OVERVIEW IEO🔥TELECOIN – Secure And Efficient Vehicle For Global Exchange/

OVERVIEW IEO🔥TELECOIN – Secure And Efficient Vehicle For Global Exchange/

Good day guys, in this video review we consider
Telecoin project, note its purpose and dignity. This video will be in english format. So guys, especially for you, I will add Russian
subtitles for convenience, pleasant viewing. The cryptocurrency market is becoming more
and more voluminous in terms of capitalization every year. And this is not surprising, since a huge number
of investment campaigns invest their money in this direction. And all because cryptocurrencies do not have
inflation, it is much more convenient to use or store them as a means of saving. Already, the world’s giant companies are receiving
patents for blockchain technology and are promoting their projects in research centers. Recently, the most famous social media companies
known to the world to enter this market has further increased the appetite of investors. Bases on this Telecoin project wants to build
such an ecosystem, that transactions on the crypto currency system are more secure and
difficult to monitor. With its tx mixing and high block features,
Telecoin creates an alternative structure for investors to transfer their money. This structure has alternative features in
itself. Developing an alternative method to the traditional
advertising system, the Telecoin team allows people to advertise in different areas. Telecoin allows advertisements at very high
prices in traditional markets to be made at lower prices. Companies can create the most suitable systems
for themselves by clicking the create campaign button in the project. Users can then participate in the project
by writing the campaign budget and the demographic characteristics of the people they want to
reach. This system can be used for gaming world or
online shopping sites. People can easily use this system to reach
their intended audience. So, what’s are the benefits of Telecoin
System? • First of all, The Telecoin system has
a 0 approval mechanism ecosystem. With this system, operations can be carried
out without the approval of many miners. In this way, long waiting queues in other
block chains are eliminated while operations are accelerating. • Secondly, With the transfer surprise system,
people can prevent the tracking of the digital money they send. Normally, other users just need to write the
tx code for any person to see their actions. After that, the number of transfers made by
other people and the transfer fees can be seen on the users’ computer. Therefore, the safety of the users is out
of the question. • And Third, With the easy interface of
Telecoin, even people who have met the new blockchain can trade. Users only need to enter the address in their
wallet. If they want, users can save their over-used
accounts on the bookmark. With this system, where the name of the user
or sent account can be entered, incorrect money transfers are not realized. In addition, each user can participate in
mining activities in exchange for the Telex coin it holds. As an alternative to conventional mining systems,
this system uses very little energy and does not require separate equipment. At the moment, the project is conducting public
sales to implement its plans, so each of you can participate in the IEO TeleCoin on the
LATOKEN platform. If you have any questions about project, ask
them in comments under video, or you can ask a question in official Telecoin group in a
telegram, where they will tell you more about project and will not leave you without attention. All links in description under video. And I say goodbye to you. Thanks for attention. See you next time.

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21 Replies to “OVERVIEW IEO🔥TELECOIN – Secure And Efficient Vehicle For Global Exchange/”

  1. Details ICO 🔥

    ● Token symbol: TELEX
    ● Platform: Ethereum

    ● Type: ERC-777
    ● Payment: ETH

    ● Tokens for sale: 120,000,00 TELEX (80%)

    ● Soft cap: none
    ● Hard cap: $15,960,000 USD
    ● Token price: 1 TELE = $1.33 USD

  2. Я не часто оставляю отзывы в Интернете, но этот проект настолько замечательный, что я не мог не высказать его. Вы без малейшего сомнения должны посвятить время, чтобы увидеть его потенциал )

  3. Отличный проект, вообще никак вопросов не возникло. Такой подход и идеализация еще никогда не подводила, здесь она присутствует.

  4. Удобная платформа! Я бы воспользовался подобным сервисом, где имеется широкий функционал возможностей, доброжелательный саппорт и хорошая активность на платформе.

  5. Когда я узнал об этой компании, сразу решил, что это то, что мне нужно, и, изучив более подробно и глубже, я понял, что не ошибся с выбором, теперь я один из последователей. Благодарю!

  6. Уверен благодаря коллективной работе над реализацией основного функционала и идеи в скором будущем мы увидим готовую для использования платформу.

  7. Уверен благодаря коллективной работе над реализацией основного функционала и идеи в скором будущем мы увидим готовую для использования платформу.

  8. Ролик на высоте братик, не зря твои обзоры каждый день смотрю, информативно и познавательно, ибо столько крутых проектов выходят, а которые вы обозреваете еще и на успех косят, ибо здесь много любителей вкладываться на всю котлету)

  9. Это еще один шаг, еще одно преимущество проекта ! Этот проект взорвет чарты в этом кварталу, уверен! Подобных инноваций давно не бывало на ICO рынке.

  10. HighBank стремится воссоздать максимальную, удобную и продуктивную экосистемы для людей, что заметно невооруженным глазом. Думаю нас ждут глобальные перемены! )

  11. Величественный проект с настоящей подкрепленной основой, грунтом. Высокие рейтинги на аналитических платформах и команда с сильным опытом работы в сфере – это вызывает уважение и уверенность в реализации проекта.

  12. Я могу с уверенностью заявить, что TELECOIN является уникальной и прозрачной компанией, которой нет равных на рынке. Компания поражает своими масштабами и амбициями.

  13. Было интересно послушать о таком крутом проекте, их методология просто замораживает, ребята отлично постарались, с меня респект)

  14. I think this is a successful project. The impact of such decentralized services on the cryptocurrency space is generally gaining popularity, so this is a good thing. Great job!

  15. Well-designed organizational moment. In principle, taking into account such a circulation of tokens, if the project raises funds, the circulation will well exist and this will become the basis of the economy.

  16. A new and very promising organization, a professional team ready to make bold decisions is what TELECOIN will bring success. As for me, their mission will be focused on various problems that other crypto projects cannot solve due to the truly architectural model of the project!

  17. Given that the blockchain is now for the most part in high demand, I think that the project has every chance to collect even a hardcap

  18. Awesome project. I wish the project all the best for the subsequent release of everything conceived, it will be interesting!

  19. A great solution to bring something new to our world based on blockchain technology. It will be interesting how the platform goes further and develops the idea.

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