PCWRT Best Secure WiFi Router in 2018 WiFi Router Review

PCWRT Best Secure WiFi Router in 2018 WiFi Router Review

– If you are in the market
for a new WiFi router, then PCWRT might be the
next choice for you. This is a WiFi router that is dual band and can offer you you 1200
megabyte per second speed, without the hassle nor any money waste. So, let’s check it out
and let’s talk about it. (soft music) Since I moved to my new office, I was in a the market
for a new WiFi router. And great timing, PCWRT
offered to sponsor this video by sending me one of their units down here for me to review for you guys and tell you guys all about it. And when I read the specs
of this WiFi router online, I was intrigued, I was in love, and I told myself this is it. Although they sponsored this video, but I did the test of this unit, and I used it for about 10
days before making this video. And during those time, I had no latency, the speed was top notch. I actually at one point
had about one gig of speed. I have a very high speed
internet, thanks to Comcast. And I was able to reach up
to 900 megabytes in download, and up to 470 megabytes upload, which is not bad. This is great, and I’m really happy. And the reason that it’s not one gig, which Comcast advertised,
is that usually if there is a lot of people
online at the same time, that slows down the speed a little bit. Because you don’t have
a proprietary connection to your place, this is a shared network. But, regardless, this WiFi came out on top. Now, when you get it, they sell on Amazon, and I think the price for
it is 123 to 130 dollar, which is not bad comparing
to one of those next gen Asus or one of those well
branded modems out there. The price of this modem is not expensive for what they offer. And the reason is that simply, they spend a lot of money marketing, they spend a lot of money in advertising, in packaging, and also they
charge royalty for their name. Simply, otherwise they
offer the same thing around the spectrum which
this company offers as well. Now, when you purchase
it, it comes in this box. There’s nothing special,
and this is one thing that I liked about ’em because
when it comes to packaging, they didn’t waste their time on packaging. They focused on the actual product, and that’s something
that I look forward to. Now sometimes companies don’t
focus on neither of them, and that’s a problem. But when I received it and
I unboxed and I tested it, I was pretty happy with
the result that I got. Now hopefully down the
line when I’ve been using this product for a long time,
I still get the same result, and I will update you guys on
a followup with you for sure, to let you guys know the progress
that this modem has made. But simply, starting off, this was good. So without further ado, let’s go over what we
have inside of this modem, what comes with it when you purchase it, and I’m gonna do a little
giveaway at the end of this video. So if you’d like to get this
WiFi router at your house, then stayed tuned and I’ll show you the details with you guys. So, let’s start off by the packaging. Like I mentioned, the
packaging is nothing special, it’s just a cardboard box
with a WiFi router sign right here, couple of specs on the side. And on the other side we
have couple of information as of the package being fragile. And when you open it,
right there and then, you are greeted with the modem itself. Of course, we have the user manual, and this thing is really handy,
so keep this close to you, because setting it up, it takes a little time. Not that it’s hard, that
it takes a little time, but if you wanna use all the
feature that the modem offers, then it’s just couple of pages. So it’s not that hard to review it and follow the steps. But otherwise, if you
just wanna plug and play, it literally takes about 10
to 15 minutes to set it up. But, that being said,
this is the modem itself. First of all, I have
to say this looks good. But we’re gonna put that
aside and let’s see what else do we have inside of this little package. We have the power cable,
which is an AC adapter, and it works with 100 volt and 240 volts, so if you are my international viewer, and you’d still like to get this, this works across the spectrum,
wherever you live globally. And it is a 12 volt DC adaptor. Yeah, it’s a 12 volt DC adaptor. That’s that. We have an ethernet cable, which
is nice that they included. And we have couple of screws,
don’t know yet where they go, but we shall find out. So putting the package aside, having this unit in my hand,
this looks really good. It is glossy, and I
like the texture of it. It looks really badass. I mean, if you ask me, this
looks really, really nice. And this is the back of the unit. We have a little bit ventilation for the fans to do their work. We have the Smart WiFi, this is the information on the back of it. And then as far as connection,
you have two five G antenna connection right in this side, and then two 2.4 G connection antenna right in this side in the bottom. So as far as spectrum, if
you are planning to use it in the house and your house is big, or in your office, don’t worry,
the signal will reach you. On the back of the unit
itself, if I’m in focus, yes, on the back of the
