and removed numerous belongings. They took all of his cars—probably 30 of
them. They also seized all his cameras, SD cards,
his pricey jewelry, and all the money in his bank accounts. Omi was quick to post a video to his fans
to inform them of what exactly was going on: I don’t know the exact details of what’s going
on but it looks like he’s being investigated for alleged tax evasion and copyright infringement. He has not yet been charged. I’m not sure how this will all play out but
Omi stated: Yikes! All we can do is hope is the best for the
best for the dude!!! In our questions he told me this about himself:
“I had to live and endure being mistreated my entire life. I was always the underdog i always found myself
hitting rock bottom. But for some reason or another i always made
it out with a smile. It’s the reason i treat everyone with respect. No matter how much money I’ve had or will
have again I’ve treated everyone amazing” As for the rest of the story, well we are
gonna have to wait and see because this is before they were famous.

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