Paranoia, or Sad Truth? Surveillance State Changes Perspective

Paranoia, or Sad Truth? Surveillance State Changes Perspective

sheryl attkisson who’s in the news now
she’s a reporter at c_b_s_ and uh… she’s concerned that computers both at home and at work have
been compromised sarah what was happening with your
computer that may be suspicious until there are signs of an easel
happenings in my home for many months and that included on the hair and both my work in my personal computers one
example was the computers began turning themselves on and then back off again
during the night d analysis found very unusual activity buried deep in the
computer can authorize party access to c_b_s_
computer in my home on multiple occasions and specifically in december they used
sophisticated methods to cover their tracks meaning they tried to remove the
indications of the previous unauthorized activity and we’re not prepared to talk more
about that who is and who did this today that the intruder is considered highly skilled and use very
sophisticated methods willing and authorize party comes at home in
american weather it’s a private citizen are journalist
and searches through their computers inserting or removing material for
whatever the reason is it’s a very serious and disturbing matter and
outrage that anyone would do such a thing and c_b_s_ news takes on this very
seriously nola will i don’t know her i don’t know anything
about her background okay and she’s fairly composed in a situation
but you have to not contemplate with what is this woman taking it home you know which is not she doesn’t just mean you know uh…
uh… mention this on uh… c_b_s_ news for three minutes and then just walked away from it this is now her life she’s dealing with what are they survey
link i don’t know if she has kids but i mean that the you’ve gotta be
contemplating what are the implications for my kids what are the implications for my career
would be able to shins they and my in my going to be a subject
of some type of prosecution i mean that this is weighing on her mind
is definitely going to take it to determine in in and again inside of her decision making
process as she tries to report and this is what is so damaging about well look like releasing designs said over and over was deeply agitate and if you were in cheryl actresses case
or in michael a_c_’s case would you be deeply agitated force of course i hand
you know this is not something that you you can sort of just me well that’s just
my job but now i’m gonna go about my day except that they’re coming with you and the rest of this error russia x
issue at all rally type is not the place i would have gone but that’s ok elicit
which she said that kansai so there is never in the c_b_s_
gutierrez something related to what i was working on it uh… which was what what big stories
reworking about the time i was doing that fast and furious of course saxon
green energy the bottles for a fact stimulus spending stories and then later on the pink eyes a storyline so
they’re all not not complimentary to the administration you were working on the allies problema
so brilliant and held my hand if that’s what i do know what’s whichever
administration’s in office as well and i’m not saying a partisan but i’m saying
that the stuff you were going after uh… if the information came forth
might hurt the au bon administrations accurate trip you know i think everyone watch that
clip ana however many years ago with that missiles like crazy we don’t know how i’m not sure what’s
presented evidence that means that that’s that’s the point that again we we
don’t let it we don’t even know uh… who that person is right we don’t
know who was rooting around in their they could have been it could be the government of the are
rival network image who knows who could make but the point
is is that now we have created an environment and indeed in this is not something
that’s being sort of manufactured in people’s minds my guy you know again i can’t go back to
this but because it’s so stunning to me but we had two senators two u_s_
senators who are bending begging to be able to talk about
something that they think the government is basically just got off the rails in terms of their forty when it comes
this surveillance we have and national security of the national director of of
intelligence lying in open forum to a u_s_ senator wind and when he gets in a chance to
amend his uh… response afterwards line even though we got the question
today in advance i mean this is really problematic this begins the tear at the
fabric of our trust in our government and so that you know uh… we look at a
clip like that now that becomes something that seems far more plausible yeah and actresses says she doesn’t want
it who it is she has a setting that if anything that’s a nice guy you handle it in order to do go after somebody you got
to have a suspicion that i assume you have any suspicion you don’t have to
tell me i don’t want to get your lawyers matt but i assume you have a suspicion
well i think i know but i a m just not prepared to go into
that to talk about more hanoi yet and and the
kind of paranoia to the police state uh… creates uh… my home was broken into and it was crazy guy eight peer to be on
basalts store there was nothing uh… but one day by turn my wife and i
was like you know it’s interesting is he breaks in the house you know uh… dot right by my computer and in the police coming tackle it by my
computer he got broken in the house when we were
up because he was raving and stuff like that and then he said me do it was the way
stuff nothing happened at that’s crazy crazy
talk but that’s a great images so i think you
like them why did they bring in a mile likewise my
house awfully house anywhere near there that cal program too in or and why did he go right by the