unit, as you can see we have four output. We have one V8 and line in. We have a reset button, and we have a USB drive that you could
stick anything inside of it. We have the SD drive and then
we have the DC connection. And as far as plugging it and play, when I say if you don’t
wanna deal with the hassle of setting it up, simply you
connect this to the internet. Now, my modem is back in the other room, so I cannot connect it for you guys, but I’m gonna picture it for you. So stay with me. Simply, you plug it in, you get your cable that they already include, and you take it out,
connect this to your input, and connect this to your modem. And that’s it. You wait couple of second, it comes up. And then when it comes up,
you just go to the address that they provide in here. You’ll find it on your
computer, you go to the address, or you put in the IP address off the router, WiFi router, and you are automatically connected. As easy as that. Okay, so I’m gonna show you
guys how easy it is to set up. So once you connect your
router to the internet, you simply you’re gonna come
to your available WiFi network, and you gonna select PCWRT. Now once you select it, it’s
gonna take couple of second for your actual modem to get
connected to your computer. But once you get connected, you’re gonna go inside your browser and enter the IP address, or the actual link that
is provided to you. Now the IP address that was
provided to me is Now after going to that website, it’s gonna ask you to set up the password, and we are just gonna set
up a regular password. And press next, and we
gonna select our time zone. I’m gonna just leave it as America. Now the next step is to set up your key. Now the key’s the actual password that you need to enter every
time you wanna get connected to this network, which is we’re gonna put one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. You could name your actual port, for this we’re gonna leave it at PCWRT and then we gonna press next. Now we gonna go to five gigahertz, again. We’re gonna select a key and you could put your email
address here, and that’s it. Once you press finish, you are all set up. And that’s it. So this is our interface
and this is our setting. So we have the 2.4 gighertz,
all the information, the five gigahertz, and
we could go to setting. And we could set a Cloud,
we could set our internet, we could set a network, we
could go to our setting. And as we can see,
everything it’s so simple when it comes to this modem. Everything is right there and then, there is no gimmicks, there is nothing. Now one thing that I like about this modem is the app section right here. Now under the apps section,
you could have a dynamic DNS. And you could set it up really easily, without any hassle. And you could log into your DNS. Another option is your parental control that you could enable parental control, and then you could block certain access. You could set time and everything just in a click of a button. Or you UPNP, you could enable that too. And as you can see,
everything is so simple, everything is really easy. Again, your wireless connection setting are always available to you, so you could change your
key, you could change your actual name to your router. And make it easy. Or just pause internet. And it will resume in one hour. Or you could just resume it automatically. Or you could reboot your system, everything is so easy. This is a really cool
modem, and I really like it. You could change your server, even, wow, this is really cool. And this is your host. There is a lot of thing
that can be manipulated in this actual modem. Now, like I mentioned,
this modem is really nice. It gives you a lot of option, it gives you a lot of flexibility. And I highly recommend it. The fact that you could
connect four devices to it without being on wireless network and the fact that it has both five G and 2.4 gigahertz, G standing for gigahertz connection. This is nice. I like the size of it, it’s very compact. And after using it under heavy load, 24/7, being connected to almost
12 devices simultaneously, at the same time, it did not overheat nor give me any heat problem. I highly recommend it for you guys. I wrote a little blog
post about it down below. I’m gonna link below to,
they’re selling it on Amazon, I’m gonna link it for you
guys for you to find it easy. And I highly recommend it. Again, PCWRT. Smart WiFi router that can
make your life so much easier, and it doesn’t have any gimmicks or it doesn’t give you any problems. As always, thank you for watching, and I’ll see you guys on the next one. So until then, stay happy, stay
classy, and stay beautiful. (electronic music)

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  1. This is a quality product that does what it should, it has great coverage, easy setup, and does what it says it does. I used it as a standalone WiFi router with my FIOS Internet service. I plugged it in, it was immediately found, just entered the password from the bottom of the unit, and we were up and running.

  2. How does Pcwrt work with amplifiers such as badboy?
    I ask because I live on a boat and sometimes need amplifiers do they work well together, do you have other suggestions, like you mentioned antenna connectors?!?!?!

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