Pacsafe Metrosafe LS120 Hip Pack SKU:8708835

Hey friends it’s Sunshine here from and today we are checking out to the Metrosafe LS120 Hip Pack from Pacsafe So what we have here is an awesome hit pack that’s made with nylon construction that makes it super durable and what I love about Pacsafe products is that they oftentimes have these Slashproof CarrySafe® straps This one is made of tough nylon twill and high-tensile stainless steel wire and that prevents thieves from being able to cut your strap off while you’re wearing it There’s some crazy people out there that will do that so this is going to be like and not today that’s not happening Additionally since the strap is worn around your waist there is an adjustable setting which will provide you with a more secure and comfortable fit Speaking of comfy this back panel is also pretty soft and cushy so you’re going to have a comfortable wear there and then we have these side panels as well Our main compartment has a zippered closure as well as a fully lined interior that’s really roomy Lots of space for your essentials plus you can stay really organized as there is a padded sleeve on the one side and then on the other side here we actually have this zippered wall which is made with RFID-blocking materials which actually prevents scanners from retrieving personal information that’s found in it your ID and credit cards sometimes in your passports if you have those little golden chips on it But this is a great place to store those things because those radio transmissions can’t get through there And for anyone that doesn’t know you can buy these RFID scanners just anywhere on the internet Anyone can do so so this is a great investment just to have this little feature right here And then there’s even a little key fob right there if you want to hook your keys on this wall There’s another zippered compartment appeared at the front, also pretty roomy and fully lined can also stay organized with this guy here as there is it’s very similar to the other pocket but there’s also a little slip pocket there along with another key fob so you can stay organized with your keys and then on the other side there’s a mesh zippered wall as well Go out and about all hands-free all while staying safe and confident, all thanks to Pacsafe

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