computer no adult disease but not that saw surrender but they need it wasn’t you know it’s not part of anything
precisely questioning everything michael’s a fiance was killed in iraq in
two thousand seven is due in part so resigned yes government against the fence
contractors and in your fiance is killed in in iraq and you start to wonder and so an on and on it goes and so people think police state and all this stuff that we’re talking about here that there’s no downside we just got
extra security right remedial is a little bit of
privacy but never really affects anyone brazos not true does affect people assignable yes there is a price to be paid and people should also know that this
bill sunny day in this aggregates this is not dissipate you know where we’re
seeing what we’re seeing here with the obama administration is basically taking what was road
authority assumed by the bush administration and um… uh… many you know uh…
senators have said they are uh… it’s been said that these programs have been given the color
of mine that they’re saying the caller of law because they’re starting to your there be interpreted in secret by the
five accord we think uh… that allow them to go beyond what wasn’t dissipated and what was in the minds of the
senators when they pass this bill and and so when we when we see how we go from the ministration to
administration where this authority is built upon and
it is expanded and it is caught up by then it becomes normal and it’s a new
baseline this is not going to end unless we put a stop to it i mean this
is why this type of reporting is so important this is why regardless of what
you think of snowed in in any way the information that we have now from him become so important in terms of of of saying to the government you know
there are restrictions here and there are no internal checks and balances at least in the way that we have always uh… interpreted which x inbound to
should be you know you cannot say well the n_s_a_ is actually auditing
themselves and so they’re making sure that they’re
not that that’s uh… that’s not sufficient in this instance with this you’re saying all lol those points for so right i realized wait a minute uh… our
offices government into uh… way back in the day during the bush
administration on the same exact night my car was stolen a different part of
town crossed out same night my house my office to totally different
places now that i look back at that go what was that about atlantic let me know that and another
thing you know and and in many respects that’s what’s so disappointing about the
obon administration because uh… during the bush administration uh… back when i was on air america nineteen grovel on i would do it show their it were it was a daily
conversation where we gonna get audited well you know what exactly are well you
know well what are they listen to what not and frankly we were pretty open book so
we don’t really get care the it the idea at that time that we
would articulate that most people like there’s no indication at the bush
administration would stop at any given point they live this into a war the idea of them spying on people that
day or uh… harassing people that baby and i didn’t appreciate if you and women it yeah and so uh… you know what what is sad is that we had
a similar dynamic would be obon the administration in many respects and and
in fact don siegel and former governor of
alabama now back in jail picked up the prosecution exactly work
all rolled left and we saw this what we saw this one whistleblowers and then you
know uh… thomas drink uh… was uh… was will one of the the most of the right is
celebrated if you will uh… most famous whistleblowers uh…
n_s_a_ whistleblowers he blew the whistle on a program called trailblazer
which was a huge boondoggle and he blew the whistle on this because
they had a pre-existing uh… program and he was called thin reed which was far more targeted and in his mind far more efficient he believes that if trailblazer had not
been brought in uh… private nine eleven we may have
been able to prevent nine eleven with trailblazer wasn’t outsourced contracting program that was it
basically enriching the uh… these uh… private companies they were the especial of uh…
investigator for the n_s_a_ vindicated his claims congress u_n_ testified there now no
record was kept but they ended up closing up program down instill he was prosecuted under the espionage
act the prosecution’s all part of the sound
of the obama administration they destroyed they destroyed his life and there is no rational explanation for then going
after him but for the fact that the national security state has become the
sort of self licking ice cream cone where the incentive structure there the idea that this is all about keeping
america say you have to be incredibly naive to
believe that at this point there are billions and billions and
billions of dollars at stake for corporations there are millions of dollars at stake for guys like alexander who uh… will
go back and forth between these private uh… security companies and the u_s_ government and so you know
what you’re dealing with is that you’re standing in the way of people making a
lot of money tango i mean we’ve been talking about it all
uh… the past two weeks basically dot how booz allen has six billion
dollars and as almost all government contracts yet mcconnell who used to be the and director of national vote is for and those who work for booz allen
clapper who’s now the director of national does probe on whitewater sorted
lose alan blues album by carlisle majority interest carlyle group an ego all those inner circle it may be the sorority wrote a good
article about this and this new surveillance industrial
complex you know how much it uh… it about industry it is every year tens of billions of dollars fifty-six billion dollars and we think about that what wouldn’t people do need to maintain
fifty six billion

