Pacsafe Daysafe Crossbody Bag Travel Purse – On the Body and Unpacking

Pacsafe Daysafe Crossbody Bag Travel Purse – On the Body and Unpacking

Aloha! My name is Heidi and I’m a natural
mama traveling the world. I’ve been to 30 countries and counting!
In this video I’m going to show you the Pacsafe Daysafe Crossbody bag. This is an anti-theft travel purse. First I’m going to show you how it looks on the body and
then I’m going to unpack it so you can see what it can fit. Right now the way I
have it packed it weights 5 pounds. First of all, on the outside of the bag
there’s this side pocket. In the description it was called a water bottle
pocket but I would really call this just an umbrella pocket because all I was
able to fit in there is an umbrella. On the front it has a zipper pocket and the
only safety feature on this zipper pocket is just a little elastic band
that you can slide the zipper pull under. This zipper pull doesn’t actually clip
into place. So in this front pocket what I have packed are: a pair of sunglasses, To Go Ware bamboo silverware set, my lip
balm, and a little sunscreen stick. Since this is not as secure of a pocket, I
wouldn’t pack any valuables in that one. In the back there’s a slit pocket and
this would be great for putting boarding passes (I just have an envelope in there
right now), a city map for wherever you’re visiting, or if you go to a site and they
give you a brochure or a map you could just slide it in there very easily. One
of the safety features of this bag is that all throughout it it has eXomesh which is
a wire reinforcement so that a thief couldn’t just cut the bag and slide out
your valuables. Also these zippers can be clipped into place. This zipper on top
hooks on here. Unzip it. Now this is the inside of the bag. On top the first thing I have
is a very lightweight cardigan. This is a Merino wool cardigan so it’s very
lightweight. Now you can see better into the bag. Back here is a padded pocket that fits a tablet and this one is 10 inches
long and it fits in there. In the main part I have: a small wallet, a small snack
container, a plastic rain poncho and this is the back padded pocket for a
tablet. Now around on this side there’s a pocket where I put my cell phone. This is
an RFID blocking pocket and in there I have my passport. And there’s two spots
for pens. I have just one pen in there. Empty bag. It’s very lightweight when
it’s empty and the way I had it packed up it added up to 5 pounds with
everything in it. When you want to hook it in
place you can use this hook. Also the strap unbuckles from over here so that if
you wanted to wrap it around your chair while you’re at a restaurant, so somebody
can’t come by and just snag your bag. This hook here is locking so first you
have to twist it and then you can unhook it, loop it around something, hook it back
and just twist it like that to lock it. So that’s the Pacsafe Daysafe
Crossbody Bag. If you’re interested in purchasing it I’ll leave an affiliate
link in the description box below the video. I really do appreciate the small
commission I earn if you purchase through my affiliate link. If you’re
interested in more travel tips and travel inspiration please subscribe.
Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hi Heidi! Do you find the strap on this comfortable? I am considering this bag, but that is the biggest complaint that I have read in the reviews. Thanks for this detailed video!

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