Planning Your Home Security System – Designing Spaces

Planning Your Home Security System – Designing Spaces

Choosing a home security system
to protect your family and property is an important
decision. We visit one home to see what features are important
for maximum effectiveness. Is that wood deck looking drab and
dungy? Well maybe it’s time to give it a DIY makeover. We’ll
show you how to give it a new life for ultimate backyard
living. Would you like to enjoy your favorite music anywhere you
go in the house? We’ll show you the latest in audio that will
fill your house with your favorite sounds. This is the
show all about you and your space. Your home and
surroundings. We are Designing Spaces.
(Music) Moving into a new home is always
an exciting time. Choosing new appliances and furniture.
Looking for decorating ideas. But once of the most important
decisions that needs to be made is choosing a home security
system to protect your family and property and provide peace
of mind. Hi, I’m Abigail Cooper and on
this episode of Designing Spaces were in beautiful Cape Coral on
Florida’s Gulf Coast to show you what a well protected and well
connected home looks like in the 21st century. And what a full
fleet of security products can do for your home when
professionally installed and monitored and how easy it is to
use. Joining me today is Tim Myers from Tyco Security
Products who will help guide us through the process. Hi Tim,
thanks for joining us. Thanks Abigail. It’s a pleasure
to be here. So Tim, what are the most
important things to consider when choosing a home security
system? So first and most important we
would look at ease of use. Second would be aesthetics
follow by reliability and then professional monitoring. And
we’ll explain more about that as we walk thru the home.
Ok, great. So let’s go inside and we’ll meet the couple who
just moved in and we’ll tell them all the great things that
there new security system can do for them.
Sounds great. (Music)
So Tim, I’d like you to meet Margaret and Benjamin Jacob.
Nice to meet you. Pleasure.
Nice to meet you. So Tim is from Tyco Security
Products and he is going to introduce you to a fabulous DSE
security system and tell you all about how it can protect what
matters most. So Tim, it’s all yours.
Thanks Abigail. As consumers when you’re out shopping for a
security system one of the most important things you should be
looking for is reliability. The DSE security systems have been
in the industry for over 35 years posting reliability as one
of the strongest features of their systems. One of the key
things that you can’t see in this building is that everything
is connected wirelessly. That insures that your protected,
your family’s protected and all of your possessions are
protected. Now let’s walk over to the interface and we’ll show
you how to operate the system. (Music)
One of the things I liked to show you is how you turn on and
off your system. There’s three key ways to doing this. One of
them is through a remote feed that you can find on your key
chain as your coming home you can press the button to turn the
system off. And as your leaving the home you can press the
button to turn the system on. Additionally we have a cool
feature called geo-fencing where with the location of your phone,
we can find where you are in the world and when you get into a
certain proximity of your home we can now turn the system
automatically off for you. This is the connected lifestyle that
this particular system can bring to you. Now additionally as a
last cause you want to have an interface at your door to allow
you to walk in, press some buttons, and turn it on or turn
it off. To turn it off, simply come in and enter your code. In
this case it’s 1 2 3 4. And then if you wanted to arm the system
in leaving it’s a one button press. You just press the stay
armed system. It’s very quick and easy and that allows you
time to leave the home. So here we can see in this particular
instance a flood sensor, that allows us to detect leaking
water so that we don’t have a huge insurance claim. Though in
addition to flood or leak damage the DSE security systems can
also protect other dangerous concerns. One is carbon
monoxide. So here we’ve mounted a CO detector close to a source
of carbon monoxide just like your garage and additionally
we’ve installed over here a smoke detector so that we can
prevent any insurance claims from fire.
That’s great. So of course another great feature are the
video cameras that you can monitor thru your smart phone or
tablet from where ever you are. So could you show us where those
are mounted? For sure.
(Music) So here we are at another
interface within your home. It’s an iPad mounted to your wall in
a protective casing that features video monitoring.
Locally or remotely. So we’re gonna zoom in here on the video
portion of this app and here we can see a camera that we’ve
mounted looking specifically at your pool so that you can know
at all times what’s going on out there. You can monitor this from
your smart phone, your tablet or a computer from anywhere in the
world. In this instance we’re showing you locally within the
home. Since they are portable you can put them anywhere within
your house so if you want to check in on your baby sitter
while your out on date night on Friday you can look in and feel
safe that everything’s going on properly.
It’s amazing. So it’s really important to have this system
professionally monitored right? For sure, there’s alot of
products out there today that are do it yourself and use self
monitoring so if you’re in Mexico you can rely on your app.
But you don’t have the police response that you need to insure
your home is safe when you’re not here. So as you can see you
have an incredibly sophisticated system that is full automated
yet still simple to use and well definitely provide protection
for you and your property for years to come.
That’s perfect. That’s exactly what I was
looking for. I’d like to thank Tim Myers’
from Tyco Security Products for joining us on Designing Spaces
as well as Margaret and Benjamin for inviting us into their new
home to show off their DSE security system. From beautiful
Cape Coral, Florida I’m Abigail Cooper. See you next time.(Music)
Your personal living spaces are important and creating the right
environment in those spaces contributes to living better for
both you and your family. Presenting you with options that
improve those spaces, well that’s what we’re all about. We
are Designing Spaces. For more information about
anything you’ve seen on today’s show or to find out how to be
part of the show log onto can
visit these websites to learn more about the participants on
this edition of Designing Spaces.

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