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100 Replies to “Paranoia, or Sad Truth? Surveillance State Changes Perspective”

  1. first im not your son. second i was using them as an example that there are some pretty serious hackers out there. by the way its not just some web site its the FBI.

  2. Anonymous are as sophisticated as the FBI. The FBI regularily recruits members of anonymous to help them tackle anonymous

  3. While you do make a point there, I was referring more to the fact that she HAS to do it…
    Personally in Denmark, we care a lot about our freedom of speech and freedom of press. It's immensely important to us and we'd go bonkers if something like this happened here.
    I assume that the problem is that she feels unsafe about her work as a journalist, something that should be completely exempted from governmental intervention.

  4. Think a huge problem certainly is all these private companies doing intelligence. Certainly is a surveillance industrial complex

  5. True, but I think he was meaning a conspiracy as far as Government and Military knowledge and involvement.
    I heard an interesting notion stating that 'The Greys' are actually subterranean beings of Earth that have been here for as long, if not longer than we have. Living right under our feet.

  6. We need to not make the mistake during the last admin by pointing our fingers uselessly at the president. Obama is not behind this anymore than Bush was but so many people focus their attention on them and not the ones pulling the strings.

    The military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about is firmly in charge. Obama&his admin are just passing thru like the last Admin. Some people think we should get rid of the government but what we need is a real government that represents the people

  7. Agreed, the president is just temporary, he doesnt matter. Who does matter, is those long term career politicians who would sell their soul to stay in office.

  8. Most people don't have a clue how their computer works. Wouldn't be surprised if the computer was doing automated updates.

  9. This is what I was thinking. "Wake on Lan" should only be trigger-able if the packet comes from inside the Lan of course there may be exceptions and backdoors etc

  10. It's weird… I turn my computer off every night, and as of recently, it's been on every morning when I wake up…

  11. Still we Americans are not in the streets marching. I will keep this in mind every day I wait for the crowds to come to City Hall in NYC.

  12. people obviously don't know what a hypothetical is anymore. im not saying they did it. im saying don't rush to judgment.

  13. 1) "I think I know" – paranoid people are winking, skeptics are uninterested
    2) "I'm sure I know" – gullible people are nodding, skeptics are uninterested
    3) "I know, here's the evidence" – skeptics check the evidence

    We're at 1) here, what are YOU doing? 😉

  14. You're right there. The old "state capitalist" canard seems genuinely true when applied to modern China.

  15. I take it she doesn't know how to bypass these sophisticated methods.. unplug the computer when you go to sleep.

  16. lol DDOS attacks are different from hacking into a computer.. It is piss easy to DDOS and take down a website. You just overload the server with a fuck load of automated requests.

    Anonymous does do brute-force and SE hacking. But very different.

  17. I have a gut feeling that once this is done and over, she gets an anti-spyware program installed, told to run it daily, and a list of websites that the computer tech recommends avoiding.

    Hacking into a targeted computer is easy with the proper tools and the right bait. Hooray for social engineering!

  18. Honestly Alex Jones is starting to sound less like a nutjob and just a little more on point than many people make him out to be

  19. haha do you think anything will change then? it will still be the same people pulling the strings just a different puppet

  20. No no no, what I mean is, until we can demonstrate that extra terrestrials exist, we can't assume that they do.

  21. you didnt discover this information you are simply repeating it so im not sure why you are trying to take credit for it?

  22. hes just a puppet dude he dont really control shit he does what hes told just like everyone before him

  23. i hope you are joking 9-11 was a cake walk compared to some of the other things going on in this world or do you only care about americans

  24. you type a bunch of things that other people discovered and then you say now i will sit back and wait for them to prove me right if you cant see how stupid that is then maybe you have already consumed too much fluoride?

