Phone Scam: Airport Security

it is mojo in the morning your home of the phone scams Cheryl says that her friend Tammy has filed online complaints about airport security because she feels that the TSA agents are a little inappropriate sometimes when they you know Pat you down and it doesn’t sound like a you know it’s it sounds like to me it’s a perfect scenario for spike to do a phone scam but I also think that this is a perfect opportunity to get somebody’s blood pressure up a little bit this morning so we’re gonna do a phone scam here right now I mode you in the morning I am looking for Tammy please I miss this is Jack Bauer from the TSA I got your online complaint about how your a mishandled in the security why didn’t you want to go through the why didn’t you want to go through the full body scanner cancer did the agent explain then if you didn’t go through the body scan you would have to get the enhanced pat-down but that’s everybody has to get that you know you have to understand ma’am that I have a professional work force trying to keep air travel safe despite some uncooperative travelers I’m not accusing you of being uncooperative just saying everybody gets the same treatment yeah I know I’ve heard it all we handle more packages than the UPS right it’s nothing personal against you we give everybody the same treatment there’s 12,000 people we screen every day and I don’t understand what the complaint is you want them to warm their hands first you know educate your staff because they groped me and I don’t that’s very unprofessional do you really feel there was something sexual about it should they have smoked a cigarette afterwards it’s in the news you see the security systems in place you see the Terrorism we’re fighting you can’t see London you can’t see France unless we see your underpants no I’m just saying what he wants to do buy a dinner first I mean you want us to put on some r.kelly and buy a dinner or that make it better put you through in a second he’s on another call right now but you have the option to drive a car take a train grab the bus or start rowing a bow you don’t have to fly you just want to fly so guess what you want to fly open your fly we got a check yeah make sure that you don’t have any it’s not a grope it’s a freedom path I can’t believe I live in a nation of whiners you’re not doing enough you’re doing too much you’re not like people are never happy whether we do enough security or not not really I hear you here’s the thing I’d like to hear your ideas on how we keep the next underwear bomber from getting on a plane go ahead I’m listening no go ahead I got a pen I want to hear your ideas because you obviously know security better than we do so I got a pen I want to take some really good notes here so we can improve our system why don’t you fly naked then we won’t have to scan you I did and I said this to lady we got college girls coming through every weekend on their way home do you really think my agents want a piece of you you old leathery handbag you went talking my boss he’s free hang on here he is Tammi you’ve just been phone scam this is the Mojo in the morning show sorry about that we’re expected in hell you’re home with the world-famous phone scams mojo

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