Ozzy Man Reviews: Canadian Arrest

Ozzy Man Reviews: Canadian Arrest

Welcome to Canada. We’ve seen slippery traffic jams and a woman throwing her feces in Tim Hortons. Now, let’s have a look at a couple trying to escape a ready Mart convenience store. This bloke is not afraid to use his girlfriend as a human shield. She attaches herself to a police officer like a fucken face hugger in “Aliens”. Meanwhile, a courageous civilian executes a tremendous stronghold. And the poor owner only ever wanted to provide a positive retail experience. Ohh it looks like the wanker has broken the stronghold. He wants to run out the back. That idea is fucked. He considers the toilet. The officer has managed to shake off the face hugger. He’s yelling “Stop being a dickhead”. “Don’t throw the starburst. Don’t do it.” “Get on the ground your wanker bastard motherfucken fuckwit.” “I know the floor is cold, but that’s your fault for losing your shirt.” “Don’t move.” The robber decides to move. He tries to negotiate. The face hugger approaches, but the officer says “No no not again”. It’s likely she already planted an egg in him. OHH!!! Was that a Taser to the face?!?! Crikey. Happy Fucken Canada Day. It’s come a week early for this dodgy couple. She’s decided she’s had enough of all the fighting. She reckons she can find her own way out. The officer is saying “Sorry, sorry I tased you in the eyeball”. The robber says “Ah yea, no worries”. “I didn’t feel a bloody thing mate.” And he’s on the run again. There is a solid hip and shoulder. Is he gonna get wrapped up once more? Yea, I think he is. I hope she gets positive “Google Reviews” after this. Back near the toilet, the face hugger sheila is doing her best to escape. It looks like she spotted a secret tunnel. She’s gonna crawl through it. Luckily, she has worn her workout clothes. So this shouldn’t be a problem. Yep. All good. OH NO!!! I Take That Back, There’s A Problem!!! She’s lost a shoe! Fuck me dead!!! It’s like the nice lady behind the counter has planted traps. Look at her. She could be jigsaw. That was a huge tumble through the roof. Surely that was the climax. This is coming to an end. Yeah, there’s more officers on the scene. I think that’s all of Canada’s law enforcement. They refuse to call in backup from America. Yea nah, it’s under control. It’s all good.

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  2. That cop was enjoying himself when that prostitute latched herself to him like that. He was all like "oh now she's got me I cant move"

  3. If that happened in Russia, all democratic faggots would yell to shits "Police is too aggresive, human rights infringed…"

  4. Why we pay our taxes to Rcmp in Canada and that’s what we got 😂 he couldn’t take one skinny guy , what a fucking joke

  5. Типа Бони и Клайд блять – два идиота безмозглых. Ваще не жалко.

  6. In America that cops taser would be a 9mm glock
    I love Guns, God and Trump 🇺🇸🤷🏼‍♀️💋
    God Bless America 😂

  7. I don't think the nice lady behind the counter called 911, don't they keep talking to you when something like this is happening?? So I think that she's something special.

  8. I thought your joke about calling for backup from America odd considering they were both apprehended without anyone dying or any guns being drawn.

  9. That policeman worked for his money that day. Good job! And I'm still laughing at that dumb cunt falling…. Too funny

  10. "I only ask one thing in return, that your High Priestess tell him the name of the man who sentenced him to death: Taserface!" ― Taserface …

  11. God. That made my day! Thank you so much! I live in NYC. I see stupid things on a daily basis but this was a fun 2 and a half minutes.

  12. Best thing to happen here is that these two assholes are shot. To bad we live in a "civilized" society that allows scum to run through the court system and back out on the streets

  13. Mo Fucking letter "R" in the word "Law" so fucking FIX your Shit, Oz Man.
    Just Fuckin' DO IT!!
    Or stop posting, umkay?!?

  14. CANADAis such a fucked up mess. You got what you deserve.. voted liberal, got a communist bent on destroying your country.. HE TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO FUCK UP YOUR COUNTRY..stood by and let Trudeau do just exactly that. Canadians === wankers .period… what a bunch of fucking losers you have become

  15. I’m amazed nobody got shot. Well done Canada. Seriously though that fall at 2.00 and she got right up to walk out. Is this what meth does?

  16. Being from Edmonton this is a very North Edmonton moment. I believe in Australia you call them "bogans". The police in Edmonton are actually pretty decent in general sometimes to a fault. should've just shot this idiot.

  17. Lmaof this is hilarious omg whattttttt, the blonde so smart this guy commentary made it more funny ahhhh mannn let’s laugh again LoL 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅😍😍😍

  18. In Canada the cops are not that violent, when it comes to arresting people. They are only violent when it comes to ticketing the motorists.

  19. Не хера не понятно кто что хотел в итоге, зачем шмурдень полезла на потолок??? Што вообще маугли хотел???

  20. I've worked as a security guard in BC, Canada. You will be surprised with how many of these shitheads you get to see daily in the a store. Especially dollarstores and retail stores with candy.

  21. Canadian Police just too good to the people. This Case would be over in the US just right at the Moment She jumped on the Cop 😂😂

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