  25. Your computer is turning on and off? Check your BIOS settings, maybe you enabled scheduled power on/off. Also, spying on you doesn't work like that, they spy your internet traffic, what you send or receive.

  26. A 10 year old can take down the FBIs website. Its not a critical website to them and its easily taken down. Example on the boston bombings attack reporters accidentally took the FBI website down when they said they released their pictures online. These are not very strong servers the has but their internal agency servers are much different. breaking into someones operating system requires much more skill than a 10 year old with a script, program or access to a botnet.

  27. No they recruit members straight into the FBI, not to be moles but to battle against anonymous and set up anti hacking shit that they cant get into just google it

  28. i automatically assumed Windows updates, the default time is 3:00 A.M. Hackers wouldn't really need to power a computer on and off (often or at all) during the night. why not do it when they know shes at work instead of at home.

  29. Maybe the NRA, despite the fact they're a bunch of crazy racists, are at least right about maintaining an arsenal for the day when the government becomes too bold. Civil war is a possibility with this level of corruption.

  30. Lol, was he really on bath salts Cenk? I love how when anybody exhibits crazy behavior, immediately for Cenk, they're on bath salts. I absolutely love Cenk. He's a legend.

  31. Oh, look, another silly human who is bad at statistics! (No, seriously, we humans are bad at statistics.) Also seriously, you have no basis from which to make such a claim. Do you know why? A&A: Because you don't have good statistics with which to work. Can you, for example, even tell me what percentage of planets are capable of supporting life? If you think you can, what is your basis for that percentage?

  32. The paranoia is all part of the process in a police state, you get more and more scared, which makes you more and more conformist…

  33. If I were a tyrannical government, I'd want my citizens to be armed, because it would give me an excuse to kill them.

  34. Nah, just take away their guns and then torture them after saying that they were involved in suspicious events (watering their garden).

  35. If I were a tyrannical government, I'd want my citizens to be unarmed, because it would be easier to kill them (because I have the guns, and I wouldn't need an excuse to do anything). I would do this because it has worked so well in history.

  36. To be fair, Sharyl Attkisson is also insanely paranoid. She's the one "journalist" left on planet Earth who's absolutely convinced vaccines cause autism despite the incontrovertible facts that show otherwise.

  37. Dude i always thought the government was always watching us, they could listen to our phone calls, personal computers, files, internet history, had access to our facebooks, twitter, emails, everything. i mean they could have been doing all of this all alone, secretly without having to get authorization and make it into a law and shit. i think they're just trying to make people get used to knowing that the NSA can do this, and that nobody can do shit about it.

  38. lol I find funny people think they stand a chance against the government. if shit really popped off, you would be fucked.

  39. The govt doesn't want to kill off the population, they need slaves to command after all. The only reason the govt wants the guns is so that no one kills them, they fear a population who's voice is rising and getting uncontrolable, the militias who feel put down by the govt, soldiers who are against the "dirty wars", crazies who want fame, and constitutionalists who want to fight for their rights, all that toghether is scaring them into a Gestapo mentality

  40. numbers like that dont overcome the tech that the military has. a grenade and a pistol doesnt stop a tank, drone, helicopter.

  41. Numbers don't matter when the Military has Drones, M1 Abrams, M3 Bradleys and a far superior/efficient Military chain of Command

    Hell, they don't need to do anything, just get the drones out

  42. Lol… yeaa in mean time… check Road to WW3 : StormCloudsGathering
    … live under some rock problem solved? good luck to you.

  43. Alex Jones bases most of his "news" on bs and he's paranoid about every aspect of life. So yes these guys need to move more towards Alex Jones for sure, but I'm pretty sure Alex Jones is genuinely crazy. Seriously, schizophrenia is pretty common, he might have mild symptoms.

  44. They want civil war. They have measures in place to win it. You're right, they want them to come up in arms, hell of a method of population control, kill off the dissidents by making them want to die for their cause when the truth gets out and spreads. It's horrifically intelligent for a country with the worlds most funded military. Homeland security bought up the hollow points, now they and the police will likely get their own drones. War is coming, just a matter of time.

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